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  2. Hey guys! I've just changed all the crow-tit emoticon names to lower case letters. This means that now you can easily find what you want by using the search function at the bottom of the emoticon box. For example, if you search "jh" you'll be able to see all the J-Hope emoticons
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    I translated this one myself I had its picture saved from the fancafe!
  5. Hello there...
  6. LQ T/N: Will update when HQs are released.
  7. JK: ‘’If you hit sharks on their noses, they’ll pass out.’’ (credits) the poor sharkie plush! these are from well before I became a fan but hearing him say that in bv2 ep 1, I cracked up so hard
  8. v-app

    Thank you for sharing!!!!
  9. I'm impressed with how Namjoon handles answering the same question(s) in all the interviews.
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    Aww Jin.
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  12. #431 - @Whalien lol excuse you Wait until I get my license and make some good money first then I'll pay for your flight here so I can clean yo teef free of charge.
  13. #430 - Legit exhausted from today. 8 hours of hard labour and attended a highschool graduation located in their school gym (lord it was humid af). I'll check my notifs and reply to messages tomollo after I get my teeth cleaned (pray for me friends *dislikes going to the dentist* sorry lea). @leanna - you go girl!
  14. 09/03/16 - SHOW CHAMPION (MANILA) i love curly haired nochu (cr) // (cr) (cr)
  15. 09/03/16 - SHOW CHAMPION (MANILA) if i remember correctly, i think this was the time when Tae's grandma was really ill. this man's tenacity surprises me all the time. i would've unable to perform at all but he stuck through it. im proud of you tae and we all love you dearly. (cr)
  16. 09/03/16 - SHOW CHAMPION (MANILA) what. a. day. for. park jimin. (cr) (cr)
  17. Yours - SG Lewis
  18. #429 - Just finished my first year of dental hygiene school. Where did the time go
  19. 09/03/16 - SHOW CHAMPION (MANILA) dimples. swag. (cr)
  20. game

    @Whalien For Breaking the Cash Register, Causing Tech Support to Come to the Rescue
  22. Naloxone me, back at it again with another drug
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