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  2. Jin get noticed because of his good looks. My dream, indeed.
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  4. That was cute, heh. The reporting makes me happy.
  5. I love how they were all more in depth than a quick " btw, this happened"
  6. Neither article really digs into the issue of Asian representation, but no doubt it was also nice to see BTS win as an Asian American as well. It's a topic I'm not coherent enough to really give its due right now, but it was another way that it was wonderful, important, and impactful that BTS won.
  7. This whole article is just wonderful haha!
  8. They thank Armys in English during their Korean and awards and they thank Armys in Korean at the American award. <3
  9. Edit: That "oh my gosh" though. I'm so glad hearing such a positive reception for them :")
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    @modeltae I really don't have much to say to match the rally you three had going on up there- but I just wanted you to know that seeing you in chat gives me a lot of calm. There's warmth in your personality and a comfort in the things you say, in your concern for the people here. You're probably in class, but I just wanted to say that. It goes for a lot of people here on bbase, too. I'm glad everyone has such deep connections with people these days. It's relieving.
  11. Hey you, happy birthday :")

    I hope you got a lot of rest since I know you slept kinda late today (don't make it a habit, ha), and that the rest of the day goes smoothly! Have a wonderful celebration and take care of yourself along the way, okay? It's a new year, make the most out of it. 


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    HAHAHAHA "though your loyalty for your biases shift from time to time" I just have too much love in my heart. @Whalien I adore you and seeing you on Bbase makes my day. I'm always so happy when we manage to catch each other online despite the time difference. Thank you for always being such a light and being a genuinely awesome human being in general.
  13. SAME! I am a little intimidated by everything there is to catch up on/backtrack/ keep track of.. it's too overwhelming and I'm just gonna take my time to digest everything. Psst, had a great time with everyone in the chatroom yesterday! <3
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    @modeltae - My dear friend whom I always love and look forward talking to despite the horrible time difference and being miles apart from each other. Though your loyalty for your biases shift from time to time, I totally understand your currently love for Tae. May we both suffer for falling in love with the Human Gucci.
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    @Pokeybun Certified 'Cool Mom' (who is always proudly shouting "LOOK AT MY SON")
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  17. He’s Bangtan’s small father 😂 @pddogg RT @BigHitEnt: “[Interview] K-pop’s Hidden Producer - Producer Pdogg who has guided BTS’ success in receiving the Billboard (Top Social Artist) Award Trans cr: Kylie @ allforbts
  18. #390 - Unproductive long weekend (haven't worked on my final paper at all), but it was filled with happiness.
  19. @leanna It reminded me of Taekook. I just can't.
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