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  1. game

    his meme existence ----- J-HOOOOOOOOPE
  2. They've raised the company up so well :') but omg that third to last comment. do not start with this again BigHit the year hasn't even quite started yet.
  3. game

    lmao @monimoni that exact same scenario is what I wrote for my very first post on this thread (was it second?) only shorter and without bitch lady :') aND YOU USED MY LAME PICTURE WHY THO Okay @Pokeybun, I've got this. Sorry it's so short lmao. my multiverse universe will live on. You cuddle your bunny close to your chest as you profusely thank the man with the loveliest eye smile and the sweetest grin. Gem falls sleep on your lap the sweetheart as you try and think of something else to say to his saviour, but the figure standing in front of you has the patience of a saint as he busies himself with looking around your front porch and taking in the small bunny haven you've got going on. You finally introduce yourself and invite him inside your humble abode for tea, to thank him for taking care of your precious floof, and his smile grows even wider (a feat you didn't even think possible) as he agrees. As you're preparing the tea (after placing Gem into their tiny bed for rest), the guy babbles animatedly and you think it might honestly be the cutest thing you've ever seen. "I'm Park Jimin, by the way. I've got a friend who does voluntary work at all the places and he brought up finding this beautiful Polish rabbit all alone at the park across from the ice cream parlour and soup kitchen street. He loves animals too, and I think you two would get along very well. You guys should meet sometime, when he gets back from his back from his trip to the country~ It's funny. His best friend looks really similar to you. Would you happen to have a twin by any chance?" Are you ready. For more soulmate AU. GUYS I DID NOT EXPECT THIS TO GET SO OUT OF HAND. I WILL EDIT TOMORROW WITH TL;DR AND EXPLANATIONS IF I NEED TO. THIS TURNED INTO FIC I AM SORRY. Edit: TL;DR/explanation is under second spoiler, full thing is under first spoiler, please save yourselves and go to second spoiler thank. Who's this ice cream newcomer? Did they end up suffering from headache as well? Did you suffer? this is over 1k words of pure pain of course you did
  4. game

    i am reserving this spot to answer Tiff's scenario with more scenario thank will be done in like an hour
  5. #252 - I finally. Caught hold. Of a June baby. It feels like I've just accomplished something massive but I... didn't have anyone to celebrate it with so here I am instead :')
  6. game

    His complete adoration and love for his late grandmother. She'd be so proud of how far he's come today. --- Namjoon
  7. game

    The way I see it, it's basically the two main teams (civilians and mafia) battling it out, trying to eliminate all of the opposing team. So, yes. Using the first example (Jimin and J-Hope, civilians have 'Jimin' , mafia have 'J-Hope'), if someone says 'I am part of the maknae-line', then that rules out J-Hope, meaning that if you're mafia, you'd want to vote that person out. The whiteboard doesn't know either of the words, which makes their role a bit harder if everyone is too vague with their hints. However, they have no restrictions and can say whatever they want. While a civilian can't say 'I am part of the rap-line' and a mafia member can't say 'I am part of the maknae-line', the whiteboard can say either one if they wanted to. If it comes to a tie (one mafia, one civilian) and the whiteboard is still in the game (hasn't been voted out), then the whiteboard will have to vote out the civilian because the whiteboard can only win with the mafia. Think of the sides as good (civilian), evil (mafia), and neutral evil (whiteboard). (If anyone here plays Town of Salem or Werewolf, this might make more sense.) I'm assuming the whiteboard can also only win if they remain in the game until the end, but do correct me on this @Red_hightops. I have my own questions now :') Regarding the voting out process, though, will there be a poll, or will we have to comment instead? Because what I'm wondering about is the reasoning/persuasion bit, and whether voting will be anonymous. Using the JiminCiv/HobiMaf example again, if a mafia member votes someone out and provides the reason "my group's word isn't part of the maknae-line", then wouldn't that flag them as mafia as well? Alternatively, one could just say 'what this person says doesn't match-up with my word', but that could be a flag too, assuming voting isn't anonymous, because people will still know who you're talking about, and with a hint as blatant as that, it would be hard to conclude otherwise (unless you assume that the whiteboard is doing their thing and saying something completely out of context, in which I can see how tough but ultimately rewarding their role could be). Is the reasoning in a discussion format where everyone can discuss in the thread within a voting time limit, or will everyone have to take turns to say their piece? (I'm too used to playing games like ToS, so I'm sorry if I'm going way off track and asking too many questions :'))
  8. My heart :') I'm so proud, I put off listening to it when it first came out because I was already excited and had to leave but he! Did so good! Get that shine, Kook. You deserve it.
  9. game

