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  1. I hope they continue to grow as people and musically.
  2. I am so happy for BTS they must be so happy, the fandom has grown soooooooooooooooooooooooo big
  3. pann

    This is so cute and hilarious, that smile definetely resembles him slightly
  4. Let's get the obvious one out of the way first. GO WATCH HWARANG!! It's only 2 episodes away of it's finale so you won't have to suffer like the rest It's a very funny drama with some deep issues within each character, you'll fall in love with the hwarangs and will cry at certain parts... Second, GOBLIN!!!!! Another drama(that has already ended) that you'll love, the mythical parts of it will definitely be an interesting turn on a common drama. Both romantic couples are adorable and you will fall in love with how they fall in love...go and suffer.... I LOOOOOVE Oh my ghostess the main female lead is a great actress! You can definitely see a shift on the character when she's herself vs when she's possessed. Plus the supporting characters are so cute and the story is just... Introverted Boss is still ongoing, at first I didn't like the main female lead however, I'm starting to tolerate her, boss is so shy and it used to pain me when chae ro woon(main female lead) got into his space because being shy ain't no joke but anyway, go watch it!! The storyline is really interesting and there are secrets to be found........... VOICE(OCN)!!!!!!! This one is completely different to the other dramas I've recommended, is a police drama about these two people who have something painful in common and how they team up to find the UNSUB NDNSHSNAIAIHD That's it! Hope you can watch them I love all these kdramas, they're sooooooo good
  5. I was so angry, I almost cried when Jungkook started saying ''no, no'' like wtf what part of this cold have possibly helped them with hiphop?! They were KIDS, they were so scared in a foreign country not knowing wtf thy were saying nevermind what they wanted
  6. Recently I started watching Introverted Boss and Yun Woo Jin reminds me a lot of TAETAE when he's in motion IDK
  7. I keep watching old Bangtan Bombs and just bought Demian
  8. I have met one at my school, I was so scared to ask her about BTS because I'm still new to the fandom, she was wearing a BTS backpack. Anywho, I pulled myself together and asked her about BTS and she was so excited and we began watching BS&T and she asked for my number and began sending me BTS pictures SHE WAS SO CUUUUTE
  9. It never bothers me, I look for the translation of the song after listening to it for the first time and then everytime I hear the song again I know what it is generally talking about and go about my merry life
  10. First, everyone has opinions and they should be respected as long as those opinions don't harm someone Second, here's a little info ''Hate, as a mode of guilt or of pride, generates destructive thoughts (but at a lesser intensity than paranoia). Antithetical thoughts, when directed to other people, represent pride ; when directed to oneself, represent guilt. [¹]. At a much lesser intensity of denigration, criticisms of other people represent jealousy, whilst criticisms of myself arise from my sense of idealism.'' Third, while you are in full right to not LOVE ALL THE MEMBERS, you shouldn't hate them just because of a manufactured image by BIGHIT of the idol.
  11. Most of the things that I saw were being posted were comments encouraging fans to keep commenting and to rest well because there were other fans who will do the work while they were resting
  12. I am absolutely in love with this drama? I went in just to watch Tae but damn the plot got me hooked and the actors are very funny to watch... I can't believe I have to wait a week for every new ep tho
  13. They got so many new fans last year(me included) they accomplished their 'more outrageous' goals(to them) and created such great music and experiences. I definitely think this year is going to be very important career wise, I mean the and this supposedly new comeback, they were amazed by the results of continuous hardwork, THEY WANT MORE. I am so happy for them and hope that they can achieve greater things in 2017
  14. The first thing I noticed was that there were a lot of members?? and the choreo(BS&T MV) also how good they sounded??? I was like dammmmmn
  15. I loooove watching BTS Cracks video they CRACK me up Although some of them get kind of repetitive, I even saw one where it was just a bunch of "funny" vines and then putting like a like to something BTS related