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    Hello everyone. Today marks the 1st anniversary of Bangtan Base. I still can't believe it's been a full year since we opened. There's been a lot of ups and downs on this site. Mostly downs recently. In fact, I actually had plans of closing the site once the anniversary came. This site has caused me an immense amount stress (and an immense amount of money). I've wanted to just quit shut everything down several times. But even with all the problems I could never really bring myself to do it. I could never really bring myself to leave it all behind. So I trudged forward and decided to keep this place alive for now. I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who's still active on this site. It really appreciate seeing you guys still posting and commenting and participating in forum events. I know this place isn't bustling with activity and I'm sure you've been tempted to hang out in other more lively places but I'm really glad you guys continue to stick around. I also want to thank my amazing staff team. Your desire to work on this floppy little site means the world to me. I hope I'm not too horrible of a leader to you guys. This is turning out more depressing than I thought it would be. Sorry. On a lighter note, I'm happy to see how the site has evolved over the year. We have a youtube team now, a large twitter following, and a ton of successful fan projects. I'm proud that these wonderful things are a part of BBase. Thank you again to everyone here. BBase exists because of you. Let's hope for a better second year. -aj
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    It's just as the title says. I don't really have any fancy graphics or anything special planned but seeing as the forum's birthday is tomorrow I really wanted to get a thread up and hopefully a few replies in the timeframe that our dear head admin is resting so she wakes up to a lot of good cheer. That's honestly it, but I'll kick it off? I'll keep it succinct since I'm known to ramble :") So about the forum. I've said it a lot before but I'd never really expected to stay, let alone stay for so long. I've met so many new people, wonderful friends, and a lot of confidence and genuine appreciation for things that I never thought I had. Maybe I could've gotten the same amazing experience elsewhere, but I found it here on bbase instead and that has to count for something. Happy Anniversary, and I'll stick with this place no matter what may come, until the very end. To our beloved head admin @jin, who's gone through so much to first get this site up and running and then keeping the site up and running through all the ups and downs and the bleakness that is our forum activity. They've put so much love and care and thought into this place, and while it's really not much, this thread was made mainly for them (and I threw in a general forum appreciation bc I didn't want to be a sap ok now sh). Thank you so, so much. That gratitude encompasses a lot of things, really, and I sincerely hope all of our collective thanks reaches you even if it's just the handful of us. I've gushed a lot about BBase to you, so I'll spare you the gushing about yourself, haha. But again, thank you. I'd throw money at this place if I could, honestly. And lastly, to everyone in staff, from our moderators to the Awards team, to our graphics and our newly grown tech department, and my fellow projects team and our lovely translator: This place can't run without you guys either. So thank you for existing and for being who all of you are, even if I don't tag you all and merely hope that my wishes reach you wherever you guys may be <3
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    Trendsetter of Trendsetters, BTS Jin: Visuals, Physical Prowess, Personality Prodigy [171111 Asia Economy: Reporter Moon Subin] Trendsetter of trendsetters! While group BTS is rewriting the newest, biggest and best records in Korea on a daily basis, they are becoming the centre of attention with a growing interest in the individual members. Introducing ‘Ah-Ib-Bbo’ a segment focused on highlighting the virtuous points of idol members! To start off the series, let’s get to know BTS’ oldest member Jin. #Beauty ‘DNA’ At the Melon Music Awards red carpet in November 7 in 2015, he was given the title ‘Car Door Guy’. At the ceremony, as Jin opened up the car door and stepped out, he made headlines with his dazzling appearance. Following this, he became a topic of conversation on the internet and news articles appeared using the moniker “Car Door Guy”. Additionally, this year on June 22nd at the Billboard Music Awards red carpet event, he gained interest as ‘the third guy from the left’. On this occasion, after a group photo showing Jin standing in the third position from the left was revealed, he trended worldwide on Twitter as ‘the third guy from the left’, proving again that his good looks are acknowledged worldwide. With his actor-like good looks that transcend his idol status, it can only be expected that he would appear on the screen. In