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    ➟final voting for taegi awards is now up! preliminary taekook award voting has now opened too~ also: final day for vmin award voting + final day for yoonmin and jikook preliminaries
  3. Jazz *subtly glances at tae*
  4. Nice- Got7
  5. Training
  6. game

    Min Yoongi. i find it really weird to call him suga idk why HYYH pt.1 teaser images or HYYH pt. 2 teaser images?
  7. IMPORTANT UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Melon do count international streaming.
  8. As you guys see in this video, the shorty awards are actually a huge thing! I had no idea VOTE VOTE!!
  9. Today
  10. sleeping beauty......i was too late to wake up him with my kiss
  11. Jin had me cracking up all day at isac he does not care about any sort of image any more and I love it. The spin off JinKenDeul olympics lmao. Stars of isac 2017 I love when knetz joke that they're definitely not dating when they're out here acting like idiots it's so funny. I mean even if they were dating, I don't think the boys could turn it off for even a second :')
  12. look at his collarbones..... @SoSweet_Polaris
  13. listen................................................ I want these, and I'm definitely going to get my hands on (all of them) tae and yoongi's pcs.... they're so pretty
  14. other

    9TH ANNUAL SHORTY AWARDS BTS is the only kpop group to get nominated in the 9th Annual Shorty Awards under the Music category. Vote for BTS HERE --- Okay honestly I don't want to put high expectation on this because, look at the nominees! But one thing I'm really proud of our boys to get their names out there
  15. Some of the photocards from the HYYH On Stage: Epilogue DVD + a preview of the photobook.
  16. Don't forget to vote for the YoonMin award badge! YOONMIN VOTING AWARD THREAD
  17. Still not over how cute they looked together... the height difference it's the cutest thing ever.
  18. game

    Young Forever: Night Version. (Only for the photobook honestly, because I like the colors from the Day version better) Min Suga or Min Yoongi (as in what nickname you like better)?
  19. Gym
  20. Island
  21. Open - Rhye
  22. omg???????? so cute!!!!
  23. U Hoo Hoo - BLock B
  24. I hate you so much for bringing this back. I'm dead BYE!! Wow.... this is one of the best pictures I've ever seen taken of Hobi. This pic is amazing.
  25. What age gap.
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