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    I'll contribute to all of them if I'm able to use my visual art, I'm looking forward to the news!
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    My guess is September 23rd.
  4. this is such a nice idea, thank you for doing this!
  5. In the Award section - The Best of BTS (Japan), there is a tag "new award" by Suga name. Also the count is showing 6 rather then 7 badges.
  6. Ok so yesterday while walking in the rain to Vertis North a strong gust of wind upturned my umbrella and the spine hit my head really hard e - e ;; I walked around with a red spot on my forehead after that (didn't even make it under my bangs lmao) because I couldn't hide it with just powder...

    This morning while washing my face I pressed on that area and it hurtsss aaaa I think there's a bruise growing there now ; __ ; darnit

    1. littlemoon


      oww. i hope it heals quickly! <3

      here is a kiss from Jin to make it better. 


    2. Chim Chim Star™

      Chim Chim Star™

      /cries/ more pls Jin

      (thanks! ☆)

  7. This is turning into a thriller: Who ran over Jungkook? Unreliable narrator Jin?
  8. I'm into a time travel/sci-fi element. This doesn't really have to do with the short film, but going through memories in your head is a form of time travel. Rewatching events, trying to change them.
  9. The conclusion most people are getting out of this is that Jin's been travelling in time so many times to correct things (avoid mishaps & deaths?) but sadly, he always fails...
  10. this is just a rant. (and story time)


    so i know that we all here can't wait for bts september comeback <3

    i'm saving money so that i'm able to buy their album. and yes, my friends are annoyed of it because everytime we go together to a mall, i would reject every single thing that cost a lot of money for a single reason: i want to buy their album.

    then my friend asked me something that to be honest, i don't know what the answer is. my friend, she's a big fan of samuel, and she asked me 'i love samuel so much, but i don't even want to buy his album, why do you want to buy bts's album that much?'

    can somebody tell me why because i don't know. i just told her that i will be very happyyyyyyyyyyy, if i'm able to buy it.


    (coming from a person that have never bought their album before and an army who have no money. peace.)

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    2. SeokSeok


      @Chim Chim Star™ yeah, i think of that too! even if it's just one, i'm super happy that i could help them! 

      @littlemoon having a physical album is a very special thing T-T yeah, it's always hard, especially if there's a food that i want, i would try really hard not to buy it for the comeback~

      oh yeah and by the way. what's with the #Please_Apologize trending? i don't understand ?-?

    3. littlemoon


      i just looked it up, and apparently it has to do with K-Army being horribly cyber-bullied :( 


    4. Chim Chim Star™

      Chim Chim Star™

      W*nnables/other fandoms causing a mess bc of upcoming awards shows... I-ARMY being a bit over defensive I guess. But eh asking them to apologize is like talking to a brick wall

  11. this is such a brilliant and well-thought out theory!!! Jin's talk about the importance of certain moments (and after all, our memories really are just collections of moments saved in our minds) really fits with your ideas. i thought that something seemed "off" about him when he was driving as well. i hope we receive some concrete answers soon! All of this is so beautiful, but so, so sad.
  12. A nice compilation of the BGM from the reels... mixes in the music from Suga's VCR, that I mentioned in my last post. On a related note,I wonder if the same composer did the music for some of the Wings VCRs. I'm wondering especially about the opening (where they give a nod to all their HYYH music videos) and Suga's.
  13. Username: ʙıᴋᴋᴀ Exchange: Jimin BST Award: Jimin Best Of (Korean Ver.) Username: ʙıᴋᴋᴀ Post Count: 100 Award: Suga BST (Japanese Era) Arrangement: Jimin — Suga Thanks!
  14. bts grabbing alllll those noona fans damn
  15. The demos of the article, omfggg.
  16. That's ok! Pretty much everything will auto-embed here, so just paste away.
  17. I see. haha thanks! Still not familiar to how it works here!
  18. Just paste the tweet URL, and it will auto embed:
  19. BIG HIT POST SOMETHING ABOUT THE COMEBACK! But sadly idk how to post the tweet here. Is the title called" Let me love me??
  20. A bit of this may still be relevant for the story.. Jin keeps trying to change the past. Each time he does (fix something), something else tragically happens.. "If we could turn back the clock, where should we go back to? Once we reach that place, can all our mistakes and errors be undone? Will happiness be ours to stay?"
  21. When I'm on youtube all I see is thumbnails with veeeeeeery confused and funny "wtf" shocked faces and it's just so funny LMAO Big Hit is literally torturing all of our brains
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