an interview comparing his looks, he responded by saying “My looks are my confidence, self-esteem and handsomeness” expressing the level of overflowing confidence he has in his appearance. Furthermore, in a radio program, he introduced himself by saying “Hello, I’m Jin, the most handsome member in BTS”. As the other members did not contest the claim, he was acknowledged as being the visual of the group. #Physical Prowess Jin is known as the member with the broadest shoulders in BTS. Even though he is slim, he reportedly wears size 115* shirts due to the broadness of his shoulders and showed off his triangular-shaped back from a rear view, emphasising the difference in size between his shoulders and his hips. Not only that but he is also of tall stature, approximately 180cm, drawing attention wherever he goes. *[T/N] Korean shirt sizing measuring 115cm in the shoulder/chest area #Tone Genius BTS’ music consists of a lot of rap and hip hop and thus is unable to showcase the vocal talents of each individual member; this is especially true for Jin. As a vocalist, songs such as Fire and Blood Sweat & Tears etc. do not much feature his voice. However, in the 2016 WINGS album, Jin’s solo song Awake highlighted his hidden vocal abilities. From the beginning of the track, his smooth high notes and beautiful voice flowed through to express the sincerity of his emotions in a way only Jin manages to do. In particular, the high notes in the latter half of the song enable listeners to really feel the emotions being expressed, and one cannot help but to become Jin’s fan. #Dad Joke Skills When talking about Jin, you can’t omit his dad joke skills. While cheesy, depending on one’s preferences, he has a varied repertoire of jokes to cause explosive laughter. On September 27 while filming JTBC’s variety show ‘Let’s Eat Dinner together’, Jin showed his ability to strike MC Lee Kyunggyu with his dad jokes. During filming, Jin had asked “How do you say ‘Don’t fart’ in English? Don’t gas!” (A play on the Korean word for pork cutlets ‘Tonkatsu’) to which Lee Kyunggyu laughed uncontrollably. Jin’s dad joke ability has slowly been revealed through V-App. In their Christmas Present Party event in 2016, Jin is shown lecturing a disappointed RM that “I bought the beef jerky and squid because I saw how much you enjoyed eating it in Japan and was reminded of it. The wet wipes are because you drop crumbs everywhere and they would help to clean it all up, so how could you do this to me?” in a playfully resentful tone and accent used by Korean ahjusshi (uncles). #Personality Prodigy Although Jin is the oldest in the group, he doesn’t play pranks of his members but rather, they are the first ones to play pranks on him. In their song Fun Boys, Jin even sings a line saying “Even though I’m the oldest, I’m happy enough to play with and prank myself.” As the eldest, Jin has sometimes said “It’s enough that I know where my efforts lie”, “I can use myself to make others laugh because when I bring happiness to others, I also bring happiness to myself”, “I always think that if I endure things now, a big opportunity will arise in future. Until then, whatever work/situation is thrown at me, I’ll faithfully do whatever it takes to make this opportunity happen.” In this way, he expresses his maturity in contrast to his usual (playful) image. Additionally, during the Mnet BTS COMEBACK SHOW, Jin revealed his pet sugar gliders for the first time. Because Jin regularly communicates with fans through Twitter, the fact that he was raising sugar gliders came as a surprise to fans. At this, Jin explained that he was hesitant to reveal his pets because of his influence on young fans and he “Was afraid that because sugar gliders are cute, young fans might decide to get them as pets purely out of curiosity”, hinting at his attitude of responsibility towards caring for pets and animals. Who wouldn’t fall for a person such as Jin? [article source] @Cypher• It's late but as promised, the article is up! Reading it, especially the part about Jin's personality, made me tear up because it actually does emphasise how beautiful he really is, inside and out. I'm so glad they chose him as the first idol focus of the series, and hopefully more people will come to appreciate Jin for who he is, not just his worldwide handsome looks. He deserves all the love and support in the world. Thank you for the article recommendation!
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    We're holding a BTS mystery box giveaway in celebration of our first anniversary! The giveaway will close on December 9th at 11:59 PM. Requirements - Must be a registered user of Bangtan Base - Must have at least 10 posts by Dec. 9th - Must be at least 18 years old or have a parent/guardian's permission to give out your address How to Enter Just comment below that you're entering the giveaway. Extra Entries Follow us on twitter for an extra entry into the giveaway! Simply post a screenshot that shows you following our twitter account @bangtan_base when you comment in this post to enter the giveaway. Good Luck!
