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  1. Jazz *subtly glances at tae*
  2. Nice- Got7
  3. Training
  4. game

    Min Yoongi. i find it really weird to call him suga idk why HYYH pt.1 teaser images or HYYH pt. 2 teaser images?
  5. Photos
  6. game

    I only accept a handmade offering from the almighty king Kim Seokjin. End of discussion. JK&IU collaboration or BTS&Mamamoo collab? muhahaha
  7. Symptom
  8. Interstellar- Jooheon, I.M.
  9. Xerox
  10. pann

    @first love I'm 100% sure he wouldn't even care about the scar as long as his ear was fine
  11. pann

    As far as my limited () medical knowledge goes, if it's on the outside only it's not that big of a deal, but if you fall hard enough you might be able to break one of those small bones you've got there >.< And the more you go in, the more dangerous it is for your hearing capacity and your body balance. I can't really tell from the picture but we should be relieved that he didn't get surgery, it means it wasn't that bad after all~ I hope someone reflected on his clumsiness while he was taking a rest and won't surprise us like that ever again. (especially at the end of the year like srsly??)
  12. I'm at that point in life where I know bits and pieces from many languages but I can't really say that I'm an advanced speaker of any of them Aside from my mother language (Romanian), I'm pretty fluent in English though. I'm majoring in Korean right know (but I've only been studying it for a year so I only know basic stuff) and Italian (half of my family lives in Italy so I spend every summer vacation there; I pretty much understand the language but can't speak for the life of me so I picked it as my minor in uni). 2 months ago I started a Japanese course but it's only one class/week so it's been going really slow (we barely finished Hira&Kata last week). but there's a huge difference between hangul and the japanese writing system boi i felt like crying when i was studying for the japanese exam Back in high school I had to take French classes and that went south.. I tried learning Norwegian too at some point but that sort of blew up as well ; both languages are reaaaaaaally nice but they just weren't my cup of tea ^^;; Going back to asian languages, I admire everyone who studies Chinese, it would be a great challenge for me but I don't think I'll ever have the courage to do it
  13. *intrudes as well for a bit* Nice to meet you fellow 한글 lovers I've also been studying the language for one year now in university, although I have to say that my speaking skills are far below everything else We don't really get many chances to speak up in class and there's no other place where I could possibly practice it lol (except when I'm fooling around with my friends but that doesn't count.) Resource-wise, I mainly use my textbooks and whatever workbooks I can find at the library, but other than that: I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH how important the naver dictionary is. Works in both ways, kor-eng and eng-kor, and it also gives you examples. I would literally die without it. For grammar points that I can't grasp very well I usually go on italki and ask native people about them. They're quite fast to respond most of the time ^^ I pick up most of my new vocab from textbooks and kdramas; unfortunately I'm not the type of person who can work with lists & just memorize words. It's easier for me to remember them if I have a certain context in mind . Memrise and quizlet are pretty useful but only if you're sure that you can stick to a certain schedule and practice there often (....which i usually can't). There's also a program called Anki which lets you create your own flashcards or use other people's sets but I find it kind of dull ^^;; I love watching TTMIK videos on YT, especially the Q&As, the ones where they talk about culture and the ones with korean words comparisons. Also, has anyone taken the Topik test? I'd need some advice on studying for Topik II ㅠ.ㅠ
  14. game

    Teach JK. That boy would catch up pretty fast and he'd probably end up giving me tips by the end of the driving lessons Having BTS as your classmates or Having BTS as your next-door neighbors a.k.a hearing...well....everything that goes on in their apartment.
  15. Yoongi's ripped jeans are making a comeback, I fully support this Also can I have a word with the stylist who gave Tae the beret I've a trophy for her/him. I wish I could look THAT fine in sportswear..