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  2. appreciation

    him moving his body is a crime.... Even when he is being playful....he still very rude
  3. Yea I don't see Hobi's sunshine and JungSHOOK either.
  4. Yay!!! They added him, Go mochi!!! I believe he was added like a few days ago. Compare to others who were added earlier this month.
  5. Today
  6. reason #1238958763261756 why i stan kim seokjin with my entire soul and heart he makes my big heart so happy bless my boy he is so dumb bless him i love him
  7. HE MAKES ME SO HAPPY MY GOOD BOY I LOVE HIM i can't even put into words how happy he makes me i'm gonna cr y
  8. Was the sunshine crow tit emoji removed? that one was rlly cute :c
  9. Marshmallow
  10. game

  11. Bed
  12. Ugh love this, team work makes the dream work
  13. Lol that face to shoulder ratio, he was destined for handsomeness
  14. Haha if that's true his high school friends must love to torment him with predebut photos Idk it's interesting to see photos of idols in glasses with real lenses (idols, theyre just like us sometimes) but when they wear fake/fashion frames they still have to wear contact lenses underneath lol
  15. jolse! Their prices are decent, sometimes a bit above other places but they have 15% sales every now and then plus they're pretty generous with samples. They offer free international shipping for orders over $40 so it might be better to wait till you have several items/share with others if you're not planning on getting that much. also note they say it's standard shipping but they've always sent it as express to me lol idk if its an aus thing or I haven't used these sites but I've seen positive feedback about roserosebox, testerkorea, w2beauty and wishtrend too.
  16. let's vote for our cute mochi!! source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BVm0B-gAKKM/?taken-by=tccandler&hl=en https://twitter.com/tccandler/status/877546996915220480 if you have something to add to this post feel free to message me *winks*
  17. news

    BTS' covers are the best, they'll impress for sure
  18. King of heartfelt fanservice.
  19. Humble and grounded. <3
  20. Humble and grounded. <3
  21. pann

    When/where did V-app put this up? The no signal thing was ridiculous, but then what fake scandal isn't, lol.
  22. i just watched the dance practice and i like it more now!
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