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  1. How is he so :') cr
  2. #248 - I think I'll be officially back up and running on this site starting Friday bc..... that's when spring break starts :')
  3. I think everything has already been said for this issue. Can I call it that? You guys nailed it with these comments lmao. But yeah... if I was going on tour and didn't announce a date for Europe and then there was silence from Europeans I would think oh okay so there's not a demand for me there... But if the opposite happened and many fans expressed their disappoint I would think hmp so it's a shame I can't get there this time but maybe possibly definitely next time? Them not going there is only going to create more demand. I understand fans disappointments and frustrations but I do think Tokyo Dome is a near possibility for BTS and I support them for going after it. But to all my European peeps out there I'm sincerely wishing and hoping that BTS comes near you in the future :')
  4. game

    The first 3 people that came to mind was Jimin, Namjoon, and Jungkook ok But I choose Park Jimin, Jungkook was a close second. But Jimin, he's our ring mochi how could I not? He's also shy, so I would suspect that letter writing would be more comfortable for him. He'd move away to fulfill his dreams with bangtan.. and I wouldn't have it any other way. The members would tease him about losing yet another ring but he would just smile and stare at the trees.... This was so beautiful and well done @Pokeybun I teared up, they were man tears tho so... You're the best martial artist fighter in your country. Undefeated. Bruce Lee could only guess at what it was like to have such raw, unprecedented talent. But your heart wasn't in it anymore. All these men that come to challenge you just want to belittle your efforts and steal the title of "Best fighter". But you want a real challenge. The kind of challenge that makes you sweat and struggle... but also grow. You sit in the grass with closed eyes, waiting for... someone.. anyone worthy of bruising your fists in a friendly duel. You hear the healthy grass crinkle under soft footsteps. You look up, ready to meet eyes with another lowlife and slightly smelly thug... But instead, you lock gazes with a young man who has the eyes of an angel. But something about him tells you to be weary. He smiles, and it stops the earth from spinning for even just a second... and then he says, "If you lose you have to kiss me on the cheek, do we have a deal?" Who? I wrote about 10 diff stories ok... I'm so indecisive.... I'll def be visiting tis thread often @Mongmungi I would play pepero with Namjoon don't stop me
  5. I do have to say, even though we don't know the technical reasons behind Seokjin and Hoseok getting so little lines these past 2 comebacks, I'm really glad that ARMY isn't letting it slide. Because if we did.... BigHit would probably just continue down this path thinking it's okay. And it's not. Hopefully, we will see changes.
  6. I'm actually emotional that we got another follower for this thread ok. All the love for Jung Hoseok
  7. I got Seokjin's photo card in YNWA and all is well with the world :')


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    2. Pokeybun


      it's pretty obvious i'm a huge stan for jin and i will defend him with my l i f e
      but in all honesty i've just always gravitated toward the hyung line (rapmon was my first bias) and suga was a clear favorite for me as well. j-hope has steady climbed my ranks and now he's 3rd LOL
      but the battle in my bias list is so close that honestly it's hard to really define each member with a ranking ??

      and yeah :')) international shipping please,,,, and the backlog of orders made it so that mine was pushed to the end since i ordered a day later than everyone else :') every time i hear a package arrive i'M LIKE IS THAT THE ALBUMS and i'm let down LOL
      but thank you! i will let you know >u<

    3. KookieMochi


      @Pokeybun join the club of waiting for albums to arrive, I'm so ready for a hyungline pc you don't even understand, one of those moments where I might actually cry if I get a group pc because these photos are too soft, too pure

      Congrats on your Seokjin photocard, the beautiful man deserves more love :')

    4. movietvdrama


      Congrats on getting your album safely delivered and a beautiful Jin PC!

  8. game

    I'm not crying you are :') I will take a hot second to compliment you again on your hosting skills. I'm amazed in all honesty. I'm so proud! I regret I couldn't play more of this game but hey I made it onto the scoreboard so I'm satisfied. Everyone did so well and we got so many new players! Thank you for continuing this legacy that Rin brought back from the grave. To the next host victim, Charlene, Rin, and I will support you and give you any help/advice you need. It's been fun, yo. I won't forget these games
  9. I'm speechless cr
  10. We'll see each other again soon.

    Take care.

    1. Seoks-j


      Listen, you take care too.  If any of you need me though I'll comeback in a heartbeat. Just say the word.

      Love every single one of you. 

      Peace out.

      And I'm sorry to drop this bomb on all of you. I'm not breaking up with you guys or anything :') 

      Just... going out for some air. 

  11. Stop?????? How much damage do you plan on causing to our hearts in one day
  12. Yo I'm really leaving but don't think I was just gonna go without calling you out on the temporary Namjoon dp you had going on there.... that was painful 

    I've never felt attacked before.... so this is what it feels like..... huh

    It's more unbearable than I thought. 

    1. KookieMochi


      Come back to us soon, love.

      I'll wait for you. With more Namjoon.

    2. Seoks-j


      ........... The disrespect is real...........

      RIP... Faith: 1996-2017

  13. They did good this time :')
  14. I may or may not be taking time away from the forum. We'll see


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    2. -Mochi-


      I'm??? I hope you come back as soon as possible, I'll be missing you a lot, love. I feel horrible that we didn't get to talk properly lately, we have been missing each other all the time for past few days. I'm sorry.

    3. suga's baby face

      suga's baby face

      Take a good rest, we'll se each other when both comeback.jimin9:

    4. Pokeybun


      !! oh no :( i hope things get sorted out soon
      we'll really miss you on the forum! please take care of yourself we'll be here for you when you're back :')