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  1. Hhhhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnn they killed this shit.
  2. I have a new favorite. Help me lord, those pants.
  3. Ha ha haaa haaaaaaaaa cr
  4. v-app

    We are so spoiled.
  5. v-app

    Teaser pics from Weibo: This looks eerily like a fanfic I once read..,
  6. v-app

    Episode 12 will be airing at 9PM KST on the 28th! Preview pics were just posted on CH+. Seems like it will take place in a police station.
  7. Seriously, Tae was born to be on stage or in any kind of spotlight. Good person to take notes from.
  8. I understand what you mean. This mentality makes even less sense when we talk about people doing this "for" their favorite singer/actor/etc. Like, their success has nothing to do with you personally, why are you making your life about it? It's so unhealthy.
  9. That stage was so over the top, I loved it. Also, my desktop wallpaper is currently one of those fansite photos of him being carried by backup dancers, because it looks like art. Jimin attracts so much attention, and it's extremely obvious why.
  10. I literally cannot understand why people get so offended by the life choices/behaviors/indentity of other people when it absolutely does not affect them in any way. This has baffled me my whole life. Also people who expend so much energy on things they hate. Spending hours trying to dig up bad info so they can trash them, etc. This is the weirdest phenomenon I have personally witnessed, and it happens so frequently.
  11. I just love watching technically proficient dancers. It's like art in motion. Jimin was so good, even as a kid. I'm so happy that he's been able to do more contemporary lately.
  12. Waaa, he looks so soft here.
  13. How is this my fault??? #BlameHoseok Trying to stop Hobi from being ridiculously hot is like yelling at the ocean.