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  1. Proud!! I'm more surprise they're no longer with Signal
  2. Run BTS ep.12
  3. Kpop groups do tour there....but usually they're nugu and/or in small venues. The promoters simply don't want to take the risk with getting bigger venues. BTS are at a scale that has only been done once before. In 2012 Big Bang held a concert ( 2days) in the Wembley stadium (24,000 attendance total)x They didn't return for the Made Tour x Even a group as big as Big Bang seem to have difficulties with Europe. Honestly rather than complaining to Bighit, European Armys should organize and contact their local promoters. Show them how popular BTS really is. (e.g. maybe a petition could help) EDIT: In 2013 Super Junior also had a concert at Wembley.
  4. Comments from some anon Armys "People need to understand that there is more profit in Japan. it's not like every kpop group debuts in Japan for the fun of it. It's more profitable to have a tour there than in Europe. There are less costs which means Big Hit will make a bigger profit. Companies already milk Japanese fans with CDs and DVDs that are pretty expensive and usually just filled with Japanese remakes. That's just how it works, and I'm sure Japanese fans also contribute to BTS' success." "I do understand why they're adding so many japanese dates though. from a business standpoint it's smart. it will bring in the money that will give them the funds and possibilities to expand on future ideas..." "I think the issue with Europe is complicated. Lots of groups tour there in small venues, and then a couple have played Wembley. There are a lot of appropriately sized concert halls, but promoters in Europe haven't interacted with that many kpop acts for a 15k/20k seat arena. They likely don't want to take on the risk of cost because they don't realize how easily BTS can sell out a few Europe dates." "About Europe, bighit doesn't hate european army. Europe in general is not aware of the popularity of kpop so it's really difficult to get a promoter to manage bts a tour there. And after all, you don't want bts to waste their time in 3,500 capacity venues." "I believe to even hold a concert in europe is like taking a risk, plus the cost for everything is too high, less profit for them. i think their aim is more to money, i mean even w/o any official tour in Europe their fandom already crazily growing. It wont hurt their career atm if they dont include any dates in europe."
  5. There's no need to cancel the Japanese dates. These very few K-armys sound petty...sound like they're using European Armys for their own agenda...Anyways I do think Bighit have room to add at least 4 European dates, if they're able to. Not sure what's happening in China...
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