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Found 23 results

  2. [Article] 170111 BTS to comeback in February… “A new album to extend the second full album” BTS have been working on a continuation of WINGS album version.They are planning short term promotions and activities. No other information has been released about the album More info here and here ARMY prepare yourselves. Save your Money. Let's support our boys once again. [] [Eng Trans now available] BigHit’s Response: Bangtan are currently preparing a new album and >planning< a February comeback, but nothing is certain yet. They haven’t decided how the album is going to look/how the new songs will be put together and they haven’t decided a comeback date yet. "To add onto February being three weeks away - I want to draw attention back to the very fact that February is so close, and that they have not even decided 100% whether or not this will be an entirely new album, or a repackage. Three weeks, or even four weeks maximum, from comeback, if it is prior to the tour. They cannot decide the album design, shoot, manufacture and package the hundreds of thousands of albums in less than three weeks unless they already have components taken care of. What is possible is that they already have they theme cemented from Bang PD님 when WINGS was in production and more than likely already filmed the MV prior to this announcement. This only cements how long they have been planning this. Please keep in mind, while yes, our wallets (most definitely mine) are crying, and we are worried for the members, this is what they love to do. They would release albums every month if they could do so and still keep to the quality they adhere themselves to. Just take a moment to remember and appreciate the efforts Bangtan, their producing teams, the designers, Bang PD님, and of course all of you go through with each album, each promotion and each tour. This is a wonderful, beautiful team of people that come together time and time again. We have three weeks to prepare ourselves. Fire was an insane promotion period right before their Epilogue concert and tour, and it looks like we are in for it again." -armyupdates What are your thoughts? Is it too soon? Credit Credit 1. They have concerts coming up… aren’t they really overworking?… I miss them but I can wait so please don’t overwork ㅠㅠㅠ please ㅠㅠㅠㅠ +556 -63 2. kyaa ㅜㅜㅜ do we finally get to see You never walk alone?? +551 -69 3. amazing. Our BTS!! I hope you will prepare for it without exhausting yourselves♡ I’ll be looking forward. Your health should come first! +425 -52 4. yeah~ are we finally getting the “S”?? Do I need to preorder… +390 -55 5. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ ah what do I do I’m so happy ah I love BTS I love you seriously ah ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ +372 -52 6. I’m really happy to see them again but please don’t overwork. Always be healthy! BTS, you got to be healthy always! +84 -4 7. they’re going to sweep the charts againㅋㅋㅋ +104 -12 8. I’m happy to see them but ㅜㅜㅜ aren’t you guys overworking..? You went on overseas concert after FIRE and you still haven’t finished “WINGS” concerts too 8ㅅ8 They’ll be heading to other countries after Gocheok concert in Feb… I hope they’ll rest for at least 1~2 months ㅜㅜㅜ please don’t get hurt too ㅜㅠㅠ I’ll be supportingㅜㅜ♡ +97 -10 9. BTS who I trust listening to!! You guys are coming back so soon ㅠㅠㅠ it looks like the members have an extra body ㅠㅠㅠㅠ awesome!! I’ll be looking forward! +90 -10 10. All BTS members are so charming +65 -2 Credit for eng trans
  3. next up: get FIRE to 100m views~~! (It's at 97.5m atm!)
  4. I know there was a masterpost of this on OH before, but since that's dead we should try and recreate it! Please reply with any news clips I've missed~ (Once I figure out the coding on this forum I'll make it look a lot nicer lol) Unsubbed clips: OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER: SUBBED CLIPS: 161018 BTS, Billboard Album Chart #26...Best Record for Korea (MBC) 161018 BTS, Billboard Album Chart #26...Best Record for Korea (Yonhap News) 161019 SBS 8 o'clock News - BTS 161025 BTS ‘Dope’ MV Surpassed 100 Million Views.. Parade of records 161121 Celebrity Today - BTS 161121 Live broadcast Star News 161208 Artiste Today + Morning Wide BTS 170101The New Hallyu Report in Japan: K-pop makes a comeback - BTS Cut 170111 Yonhap News, Today's Entertainment Scene 170111 At the news of BTS' February comeback, "there are even artists who are trying to avoid that time period"...'isn't this overdoing it' INTERNATIONAL CLIPS: Costa Rica Australia Argentina Spain Thailand Canada Chile CNN Chile Peru
  5. There's been a sudden change to Gaon awards quarter system. This may mean BTS will lose 4th quarter Album of the year. It not only effects BTS but others such as Taemin of SHINee. Gaon claims is it a fairer way of judging albums. What are your thoughts?
