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  1. I am absolutely in love with this drama😍 I went in just to watch Tae but damn the plot got me hooked and the actors are very funny to watch... I can't believe I have to wait a week for every new ep tho
  2. They got so many new fans last year(me included) they accomplished their 'more outrageous' goals(to them) and created such great music and experiences. I definitely think this year is going to be very important career wise, I mean the and this supposedly new comeback, they were amazed by the results of continuous hardwork, THEY WANT MORE. I am so happy for them and hope that they can achieve greater things in 2017
  3. The first thing I noticed was that there were a lot of members😂😂 and the choreo(BS&T MV) also how good they sounded??? I was like dammmmmn
  4. I loooove watching BTS Cracks video they CRACK me up Although some of them get kind of repetitive, I even saw one where it was just a bunch of "funny" vines and then putting like a like to something BTS related
  5. I was watching a makeup/clothes haul and the person suddenly was like "y'all I ordered a bunch of kpop albums" and they had bought all 4 versions of the WINGS album + poster + another random version and they were fangirling so hard over Jimin at like 3 AM and I was like 'damn who are these boys???' and watched BS&T. Even though I really like the MV I watched another couple of kpop groups and went right back to BTS and started watching every bangtan bomb and show and what not...
  6. pann

    How can a human be so radiant and beautiful
  7. news

    I honestly pray that they get to properly rest. They're so hardworking and talented, I hope they don't overwork themselves and the passion for music burns away for not properly resting... If the comeback happens I hope they don't do that BS they did with WINGS(4 versions) bc I couldn't buy them all and I couldn't buy one...
  8. What a cutie
  9. My album just expanded...oops Here are some I found😂😂
  10. I became a fan in this last era and they're the only kpop group I stan... I listen to other groups but I don't stan them like BTS??? and tbh I thought BTS was like the biggest group in S.Korea when I first became interested