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    H A P P Y 2 5 T H B I R T H D A Y K I M S E O K J I N ! We have a fun forum activity that is tied to our general bday project for everyone to partake in today! To celebrate love and confidence on this day, Reply with these three things below: 1-A compliment and something you love about our Kim Seokjin. 2- A compliment and something you love about yourself 3- Tag 5 other forum members and write a compliment for each one! Head on over to our Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr to participate in our #kissitforward event as well!!
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    Hello~! Since our one year anniversary is next Saturday, December 9th, we're celebrating with a week's worth of festivities! There will be games, streams, and a giveaway. You can find a list of currently scheduled events down below: Mystery Box Giveaway Pictionary Guess the Lyrics Find the Mascot Secret Santa Streaming Event ...and more to come!
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    Hello everyone! I'm here to announce a new partnership with an existing Discord server for BTS! It's called the BTS Lounge. If you're unfamiliar with Discord, it's a chat application. It allows for both voice and text chat and is available through a browser, a desktop app, and a mobile app. There's already a handful of people in the channel so don't hesitate to join and make some new ARMY friends! >> Join Now! <<
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    1) I love how much Jin has improved over the years. He didn't start out as a singer but he continuously worked hard and got better. Now his voice is something so many people around the world love to hear. I admire his work ethic so much. 2) This is the hard part. Umm..... I love my eyes. 3) I'mma cheat a little and do 5 groups of people. @AJay and the rest of the projects team - Thank you so, so much for all your hard work. It's because of you guys that these projects turn out so successfully. @Jimin & @jungkook - Thank you for letting me force you onto this site and thanks for all your help building it. <3 @KookieMochi @Whalien @Cypher• @movietvdrama- Thank you guys for being active. It really means a lot to me to see you guys around all the time. BBase is able to still exist because of you. @Jay / 제이 & @Rinoa - Thank you guys for coming onto the Tech Squad! We really needed the extra help. <3 @BubbleSeraph - THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DECIDING TO TRANSLATE FOR OUR SITE. Yes, that had to be in all caps. I had resigned myself to never having a translation team but then you came along like an angel. Bless you. <33333333
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    It's been about a year for me for about, what, a full day now? It's the forum anniversary, but in the few hours that come after it it's mine too, of the day that marks the beginning of how I've come to grow out of my shell and meet all these amazing people, to sharing all these wonderful experiences with everyone, to just growing in general as a person. Maybe it's a bit odd to be so attached to a forum I've barely been on for a year, but it's true that being here has given and taught me so much, so I stand by it. I have a lot of thanks to give, and words alone can't really express as much as I want to. But to everyone I've met, thank you for making this place so special with your presence. To the friends I've made and still have with me, thank you for being patient whenever my doubts started creeping in again and for sticking with me even despite my tendency to run my mouth and fire off about 100+ messages in half an hour. It was a rough few months back there and I didn't think I'd come back. I did, though, thanks to you guys. To the new people I've been talking to recently, for, well, even just coming up to me to say hi or bother me in my inbox, because seeing even just one new message honestly brightens up my day considerably. Thank you to this forum, to the staff, to aj, to everyone who makes this place what it is. I'm looking forward to facing the year to come with all of you. I hope everyone's well and has a great day~
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    Thank you so much to everyone who took part in our first ever Fan Work Awards! We wanted to celebrate the amazing fans in this community that make it so fun to stan BTS, and you guys pointed us towards so many amazing artists, writers, fan accounts, and fansites. Thank you so much again for voting, but now it's time to announce the winners! Fan Art Fan Fiction Twitter & YouTube Fansites Congratulations again to all of our awesome winners!
