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  1. the return of the yoonjin selca
  2. as most of you probably know because you've gotten the error pages, we've been hitting our resource usage limits on the site. just refresh the pages and things should work normally again. in the meantime i've disabled most of the plugins and applications to help reduce our resource usage so don't freak out if you see things missing. we're working towards a solution to the problem so don't worry. thanks for your continued support and keep enjoying bts @ isac! -AJ
  3. a present since we made it to 1k members! enjoy it while it lasts~
  4. this also reminded me to go check to see if the subs for the 2nd ep were out and they are! time to go watch~~
  5. When that happens just wait a few secs and then refresh. Like the error says, our resources have hit their limit. Considering our size and activity level it's probably not BBase running up the limits but another site since we're hosted on a shared server. So since it's not us causing it there's not much we can do about it aside from waiting and refreshing pages. If you go to the search bar and click on the drop-down menu there should be an option to search "This Topic." That'll allow you to search within a topic. RE: Awards... You can only have one award per post count "milestone" (i.e., 50 posts, 100 posts). So if you wanted another one of the new awards you would have to trade in the Suga Bangtanmas one or wait until you reach 200 posts.
  6. You can make a new post with the final results at the end of the voting thread and tag the awards team.
  7. @24:40 this beautiful jin-->yoongi moment. my heart can't handle the feels.
  8. It's finally time! Time to meet our new BB staff members! You already know our awards team but it's now time to reveal the other teams! Mods: @Maphisto40 @vmin @lnfires @monimoni Graphics: @LoneChesiry @Indirianna @poca Tech: @Stepkdramafan226 A big congratulations to them! Welcome to the team. I also want to thank every person who sent in an application. It means a lot to me that so many people were willing to come work with me on the site. I'm so glad I was able to create BB and give you all a nice space to celebrate BTS and I'm forever grateful for your continued support of the site. Here's to hoping we grow even more throughout the rest of 2017! -AJ
  9. ~The Official MV Theories Thread~ Are all of BTS dead but Jin? Is Jin the dead one? Are WE the dead ones? Discuss/post all the different theories surrounding BTS' MVs! From the very beginning with No More Dream to the HYYH trilogy to the WINGS short films to the BST MV to whatever is coming up next... Do you think BigHit has been planning some of this stuff from the very beginning? Coincidence? This series was one of my favorite theory videos:
  10. cr: yoongichii still not over jin getting this gift
  11. I had to go fix a setting, but you should be able to now see a "Poll" tab right next to the "Content" tab when you go to edit your topic. It'll be right under "Topic Details."
  12. Have you tried copying the content and pasting in a Word doc or something similar than copying the content back over to the thread? Or even copying the content in the thread, deleting it, then pasting it back. There should be a message when you do that at the bottom of the text editor that asks if you want to remove the formatting. That should get rid of the spoiler problem.
  13. Is a spoiler not deleting?