  6. The OH user who posted this, used Google Translate so there might be some weird/incoherent words and phrases here, haha. Data of Most Mentioned Artists during Year End Programs of 2016 The Korean sports economy, together with Big Data analyst Leevi, analyzed the popularity of the special event held by the three major companies at the end of the year as the amount of online buzz. Beginning with SBS's 'SAF Gayo Daejeon', which was the first among the three companies, we reviewed the amount of referrals by broadcasters from December 26th to December 31st, 'KBS Song Festival Festival' and 'MBC Song Festival Festival' . The major keywords for the analysis were 'New Year's Awards Ceremony', (KBS, MBC, SBS), 'Festival Song Festival', 'Song Festival', and 'SAF'. In addition to online news, community, café, blog, Twitter, etc., the data of 105,398 articles showed the rankings and reasons for broadcasters, artists, artists, keywords and popular songs. During the survey period, three of the major broadcasters' special programs were online. The program, which was the most hot, was' 2016 KBS Song Festival Festival '(festival grand festival), which spread through KBS2 on December 29th. The number of buzzes in the 'festival big festival' in six days was as high as 48,782. Followed by SBS '2016 SAF song Daejeon' with 18,227, and MBC 'Going to the Great Festival' on the last day of 2016 was only 4,908. On this day, Seventeen, Monsta X, Gfriend, IOI, Twice, BAP, Red Velvet, Mamamoo, Shinee Exo, BTS, AOA and other K pop idol group, as well as Han Dong Geun Hu Dae Yeon TaeYeon Shinhwa Um Jung Hwa,. Above all, the whole people who played the finale stage impressed me with the performers 'Do not worry you', which reminds me of 10 candlelight vigils. On the other hand, audience ratings did not smile. On the same day, the "Grand festival" recorded 6.5% in the first part and 5.7% in the second part (Nielsen Korea). MBC's "2016 Broadcast Entertainment Awards," broadcasted at similar times, was somewhat weaker. In addition, last year, the first and second parts of the audience ratings of 9.5% and 6.7%, respectively, The most notable idol group in the three special feature stages was Seventeen, who broke all of his expectations. K-Pop Fandom's two core Exo, BTS, as well as the traditional strong bangbang and won the first place with a remarkable figure. Seventeen got a total of 7,175 references and recorded an overwhelming number of top 20 singers (teams). Seventeen's three singers' songs Boom boom was the song that had a high response on the feature stage. Buzzu 's "virtue" rose when the boom boom, which appeared to be more complete than the collaborative stage in which only some members appeared, was performed with high performance. In the analysis data, 'Boom boom' was mentioned in 1,918 cases. The three keywords that came up after seeing Seventeen's performances were 'pretty', 'stage', and 'love'. The online response, including the visuals of the Seventeen members' appearance and the spectacular performance, was generally favorable. The top five artists who had a lot of references were Seventeen, followed by BTS, Exo, Got7 and IOI. It can be seen that the mention of the male idol group was very high. If you look at the ranking up to the top 10, there were many female artists who mentioned the IOI, Gfriend, Twice, and Mamamoo. cr. ~
  7. Second day it's physicals. First day it's digitals. So ofcourse, BTS will only be attending to the Physicals Day.
  8. ~ As expected of the Internet Kings. note: right now the only source I have it's this, but I'm trying to find the legit/official one.
