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  1. pann

    I am glad that he is recupering enough then comeback full of energy..He went all out for GDA performance, eventhough that mic malfunction happen during his part in BTS special stage.
  2. What a pretty number..maybe when we 1234, we can tag the 1234th member here Congratulations*his small ryan bomb is so cute
  3. article

    I cannot find any gif but you mean this one right? I think most ARMYs have same mindset since Yoongi said this in their music show backstage interview We celebrate any BTS achievement even small one and we rejoice if they win big things Because being grateful is the most important thing as human.
  4. Yoongi comeback attacking your heart like a bullet Cr to Its your day SUGA fancam FIRE performance Yoongi-ah You're dangerous man!
  5. game

    Go to karaoke with BTS indeed..I am not a fan of BIG BANG and I want to see they fooling around each other Playing basketball with Yoongi or playing tennis with Hoseok?
  6. What is this Bighit? I am saving money for BTS next album, I just a broke student who fall in love with BTS The dream attending their concert is just like the dream of So Far Away MV
  7. Who can resist cutie chimchim..even Chanyeol..out Tol and Smol cute Cr
  8. Fansite photo *Yess..He is too cute for the world Cr
  9. Someone suggested BTS and GOT7 Showtime before~ *I read it somewhere in YT comments BTS Bon Voyage and Got7 'Hard Carry' variety show are funny enough~ Imagine BTS 7 dorks meet another GOT7 7 dorks and we got 14 people craziness in one show*it is a blast I vote for GOTBANGTAN SHowtime/Variety
  10. game

    so hair colour questions is going on here Both are good I will go for RED Who will resist this cutie Blonde AGUST D or Mint Yoongi?
  11. Why you're so cute..I just read the whole post with a smile ^^ I found this place when OH went into coma phase. (I usually lurk in OH everyday).A post in subreddit bangtan by user @leo brought me here. They said there is a new forum, so I join.This is my first time being active in a forum plus fangirling to a kpop group. Initially, I want to take MinSuga Genius Jjang Jjang Man Bbong Bbong as username but this forum has limited numbers count for I proceed to my fav name on my UB Yoongi DJSyub💜MinPD. This site is made on 9 December*Am I right?,I join in 11 December and now 15 January so around 1 months 4 days. 1000 members in 1 months is a great achievement. Why I love this site? 1.All active users here so kind, funny, a bit crazy sometimes but all of us love Bangtan 2.We can appreciate BTS, share our hope for them, free from haters and trolls 3.I love all these smol gif so much I already post in 500 members thread but here can I say Congratulations Bangtanbase for reaching 1k milestone Hoping we can celebrate next 10k to 100k milestone together in the future I wonder the admin will make a 1k post or this post considered one.
  12. Sorry for double post..but I must share this here Just slay me Yoongi YG:No fun *resting bitch face *please forgive me for pic spam All pic credit to FLAME SUGA More pic below
  13. Yoongi agree with you *Yes I am a dangerous man
  14. THEY ALL LOOK SO GOOD!!! 😍😍😍😍 *Seeing them wear PUMA, I also wish on having one of their shoes.Looks comfy Yeah I also agree PUMA is their best endorsement. PUMA ads always on point with their personality*PUMA is secretly ARMY? I still love their BOGSOCK teaser/ time with WINGS teaser
  15. Aww..JackMon is cute..I ship*Jin voice:Joonie! Are cheating on me?