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  1. What age gap.
  2. I come with more JungHope from ISAC because I am weak
  3. To You - BEAST
  4. Help what I need every time comments like that ^ appear on my screen
  5. Fit
  6. Under The Sea - Samuel E. Wright
  7. Finagle
  8. Rest
  9. I know JK, Tae and Suga have played Overwatch, haha. And music recs outside of RM could be a thing, too, because we know how diverse a lot of their music tastes are. Such an interesting thought, could be a fun project ^^
  10. Y - MBLAQ I'm sorry about this lol
  11. Hi, All Of My Days by Kim Chang Wan! Granted, all of BTS have gotten a copy, but RM was the one who probably caught wind of it initially ^^
  12. May this poll never close and be an eternal reminder of who the sass master is and always will be.
  13. A Day - SuJu
  14. Death mine is near because comeback woes
  15. I see everything, love jks no but really, this is such a nice thing you're doing, keep at it ^^