    Oh, I'd love to play! It's about time we've come up with some 'team' games of sorts- The version I'm more familiar with is along the lines of 'Who's the Spy' where there are only two teams comprising of the majority and the one 'Spy'- the Spy here being the whiteboard without a word that needs to convince the team(s) they're on their side. This version sounds interesting though, and it sounds like it could be a lot of fun once people got the hang of it. Unfortunately I run on AEDT though, so my guaranteed times of being online are 4AM-8AM EST, which isn't exactly the most ideal :') Otherwise, my schedule's pretty messy, so I guess I'll just have to tune in to when/whether people sign up and when their preferred times are to see if I'll be able to make it~
  10. have hobi hobi hug too precious people deserve all the hugs and warm love you're strong
  11. Don't say that. Trusting people means you've a good heart. The people who break that trust and hurt you are the real idiots. It's hard to open up again after being let down. But please don't push people away. People do care about you. Even if it may not seem like it. And if those people have to be the people here on bb, then so be it. You don't have to talk. But we're here for you.
  12. audio

    It took a while, but he eventually did end up uploading it :') brb off to cry over his voice was lowkey expecting someone else to come in but he did really well on his own awww
  13. game

    @Mongmungi Faith was gonna answer rip. Let her post her answer and then the game shall continue
  14. game

    @Whalien no. Kim Taehyung has been with you from the very beginning, through all your lows and highs and you with him. You've never spent more than a week apart. You wouldn't know what to do without him. When he tells you he's leaving for a while to go take care of his grandmother in the country, you almost cried- until he shyly asks you if you want to come with. "She loves you. It'd be wonderful to have you with me." You've always found the scribbles on your arm interesting. Sometimes they were doodles, sometimes song lyrics; Occasionally they ranted about rum raisin ice cream . Other times they were just lines, as if the owner of the hand putting pen to skin didn't quite know what they'd wanted to do. In return you drew characters, remnants of a shopping list long forgotten, sketches about the stars. Sometimes you catch sight of what looks to be the beginnings of a sentence, a 'Hello, how are you?', but they're quickly rubbed away before you can do anything about them. You never quite hid the marks, but you didn't know how to use them to find the other person, either. The people around you tell you to be patient- you'll meet them someday, but perhaps today's just not the day. As you're walking across town square one bright afternoon, however, you feel the familiar tingling on your arm- except this time it's all over, and it doesn't feel like it'll stop. You look down. There are nonsensical writings everywhere, almost as if a child was given full reign to cover a full sheet of paper with their favourite coloured marker. And when you look back up, there's a guy sitting by the fountainside, marker in hand, eyes looking at your arm in wonder and doubling back to his defaced own. Your hand darts into your bag for a pen - and upcoming appointment be damned but the permanent marker's all you've got- and you write a simple 'Hello.' A pause. And then, "It's nice to finally meet you." Who's the dude? @Pokeybun hiya
  15. Eng Trans Credit: Peachisoda Key East's subsidiary company "Digital Adventure" (DA) signed the contract with BTS as their Japanese management company. DA (Digital Adventure) signed the management contract with BTS to support their promotion in Japan with their skilled management know-hows and network. DA is Key East Entertainment's subsidiary company and they operate premium Hallyu channel KNTV and DATV. It's a multi-entertainment company that does artist management and Hallyu contents distribution business. Currently, Hallyu celebrities like Bae Yongjoon, Joo Jihoon, Kim Hyunjoon, Kim Soohyun, Lee Hyunwoo, Park Seojoon and Goo Hara are under their management. DA's contract with BTS will strengthen DA's contents competitiveness and create more opportunities in various fields for BTS as an artist in Japan. BTS debuted in 2013 June with single album "2 COOL 4 SKOOL" and the members have been actively participating in composing, writing lyrics and producing their albums. BTS is loved for their own unique and intense hip hop music and performance. DA official revealed, "BTS has been receiving exceptional fan meetings, interview love calls even before their official debut in Japan in 2014. They were the first foreign hip hop artist to top Oricon Weekly Chart with their second full album "YOUTH" last September. Their popularity still continues. We will support BTS to promote more actively and in various areas in Japan.". Original article here Response +22