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  1. game

    (Great idea Kim! Showing appreciation for each member through a game is so cute!) Because he looks great as a female. - - - Jimin
  2. #250 - Watching this week's Running Man and all I could focus on, in the beginning, was the tv at the back that played a short clip when Bangtan participated in a past episode. (I could recognize that bright faded-red/pink Tae even when its blurred. I don't mess around). @Seoks-j - Yay! Take your time! I'm super excited for you that your break is coming up soon! @-Mochi- - It ain't no weapon, but a blessing.
  3. Knights
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  5. Sugar
  6. #247 - Seeing this photo in the morning gave me the energy to head to school today: @monimoni - You just wrote the longest scenario yet (it's actually even longer than the one I have on standby...). @-Mochi- - I hope you're doing well! We haven't spoken in a while and I'm totally hitting myself for that. Expect maknae line spam in your inbox. *runs away to collect resources*
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  9. Disasters
  10. #243 - Hehe, the last day of my week break and I spent the day working on my profile and writing scenarios for Which Member -- which shouldn't have even taken that long... lol. *is still proud of self*
  11. game

    You muster up courage the day after and decide to confront the beanie friend asking him what his problem was while giving a confused look. Surprised, he looks at you and laughs. He apologizes and explains that rushing to the crossing before you motivated him to get up in the morning – which would help him get to work on time as he usually sleeps in. He thanks you and apologizes again for turning this into a heated competition without knowing and offers to buy you some kimbap at a stand across the street. Not being able to turn down free food, you accept and laugh at how ridiculous the situation is. You tell him your name and ask for his. He snickers and replies, “I’m Jeon Jungkook and I’ll always beat you to the intersection.” You glare at him and laugh, “Shut up and get me my kimbap.” @KookieMochi - Give me back 40 minutes of my life. You’ve known him since you were both kids. He taught you how to ride a bike (even though you couldn’t until a few years later). You taught him how to catch a grasshopper using two hands (but, to this day, he still refuses to do it and screams whenever he sees one). He showed you how to fit 3 large spoons of rice in your mouth without spitting any out and you made sure the bullies who made fun of his hair would never mess with him again. The adventures you’ve shared together kept the two of you closer, even to this day. Who is the person you’ve spent your whole childhood with?
  12. game

    Still sitting on the floor, Kim Taehyung tries to explain that his siblings were messing around with his phone and decided to hide it in the fruit section. Little did they know that Tae was waiting for an important call from the company regarding their world tour. You don't recognize who he is as you're out of the loop with the whole 'K-pop-thing.' In a rush, he grabs a plastic bag and stuffs it with apples and pays for them. He hands them to you as thanks for picking up his phone and exits the supermarket... Taehyung suddenly re-enters as he searches for something in his bag. He pulls out 2 backstage passes to the upcoming concert (which you have no clue about) and says that he hopes to see you there as he shows his signature boxy smile. I am ruined. I actually imagined this in my head. With Tae. In a beret. With a face mask. I'm dead. You find that your neighbour a few doors down is blasting music late at night. Knowing that you have to get up early for work the next day, you courageously bang on their door asking them to turn it down. Who opens the door? (Dayum, have we done neighbour scenarios yet?).
  13. Phew, I'm glad that someone enjoyed my babble, haha. I was so worried about posting this, since gender and sexuality are super sensitive topics to touch upon. Although I'm majoring in health sciences, but sociology and psychology has always been an interest of mine so I've taken multiple courses on topics like those. Society is really odd in a sense that it likes to categorize and label people. From this society decides what's normative and kind of stigmatize the 'deviants' for not fitting within those categories which is absolutely ridiculous. ANYWAYS, LOL okay I've talked enough and should go do something productive for once. Peace.
  14. This is a pretty sensitive topic so I hope I don't offend anyone when I speak about it - but the binary between the two genders has always been at the back of my mind bugging me. I'm happy to say that I'm a lot better now. I've released the inner beast within me. I dress how I wish to. Act how I wish to. And most importantly be who I am. And you should too.