  9. 2017 will be truly freaking amazing for BTS.
  10. BTS SUGA listed as one of Korean Group Idols with the wealthiest Producer copyrights. He rank at No 4 Registered 51 song with Korea Music Copyright Association Produce 7 songs this year and song of the year that has shaken everyone up "FIRE" More in video below ORIGINAL VIDEO(Youku) WITH ENG SUB It is interesting the also give some promo to his mixtape, AGUST D I am happy for him As expected from our Genius Min PD Min Yoongi must be proud #Min PD slay 2k16 #AnticipateRM2 and JHOPE mixtape2k17 Rapper line trash? Give your love here in rapper line thread
  11. ARIRANG KPOP bring you 2016 KPOP TOP ALBUM The top album tend to be dominated by singers and group with huge fan bases So you will able to tell who is major power player are. Who top ALBUM CHART this year ? Album of the year goes to: BTS! WINGS at No 1 HYYH Young Forever at No 3 BTS WINGS album sold 714 640 copies in just two months. This is recognition for BTS and thanks to popularity of the album the receive Grand prize in award shows BTS become one of leading KPOP group and extend their influence all around the world. The peak at no 26 at Billboard 200, best to date for KPOP group Enter Billboard 200 3 times and stay on the for 2 weeks The even enter Billboard chart in UK Anticipate BTSSlayage2k17!
  12. KVILLE MUSIC AWARDS 2016 This music awards is solely based on fan votes and K-ville just announce the winners for all awards This year BTS won few awards thanks to dedicated ARMY all over the world LIST OF AWARD: *I only include BTS-related award Best Solo Rapper-SUGA Best choreo-SAVE ME Album of the year-WINGS Best Boy Group-BTS Best Music Video-BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS MV Song of the year-FIRE If u want to watch the video Some info about KVille Entertainment channel *WARNING! Don't bother yourself reading any YT is a mess there CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN TO BTS AND ARMY!! LET'S CELEBRATE ANOTHER FAN RECOGNITION FOR BTS ANTICIPATE BTSSlayage2k17!
  13. cr. read the whole thread of this second tweet, omggg!
  14. Here is the link to the video, embedding is not available for it : Blood Sweat & Tears #3 Fire #1
  15. Apparently, BTS will do Boys-Classroom Idea from Seo Taiji meanwhile B.A.P will do H.O.T's Warrior’s Descendant. I'M HYPED AF Y'ALL
  16. *Special thanks to person who told me to put it on this website" I can't upload the pic so I writing the post she made. "I was looking at some posts here and I got an idea. You know Bangtan Bombs, what if we make a Youtube channel, Army Bombs. We could upload videos of us armys from all around the woorld enjoying their music or being just dumb and we armys would subscribe to this and we could communicate with BTS through the bangtan bombs and army bombs. I know they are busy and hardworking, but like this we can upload, videos of armys from every little place on this planet, we would have admins representing every country and make our bombs, make a certain topic, like 'What am I doing when BTS song plays', or 'What made love BTS', and this way armys can motivate and share love with BTS, since armys would make this channel big, ..." This is her email if your want to participate: There was a link to AminoApps on that post about signing up and clarifying so here it is: Here's pictures if you can't get on the website THOSE ARE RULES YOU NEED TO FULFILL IN ORDER TO WORK FOR THIS PROJECT AS LEADERS: 1)being over 15 2)english on average level(b1 to higher) 3)skills with editing or graphic is handy but not a must-have We will interview you and interact with you to find the best possible people, interested? dont hesitate. IF YOU WANT TO BE A LEADER AND THERES NOT YOUR COUNTRY YET, EMAIL ME, IF THERE IS ALREADY YOUR COUNTRY, AND YOU ARE INTERESTED TO WORK IN A TEAM, CONTACT THE LEADER OF YOUR COUNTRY. This is the application form you need to fill in, before you will send the email, its same for leaders, and teammates. THE LEADERS AND COUNTRIES ARE FOLOWING: THIS EMAIL IS USED TO ASK IF YOU WANT TO BE A LEADER OF COUNTRY THAT IS NOT LISTED YET [OFFICIAL] you can ask them since they are official 1. Czech Republic - the leader is me - Monika, but if someone wants to work with me from here hit me up, or even from Slovakia 2. Greece - Iris 