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    <cr> Greetings, people of BBase! I am Jay, and today we will be conclusively reviewing the rap of the all-talented, International Playboy, Golden Maknae, Kookie himself - Jeon Jungkook. For a long time, he has been known to ARMYs as an all-around talented figure, seeing as he can sing amazingly, dance amazingly, and guess what - he can rap too. Kookie rapping "Lonely" by Outsider, a Korean-speed rapper: As seen in this clip, he has the ability to rap - seeing as he is able to somewhat keep up with Outsider's rap, and his words are understandable and not just "blah-blah-blah." Let us move on to some of his verses from BTS music. His verse in War of Hormone: His verse is definitely classified as rap, even though there is a definite use of pitch. A way to determine whether a verse is rap or not is to imagine it without music/a beat behind it. Most vocals sound a little weird without background music, not counting A Cappella, seeing as when singers sing A Cappella they generally sing at a lower pitch or change the way the song is sung. This verse is somewhat of a tonal rap verse. His verse in N.O.: Though this verse is a little short, it obviously categorized as rap. Once again he uses vocal inflections (raising the pitch at the end of a line) which is a skill used by many rappers - and it helps that he can reach even higher pitches than most rappers (cause he sings too!) When he sang Namjoon's parts of Run: Even when Namjoon sing-raps these verses, it is barely rapping. Due to the certain vocal inflections Namjoon makes, it can be considered rap - and perhaps with Jungkook too but I don't think so. This is also a weird case due to the fact that I can imagine it sounding both just fine and a little weird without the beat in the background. I'm conflicted. Jungkook raps along with the rap line: Before you watch, his part is closer to the end. There is no debate that this is rap - and it meshes perfectly with J-Hope and Suga's rap as well. No more words. AND NOW... the verse you've all been waiting for: His impeccable verse on "We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2": Ireumeun Jungkook! By far his most popular rap verse, and a favorite of all ARMYs, even if their bias isn't JK. No words are needed here either. He uses pitch changes and vocal inflections while also rapping in a spoken-rap style. Last but not least, his verse in No More Dream: Once again he used tonal inflections to his advantage and this was a legendary rap performace following BTS' rap-line. TO MAKE IT EVEN BETTER - GUESS HOW OLD HE WAS DURING THIS???? 16. 16 years old, already a legend. ---- That is all for today folks - feel free to discuss Jungkook's rap below. Disclaimer: I did not share every rap performance, rap verse, or rap video he has ever done. Please share below, as this thread is for discussion. Enjoy.
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    It's finally here! Our birthday project for Taehyung: VIGNETTE! >SUBMIT HERE<
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    Welcome to Bangtan Base's second annual Secret Santa~! For those unfamiliar with this event, users who sign up will be given a member that they will send a gift to and in return another user will send you a gift. Simple! Sign ups will last until Dec 9th. After that each member who signed up will be assigned someone before the 10th is over. Then you'll have until Dec. 20th to send in your gift. The Secret Santa reveal will happen either on the 24th or the 25th. Fill out this google form. Once you're done with that create a PM with me titled "Secret Santa." This is where you'll receive the name of the person you'll be sending a gift to, where you'll send in your gift, and where you'll receive your own gift.
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    Respect Must be Earned: BTS’ Journey Towards Gaining its Stripes in Black America By Guest Contributor: Monique Jones (@moniqueblognet) When I first wrote my article about BTS coming to the American Music Awards, I was excited to see this infamous K-pop group that I’d heard so much about. I was happy that they would have the chance to perform on a major international stage like the AMAs. I believed that this appearance would serve as the biggest stepping stone yet for K-pop’s eventual domination of American airwaves. As I wrote on Twitter after BTS’ performance (and after I saw the crowd whipped into a frenzy), this must have been what seeing the Beatles for the first time was like. BTS has been on a roll since their big AMAs debut. They’ve hob-knobbed with R&B it-boy Khalid, and they have released a track featuring Desiigner and Steve Aoki,”Mic Drop”. Everything’s going well; or, it’s going well for BTS, anyways. The rest of K-pop, however, still hasn’t really “made it” in the States. While one might speculate as to the many reasons why K-pop has failed to penetrate the American music landscape — language barriers; stereotypes about Asian performers held by music executives; general American disinterest towards international music that isn’t British or Canadian — one major reason deserves more discussion: K-pop, as a whole, has a race problem. So, how is BTS overcoming it? K-pop’s history includes many instances of anti-blackness, both intentional and unintentional. For example, there is the wearing blackface reminiscent of the ganguros of Japan, who self-identify with the black rapper image so much