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  1. #80 - A few days ago, I had a timed mile run for a mandatory course I had to take. I was timing a friend, who is also a fellow ARMY, and every time she did a lap (we had to do 8 laps around a track) I would show her photos of her husband: @seoks-j - If he doesn't look like Aang, then I don't know who.
  2. Album because that 'extended' version of WINGS or the special S album is coming out in February and that's all thats been on my mind.
  3. game

    Haunted house with Hoseok! I'm just as much of a scaredy cat as he is - so I'd like to think that we'll be the loudest pair stuck in the Haunted house. Late night walks with Namjoon or Early strolls/jog with Jin?
  4. #78 - I'm currently indulging in this week's Hwarang episodes (my time zone difference doesn't allow me to join the live stream + school). But guys, look at this and TELL ME he looks like a freaking fire bender. (Yes, I'm also a huge fan of Avatar the Last Airbender & LOK series).
  5. This thread is life. Although everyone has posted most of the evidence of this man's sassiness, I'll just add on to what you guys have:
  6. Habits
  7. #76 - My University offered a Korean Pop Culture course so I would naturally take it. Today was the first lecture and the prof was adamant about loving the actor Wonbin and played a compilation of popular songs in Dec 2016. I heard Save Me, FIRE, and Blood Sweat Tears. I was shaking in my seat just trying to hold in my trashiness and preventing myself from doing fanchants. Never did I think that my prof would play my bae's song.
  8. LOL I was thinking 'was it really necessary to have a teaser just for a lightstick?' and then I thought - 'oh right its BigHit.' Also, why'd they gotta make the teaser look like its an ad for a new iphone? My apologies to all the fans who just recently bought their v.1 lightsticks. I would be JUST as frustrated as you guys.
  9. game

    Snow because it's super pretty! But I'd rather walk in the rain... Rather have Jin teach you driving (assuming that you don't) or Teach Jungkook how to drive (assuming that you're an amazing driver)?
  10. game

    I have both on myself LOL - I can create elephants and also have a lip mole. But Taelephant changed the way I see beauty marks so I say Taelephant! I have no idea what you're talking about. Go pick strawberries with Tae or Shop for clothes with Jin (and help him add to his pink wardrobe)?
  11. game

    OH NO LMFAOOOOO - they are literally the only two members I have no romantic feeling towards. I'd rather have them as my brothers... Uhm... Omgosh... I think I'll say... Jimin... I feel like I have greatly sinned. I don't mind his debut outfit - cause they can all rock any outfits. Marrying Kookie... is just... I CAN'T. @daegvboy - You have ruined me. Exploring the city with Jungkook or Staying at home with Suga?
  12. #74 - Today, during lecture, I forgot to shut off my text sound notifications and my sister kept texting me for some odd reason. So my 100+ classmates heard Suga saying 'bultaoreunae' several times. Yes, I felt bad for disrupting the class, but at the same time, I had a good laugh. @seoks-j - I can definitely see why so many people enjoyed it which led to several film adaptations!
  13. I can't with Twitter. Everything is happening so fast! Bangtan members in headbands Tae presenting the oath Lighter hair colours (at this rate, I definitely feel like they're gonna dye Yoongi's hair for their next comeback) HNGH - whatever happens, I hope they don't injure themselves and know that it doesn't matter if they don't win! As long as they're having fun and resting well.
  14. game

    NOW3~! Tae belly dancing with the dancer's belts gives me life. Plus the gift giving part was super cute. Preach it girl. I'm not a contacts wearer either (I struggle like Yoongi and Hobi), so it aint fun. Grocery Shopping with Jin or Doing Escape Rooms with Jimin?
  15. I usually listen to a lot of OSTs from anything - from games, movies and shows. Recently it's been about Cheese in the Trap & It's Okay That's Love OSTs~