3.UK - Katie 4.Bangladesh - Mysha 5.Italy - Aurora 6.Albania - Desara 7. Hungary - Tiara 8. Chile - Vale chim chim 9. Namibia - Ami 10. Estonia -Kpoplover 11. Germany - Neko 12. Philippines - Kookie_em 13. Netherlands - Sara 14. Serbia - Dope_yes 15. Russia - Elvina 16. France - Taeli 17. Denmark - Peachlii 18. China - LHCbts 19. Equador(also for other Spanish speaking countries) - Vixen 20. Usa - Melody 21. Switzerland - Lucy 22.Poland - Beata 23.Canada - Nia 24.India - Aki 25. Australia - Megan [RESERVED] Nepal - Twenty1stcenturygirl Iceland - Sirrý Belgium - Phramy Trinidad and tobago - Improcrastinatingrn Croatia - Magdalena Egypt - Nour Iraq - Dema Ethiopia - Jiminly Jiminified Austria - Nina UAE - Uae potential leader Bosnia and Herzegovina - Mirjana Ireland - Rachel Brazil - NaniP Lithuania - Bunnie Algeria - Suzy Norway - Daniel Mexico - Yesenia Sweden - Kajsa Finland - Oona Malaysia - Ohfxckingsekai Sri Lanka - Clement Turkey - Zeynep Peru - Min-Copito Arabia (one leader for Arabic armys) - Pakistan - Hajra Dominica - Danielle Panama - Jhoselin Spain - Denisa Singapore - Charmaine Even if there is no name, the place is reserved IF YOU WANT TO TAKE PLACE IN A TEAM FROM YOUR COUNTRY PLEASE CONTACT OFFICIAL LEADERS WITH THEIR EMAIL Q&A Our social media links: https://www.facebook.../armytvofficial Thank you guys so much for anticipating Sincerely Monika - author of this idea ARMYTV™ ©ARMYTV 2016 all rights reserved I honestly think this is a great idea! I'm gonna ask to be part of a team in USA! BTW: I forgot to add that they already did one video
  17. (BTS perform onstage during the 2015 Asia Song Festival at Busan Asiad Main Stadium on Oct. 11, 2015 in Busan, South Korea.) K-pop has its biggest year yet on Billboard's year-end charts with BTS and GOT7 leading the pack. The boy bands both land on multiple year-end charts that track world music as the groups help K-pop for the scene's best year-end performance. BTS' record-breaking Wings album is at No. 6 on Billboard's year-end World Albums chart, the group's first-ever entry. Incredibly, that not only marks the highest-ranking K-pop album of 2016, but the highest year-end ranking for a K-pop album ever. They edge out the previously highest-ranked EXO's Exodus, which held the record when it landed at No. 8 in 2015. BTS - Blood, Sweat, and Tears MV The "Blood, Sweat & Tears" band also mark another first for K-pop acts on the year-end World Albums chart: They're the first and, so far, only act to send two entries to the tally as their 2015 EP The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 2 ranks at No. 9. The performance of those two releases help BTS land at No. 5 on the year-end World Albums Artists chart, which tallies all the work an artist charted on World Albums through the year. The guys are the highest-ever charting K-pop act on this ranking, too, once again snatching the best ranking from EXO, who landed at No. 7 in both 2014 and 2015. GOT7 also helps propel K-pop to break more records. The seven-member boy band's Fly EP charts at No. 15 on the year-end World Albums chart, also their first appearance on the chart. Remarkably, Fly helps mark 2016 as the year with the most K-pop albums ever on the tally. The "Hard Carry" boys also rank at No. 6 on the year-end World Albums Artists chart making them the highest-charting act other than BTS. To date, only G-Dragon, SHINee, 2NE1 and EXO have landed on this chart. The K-pop scene also has its best showing on the year-end World Digital Songs charts. For 2016, there were 17 entries from K-pop acts, including BTS (who have six entries), Blackpink, PSY, 4Minute, NCT U and EXO. Previously, K-pop represented only as many as 14 entries on the 2015 tally. Korean-pop acts have been charting on the year-end World Digital Songs chart since 2011 when SHINee and 2NE1 both landed entries. Lastly, K-pop also hits new records on the year-end World Digital Songs Artists chart, which tracks the best-performing artists on World Digital Songs throughout the year, with entries from six artists including BTS, EXO, GOT7, Blackpink, PSY and BIGBANG. This is another record for K-pop acts who previously had only sent as many as five entries in the past in 2015. Korean-pop acts have been charting on the year-end World Digital Songs Artists since 2012.