that they darken their skin, blurring the lines between wayward appreciation, fetishism, and straight offensiveness. There iscolorism, such as with some groups’ members poking fun at other groups’ members for their tan skin. There is intense fetishism of Blackness, which is one of the defining traits of K-pop. It colors how K-pop idols — and, how K-pop male idols, specifically — interact with Black men. For example, a K-pop idol who associates with a Black man can be perceived as getting an “all clear” or a “black card”, even if the idol lacks a true understanding of the culture they love and mimic. Fetishism of Blackness also colors how male idols interact with Black women. Yes, many K-pop idols — both male and female — love Beyonce, Rihanna, and Tinashe; and, some male idols even claim to prefer Black women as romantic interests. But, are Black women — rappers, dancers, and fans — seen as just hypersexual objects or are they seen as legitimate collaborators in a larger conversation around music and culture? K-pop also frequently exoticizes the Black Rap image. Idols may dress in the “black rapper” style, affect a “blaccent,” and mimic notable rapper mannerisms. As shown by has-beens like Iggy Azalea, being blatantly fake will only get you so far. In short, K-pop has both a credibility issue, as well as a sensitivity issue. Can K-pop fix these two problems and get firmly on the road towards American domination? It seems like if there’s any group to do it, BTS is definitely most prepared for the task. Through a trial-by-fire in the form of a reality show three years ago, BTS has gained the knowledge necessary to possibly become the first K-pop group to go beyond mimicry, and to instead develop a brand that openly and honestly respects its black musical forefathers and foremothers. This could go a long way towards winning over black America, and by extension, the rest of the country. Fakery Versus Reality It is unclear what people expected from BTS when they arrived for the AMAs; but, based on every interview they did in the week they were in Los Angeles, they clearly succeeded in winning hearts. Moreover, based on how they presented themselves, winning hearts and changing minds were their top priorities. Of all K-pop groups, BTS most understands the racial hurdles they face in trying to cross over into the American music scene. They understand, for example, how members of the Asian diaspora in America face myriad stereotypes while trying to make it big in the music industry. BTS group leader and rapper RM (formerly known as Rap Monster), seems particularly astute. Not only was he the group’s English-spokesperson during their brief sting in America during the AMAs, but he also knows enough about America’s stereotypes against Asian performers to comment on how the AMAs treated the band with respect. “The AMAs didn’t treat us as a curious novelty from Asia, but showed us respect and treated us as an important part of the show,””he told Metro UK. “They put our performance right before Diana Ross, and we were introduced by the Chainsmokers, who are very popular in the United States. It was clear in many ways that they knew a lot about us and had prepared for our appearance for a long time.” RM is different from what many Westerners perceive the K-pop idol to be. Aside from being highly intelligent — he has an IQ of 148 — he’s introspective and, as you’ll read later in this post, he actually seems to apply the lessons he’s learned from some of his more haunting mistakes. Also, his journey in the music industry, coupled with his personality, has imbued in him an “anti-mainstream” sensibility. On top of that, he has credibility as a rapper that is hard to come by for many K-pop idols. Unlike other members of BTS, RM and fellow groupmate Suga cut their teeth in Korea’s underground rap scene. If you work your way up from the bottom, you’re bound to learn some things an idol class won’t teach you. RM has already had his credentials as a rapper questioned based onhis decision to join a boy band: in his cover of Drake’s “Too Much,” he addressed other rappers who have tried to start beef by calling him a “sell-out” In fact, many songs written by RM feature “the inner conflicts that Rap Monster, Suga and J-Hope have as idol rappers.” BTS also boasts another unique experience relative to other K-pop groups: during the 2014 reality show American Hustle Life, the group underwent a military-style bootcamp on the history of hip-hop and rap from the legendary, Coolio. In that series, BTS members traveled to Los Angeles — the home turf of West Coast rap — to receive on-the-ground training from legends in R&B and hip-hop. As journalist Blanca Méndez wrote for Noisey: Though Rap Monster and his groupmates may be relatively well-versed in current hip-hop music, it’s hard to understand the music without fully understanding the culture. It’s even harder to do so in a place so far from the source, especially since, for a country that consumes and repackages hip-hop culture as much as it does, Korea has some serious issues with anti-blackness. Many American pop and rap fans — particularly many Black American fans — remain skeptical of K-pop. Korea’s homogenous culture can perpetuate an ignorance of — or, in some cases, an apathy towards — anti-Black stereotypes and offensive words, such as the racist contexts of blackface and the “N”-word. Even BTS couldn’t escape making some of the same egregious mistakes that have