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  1. Today was a good day +1 more (c) (c)
  2. Those leather pants ....
  3. hmmm you need help... ok (c)
  4. i'm back (c)
  5. ok (c)
  6. Sleeping beauty
  7. Devil https://twitter.com/LovelyHope_94 and angel
  8. sleeping beauty......i was too late to wake up him with my kiss
  9. look at his collarbones..... @SoSweet_Polaris
  10. Todays ISAC was so good There were a lot of pics and videos..... Some of best moments credit on photo
  11. I'm not a big shipper but
  12. Random thought, his shoulders is really broad
  13. Thanks for fancam i always jelly about they eyes make-up
  14. This is my fav style of Tae i was speechless