  18. Here's the link to the full article (it's long so I won't copy/paste all of it) Here's the part relevant to BTS: 01. BTS – “BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS” Since their 2013 debut, seven-piece BTS have been cranking out close-to-the-bone lyrics and impressively melding hip hop, pop, electronica, and rock. Though perfectly able to drop massive performance videos like “Fire” or “Dope”, concept is king with BTS. While theirs has always been grounded in the painful fundamentals of growing up, it’s graduated from the more obvious to a delicate, beautiful labyrinth of clues and concealed meanings in their MVs. For “Blood Sweat & Tears”, which captures a passionate, destructive relationship, they and their regular directorial collective LUMPENS turn to Hermann Hesse’s novel “Demian” as the complex visual inspiration for the temptation they face. The result is, once more, a rich world to be decoded, where members are hemmed by sumptuous rooms and dream-states, matched to a sensual choreography that has their hands constantly blind, seek, and reveal desire and truth. It truncates the bridge for extended storytelling, but “Blood Sweat & Tears” easily refills the hushed void with cascading chimes, spacey chill-house beats and airy synths that lope alongside tropical house and moombahton rhythms. Emotions run high – the ache in Jimin and Jungkook’s falsetto hooks, the lost fight within Suga’s rap, and a demanding neediness on J-Hope’s chorus – but having continually worked with the same songwriters, including the seemingly indefatigable composer Pdogg, and contributed substantially to all their tracks, BTS are able to marry the lyrics’ intimate, bloodied brokenness to an opposing state of leviathan pop with such effortlessness that it dominates all that stands before it.
  19. BTS get Most Retweeted tweet (Golden Tweet) after their win at the 2016 MMA Also BTS ranks #2 in the 2016 Top 10 Keywords on Twitter Korea BTS ranks #1 in the Music Category on Twitter Korea
  20. THE 20 BEST ALBUMS OF 2016 From Beyoncé and David Bowie's career-defining works to Solange and Rihanna's new, artistic light, these are the records Fuse deemed the best this year In the three years since their debut, BTS has garnered a wholly passionate fanbase around the world, thanks to the seven members' active involvement in both writing and producing vulnerable and honest song material—all rarities to find in K-pop. Sophomore album Wings amplifies those strengths with more fascinating concepts and wholly accessible productions that don't sound out of place on Top 40 radio. Lead single "Blood Sweat & Tears" recalls recent Justin Bieber hits; "21st Century Girls" is a hip-hop-tinged, female-empowerment anthem; and closing track "Interlude: Wings" has some of the most fire club beats from any country. Perhaps most notably, listeners also get insight into the seven different personalities that make up BTS, with each member having a solo song on the record. You get everything from Rap Monster's melancholic rap track, "Reflection," to Jin's stirring ballad, "Awake." There's loads to explore in the 15-track album and loads of indication that BTS is just starting to truly spread their wings. –Jeff Benjamin