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  1. Can we also do drama's they recommended? Cause RM rec Dear My Friends and I watched it and boy. I cried buckets. It's worth a watch. Also I have a short list of things Taehyung recommended once, I'll see if you didn't already cover it when I find the list.
  2. Please read this translation of RM. A spoiler if you will.. "I said that my grades were 5000th in the nation, but that this company says I have a lot of talent, and no matter how well I study I'll always be 5000th, but that this person of repute says I could be #1 through rap. I asked, "Mom, would you rather have a son who's 1st, or a son who's 5000th?" and she gave her permission." Our leader, a person who definitely has the potential to be #1 in rap. He's been cute since day 1 I can't believe he convinced her this way
  3. You got me with this comment. That's true. But I remember when RM said thank you int. fans for overcoming the language barrier and listening to our music anyway. I've come across some people who liked BTS' music but couldn't get over the fact that it's in a different language which made me really sad. So I think it's really precious that despite it we are all still here listening to them. That we, people from across the world, heard their voice and listen anyway. I mean we're STRUGGLIN' but we're trying
  4. I'm one of those fans that just sits back and let's the clever ones figure it all out so I don't think I'm your man for the job to answer this but I'll give it a whack. Honestly, the impression I got for it is they each put their own spin on the move while they were in the center cause they each have their own dance style. But is there some crazy well thought out and planned reason why they do different moves and cover different parts of their face?? Probably, I mean it's Bighit we're talking about.
  5. I didn't connect those 2 things but that's an interesting observation, my friend. I think he just said it as a joke or that it was suppose to match their concept at the time but I'm honestly not sure. I'll look into it! *starts contemplating every hair color they've ever had*
  6. Aw from your member introduction I'm assuming you're a newer ARMY if I understood it correctly. And I want to say I am both impressed and in awe that you spent so much time to try and understand the members so much and genuinely worry about them. Thank you. But I also wouldn't too much worry on an issue that isn't there. Yes, Yoongi had an accident but I don't think he's skinny bc of that or not being well fed currently. So don't fret!
  7. game

    YO I have actually thought about this a lot. -Story time- I went to a smol concert cause a friend asked me to but I didn't like the group much. But when I think back on it, it was one of the best nights of my life bc the crowd was SO amazing and friendly. One guy was up dancing all alone but then everyone joined him and we somehow all worked together and made up our own silly dance and managed to do it in sync and it felt so surreal. So I choose to go to a group I don't like for a good crowd. But if it was for BTS I'd still go despite the crowd however I trust ARMY more than that Be feat in a BTS m/v or help them write a song?
  8. The collab of the century would be PSY and BTS. The moment where they danced to Daddy w/ him on stage added extra years to my life
  9. AHHHH such a good question! But a hard one. I wouldn't change much about any of their comebacks. I think all of their comebacks have been iconic and I'm so fond of it all. Everything they did got them to wear they are. The only thing I'd change is some minor makeup styles that I didn't like (such as No more dream's heavy eyeliner and extra unnecessary bling ect ect) Maybe I'm not the right person to answer this question I'm sorry What topic would you like to see BTS tackle in their songs that they haven't already covered?
  10. game

    *Cracks knuckles* You're the cutest little bean ever and you say you aren't good at socializing but I find your convo's very interesting. Your words always put a smile on my face and I think we will have many good adventures ahead of us. Basically thank you for existing and being you
  11. game

    On his phone he still wouldn't find it Where would you hide Taehyung's saxophone?
  12. Yoongi
  13. Yoongi (he's obsessed)
  14. Reality - AKMU
  15. game

    I'd normally go for a jog with Seokjin bc laughing is my fav thing ever. But today I'm feeling a night walk with Namjoon. He'd be so interesting to talk to. Skydiving or Snorkeling?