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  3. i feel so attacked by today's Run!BTS especially this scene!! i was screaming so loud!! HE SPANKED JIMIN OMG freaking goldmine of jikook
  4. cr cuteee~~
  5. Lego
  6. Diligent
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    His funny faces as he "kisses" his fans Rap Monster!
  8. KEN IS GORG his voice and his lips/smile haha +1 for love me do i recommend the following, tell me if you need more <3 THANK YOU ken is amazing indeed, he wrecks me all day every day with his voice hongbin and ken are my biases too haha <3 they the most adorable boys you should check out what they all released in 2016 and their jap album , especially the single depend on me is amazing yes, error is one of my fav songs, it is fkin beautiful!
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    his meme existence ----- J-HOOOOOOOOPE
  11. Proud!! I'm more surprise they're no longer with Signal
  12. Run BTS ep.12
  13. They've raised the company up so well :') but omg that third to last comment. do not start with this again BigHit the year hasn't even quite started yet.
  14. i can't believe. how much bts got bighit. i don't think many people expected this, seeing as bighit was a relatively unknown company. i hope with this they can continue to grow!
  15. game

    i'm so weak for kim seokjin i can't even start how do i start where do i begin with this beautiful human how can captivate the beauty that is jin i-- this is it. this is all you need. this is why you should love jin. HE'S SUCH A FUKIN NERD I LOVE HIM PLEASE--- === jeON JUNGKOOOOOK!!!!
  16. appreciation

    idek what to do for this birthday because i have No Talents haha omy im excited
  17. game

    love the way he talks especially in vlives his thoughts bounce all over the place and anyone who has a conversation with him is blessed tbh ^ a Soft kim seokjin~~
  18. omy so theyre not under signal anymore ?? :0
  19. game

    everything his smile!!! his smile is so... so pure and infectious. i just. want to hug him every time i see his smile. pls === kim namjoon!
  20. game

    lmao @monimoni that exact same scenario is what I wrote for my very first post on this thread (was it second?) only shorter and without bitch lady :') aND YOU USED MY LAME PICTURE WHY THO Okay @Pokeybun, I've got this. Sorry it's so short lmao. my multiverse universe will live on. You cuddle your bunny close to your chest as you profusely thank the man with the loveliest eye smile and the sweetest grin. Gem falls sleep on your lap the sweetheart as you try and think of something else to say to his saviour, but the figure standing in front of you has the patience of a saint as he busies himself with looking around your front porch and taking in the small bunny haven you've got going on. You finally introduce yourself and invite him inside your humble abode for tea, to thank him for taking care of your precious floof, and his smile grows even wider (a feat you didn't even think possible) as he agrees. As you're preparing the tea (after placing Gem into their tiny bed for rest), the guy babbles animatedly and you think it might honestly be the cutest thing you've ever seen. "I'm Park Jimin, by the way. I've got a friend who does voluntary work at all the places and he brought up finding this beautiful Polish rabbit all alone at the park across from the ice cream parlour and soup kitchen street. He loves animals too, and I think you two would get along very well. You guys should meet sometime, when he gets back from his back from his trip to the country~ It's funny. His best friend looks really similar to you. Would you happen to have a twin by any chance?" Are you ready. For more soulmate AU. GUYS I DID NOT EXPECT THIS TO GET SO OUT OF HAND. I WILL EDIT TOMORROW WITH TL;DR AND EXPLANATIONS IF I NEED TO. THIS TURNED INTO FIC I AM SORRY. Edit: TL;DR/explanation is under second spoiler, full thing is under first spoiler, please save yourselves and go to second spoiler thank. Who's this ice cream newcomer? Did they end up suffering from headache as well? Did you suffer? this is over 1k words of pure pain of course you did
  21. Careless
  22. So, wait Bighit isn't under Signal anymore? wow they must have made a boat load ;-; how much did I help contribute anyway...Let's not think about that ahahaha GO BTS AND BIGHIT EARN THAT MONEY
  23. Bashful
  24. game

    His precious and lovable smile. ---- J-Hope
  25. Jaehyun mentioned the chatroom in an interview recently, it makes me so giddy to see our boy spreading his wings and making more and more friends. He used to be so shy, he really has grown up now. I'm so freaking proud of him. Honestly he is just so handsome and it is 2 am and i'm emotional
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