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  2. What other kpop groups do you stan?

    hI I WANNA BRING THIS THREAD BACK FROM THE DEAD SINCE I'M SO MULTIFANDOM TRASH RIGHT NOW ALL I DO IS SCREAM (also if u are interested in any of these groups for whatever reason pls pm me and i'll send more recommendations or jUST PLEASE SCREAM TO ME ABOUT ANY OF THESE GROUPS PLEASE I NEED MORE PPL TO TALK ABOUT THEM WITH FIRST OF ALL DAY6 OH MY GOD DAY6 LEMME JUST,,,, HHHHHHHHGNNNNNNNN I ACTUALLY JUST SAW THEM IN CONCERT A FEW DAYS AGO FOR THEIR NA TOUR AND JUST THINKING ABOUT IT BRINGS ME TO TEARS BECAUSE I LOVE THEM SO MUCH AND I GENUINELY DEBATE SOMETIMES IF THEY'RE TOPPLING BTS AS MY ULT GROUP, LIKE, 5/7 DAYS (get it cause there are five members ghhnhn) but no seriously oh my god i love day6 so much i can't describe my love for them pLEASE IF ANYONE IS A MY DAY TALK TO ME I NEED SOMEBODY TO SCREAM ABOUT THEM I CAN'T EVEN CONTROL MY HEART ANYMORE TBH also i say im ot5 for this group but tbh i'm a sungjin stan and honestly i have recorded proof that i am considering how i screamed for sungjin 9/10 times at the concert but whatever. i lost my voice for 2 days so far since that night. wondering if it'll be a 3rd. i swear it wasnt even that bad for the bts concert. who is my ult group again--- (i'm kidding it's still bts. i. think. um. hm. oops.) ONF, MY SWEET NEW ROOKIE BABIES WHO'VE ONLY BEEN DEBUTED FOR A MONTH AND A HALF SO FAR,,,,, im SO in love with these babies TT they're so amazing and talented and worked so hard TT they're under WM entertainment and are the BIGGEST B1A4 fanbots it's SO adorable one of them (j-us, aka lee seungjoon) dressed up as a B1A4 lightstick to play table tennis,,,,, AND BEAT EVERYONE,,,, god he's such a nerd i love him. they're still rookie babies so they're so fun and excited and awkward and lovable and it makes me so happy to see them, since they're INSANELY active on social media. they have a stable following atm but they're going on mixnine TT either way i'll support them with all my heart :'))) oh! and my bias is changyoon/e-tion but i'm also in love with jaeyoung/wyatt and seungjoon/j-us so,,,,,,,,, NCT (all units) oh boy HI I ALSO LOVE ALL OF NCT. EVERY ONE OF THEM. NO ONE LEFT BEHIND. i haven't caught up on their shows and stuff but god i LOVE their music seriously, and nct night night is so precious i love johnny and jaehyun. :') their style is so diverse with the units i really love it, and at first i didn't really like dream that much but DANG we young got me WOKE like no lie i'm seriously so in love with all of the members TT they're all so lovely and beautiful and funny and god bless them they've worked so hard to get there. 127 is my favorite unit but dream has a soft spot. u has been dead for a while so i'm kind of sad but :') i'll support them once they rise again. my bias is actually haechan! i tried to quad stan once, with mark taeyong and johnny but man i just can't win with haechan so he kinda booted them all out LOL. he was my first bias and then i stanned everyone then whoops welcome back bb The Rose these beans have also only been debuted for a month and a half and have shown up on a couple of shows! they have a lot of buskings as well, but they're more band oriented like day6. THEIR COMEBACK IS ON THE FIRST OF NOVEMBER AND MY SOUL IS READY HHHHH. from what i've seen of them so far, though, i really like them! they're beautiful and funny and precious and i'll support them :') Stray Kids i love stray kids so much i'm going to watch their show as well once i get time but seriously their song stole my heart as soon as i saw it. god, like this just makes me so emo and thEY'RE ALL SO SMALL THEY'RE BABIES OKAY I WILL PROTECT THEM WITH MY BEING. STAN STRAY KIDS PROTECT THEM MAKE SURE THEY ALL DEBUT TOGETHER. @JYP THIS IS AT YOU DON'T YOU DARE LET THESE KIDS WASTE THEIR TALENT anyways my bias is felix :') he's a pretty bean i refuse to believe he's so young but whatever,,,, PHEW i swear to god i add new groups every month to my stan list how can i afford it when i can barely buy bts things OTL. anyways thanks for reading my essay LOL
  3. game Say something about the user above you~

    your sig is very cute I only just saw it now god bless so is your dp concerned pumpkin man
  4. Official KDrama Thread

    while you were sleeping oh my god lemme just first of all SUZY IS IN THIS DRAMA AND SHE'S SO PRETTY AND AWKWARD AND DORKY AND I LOVE HER A LOT AND SOMETIMES SHE MAKES ME WANNA PUNCH MYSELF IN THE FACE BUT OTHER TIMES I WANT TO HUG HER AND PROTECT HER AND I'M DEAD I'VE ONLY WATCHED 3 EPISODES BUT IT'S STILL AIRING AND Y'ALL SHOULD WATCH!?!?? okay so a bit about this drama: it's a LOT of time travel shenanigans and a bit mind boggling but it eventually does explain itself. so the girl can predict the future through dreams, and it's been a skill of hers since she's been young. it's never been wrong, and one night she dreams she hugs a man she's never met before. she predicts more, and a terrible accident, but she has never been able to change the predictions. this show is essentially her learning about her ability and a lot of tears. i strongly recommend this if you want a drama you can cry and scream at LOL
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  6. The Armory™ Thread (READ FAQ)

    username: pokeybun item: member title change quantity: 500 bombs other*: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) seokchin ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) sadfg i'm sorry this request is so stupid LOL thank you in advance for dealing with me <3
  7. game Say something about the user above you~

    hip to the hop to the hippity happity hop i hope u get ur foods soon my dude
  8. The Alphabet Game

  9. game Change a Letter

    oh my god why'd you make this so difficult you could have done like satin nene i'm suffering Latina i have doomed this game i apologize
  10. Word Association

  11. Count to 1000 and back!

    # 478 he makes me happy :') lov you @Whalien
  12. Count to 1000 and back!

    #477 - @Pokeybun PUMP-KING JIN COME THRU. It's so cute Toff
  13. game Post the fourth picture that pops up ^^

    GOOGLE SEARCH COME THRUUU. Legit all the other photos were not BTS related but the 4th one. holy shit. - - - GOTBANGTAN LEGGO
  14. Title Tracks - Race to Zero! [Ver 2]

    Dope -711 N.O - 798 Run - 672 I Need U - 637 Young Forever - 720 Just One Day - 797 Fire - 763
  15. Title Tracks - Race to Zero! [Ver 1]

    No More Dream - 893 Danger - 857 Boy In Luv - 890 Blood Sweat & Tears - 883 Spring Day - 679 Not Today - 896 Save Me - 685
  16. game What Comes to Your Mind?

    chimchim - - - jack skellington
  17. Word Association

    lost is what i am
  18. game Change a Letter

    ... Latino lmfao iunno
  19. The Alphabet Game

  20. What video games are you currently playing?

    preach it, sister. but im spending the $20 on the new game just for Phoenix and Maya. The ratings seem pretty great too so. i do it for them. EDIT: and for dearest Pearly.
  21. #RMusic What song are you currently listening to?

    more like "songs" but lo-fi mixes are a great way to live and they help me draw <3
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