befallen other K-pop idols. Early in their career, BTS had their own brushes with the “N”-word, which caused extreme controversy. A younger RM boasted that “talking black” was “a talent” he was good at. Until their education with the actual rap greats themselves, BTS was like any other K-pop group: problematic. Some fans even labeled them “racist.” But what’s the difference between abject racism — which is apparent in Korea as well as n the rest of the world — versus plain ignorance? Ignorance certainly isn’t an excuse for bad behavior, especially since there are several K-pop idols who were actually born and raised in North America and who should therefore understand the racial implications of “playing black”, as it were; but, we should also consider when sincere ignorance occurs. In my opinion, much of the way K-pop interacts with rap is similar to watching a child discover rap for the first time. For this child, everything about rap is “cool”. The child becomes obsessed with knowing every lyric (even the bad ones) and mimicking every body movement. The child doesn’t realize he’s parodying the culture he proclaims to idolize — until he goofs in front of an actual Black person. What happens next may depend on how that Black person chooses to react, but regardless, the child comes out the other side a different, and hopefully more aware, person. BTS got their own wake-up call during the first American Hustle Life episode, in which they found themselves in front of Coolio for the first time As Méndez wrote: Coolio gets right down to business, asking BTS some basic questions about the origins and history of hip-hop. Whether it’s because they’re nervous or clueless or both, the room goes quiet. But it’s not long before Coolio is interrupted by class clown V, who chimes in with a “turn up” that makes Coolio pause his pop quiz to get the kid in line. He asks V if he even knows what “turn up” means, to which V replies, “Let’s go party?” Some of the other members chuckle, the others shake their heads in embarrassment. Coolio is not amused. He orders V to do 25 pushups, and the group’s eyes collectively widen. Shit just got real. “Do you even know what that means?” is a fair question to ask of K-pop stars, or idols, who often talk the talk without really knowing what they’re talking about. This is not to say these stars aren’t genuine or talented artists, but the K-pop industry is about selling a package. Idol groups are formed by finding raw talent and the right look that can be preened, polished, and trained to deliver that package. When forming a hip-hop group, it’s not as important to know and respect hip-hop culture as it is to be able to sell it. BTS continued their American Hustle Life education with rapper/producer Warren G, a pioneer of West Coast hip hop, and renowned vocal coach and music consultant Iris Stevenson, who served as the inspiration for Sister Mary Clarence in Sister Act 2. American Hustle Life starts out rough for BTS, who are “kidnapped” by the guys who will eventually become their L.A. comrades Much of the series is edited for laughs but many scenes also show that the boys are taking their lessons seriously and developing deeper appreciation of hip-hop. This is especially apparent after Stevenson’s singing lessons: the boys appear to appreciate their new vocal skills, but are also touched by Stevenson’s patience, kindness, and maternal spirit. They respect her as a master of her craft. To them, Stevenson, or “Iris seonsaeng (teacher)” as they called her, is one of the newfound fans they hope to most impress. Unlike the hard-nosed and strict Coolio, Warren G is another seonsaeng whom BTS hopes to impress. Warren G calmly taught the boys the true meaning of hip-hop, as well as the ways in which the genre is wrongly mischaracterized by racism and negative stereotypes. As RM told HipHopPlaya in 2015: I wanted to ask Warren G a lot about hip-hop. Like Warren G stated, things like ‘shooting guns, doing drugs, robbery’ aren’t things that are hip-hop itself, but a negative side that’s included within hip-hop. It’s like an uninvited guest that shoved its way into hip-hop, but people said that that’s hip-hop. He also told me that hip-hop is something that’s open to everyone despite what race you may be or what language you may speak. I heard a lot of great things from him besides those as well. Although it may seem like a very obvious thing, but the weight of it just felt different when Warren G said it. And after everything he would say, Warren G attached “It’s all Good.” When I heard those words from the side, then my mood felt really good. Should I compare it to the feeling of a grandfather telling good stories next to you (laughter). RM reflected on more of Warren G’s teachings” in another interview: Interviewer: Although hip-hop is a genre of music, it seems like a type of religion and philosophy. Just what is hip-hop? Just what is it that guys seem to go crazy over it? RM: Defining hip-hop is the same as trying to define love. If there are 6 billion people in the world, then there are 6 billion definitions of love, and like that, each definition of hip-hop is different for each person. Of course, it’s possible to give a dictionary definition. In 1970, there was a person called DJ Herc in South Bronx. At a party that he was hosting, he set breaks on a beat and during that break, someone would be rapping, someone would be dancing, and someone else would be doing graffiti… That’s how hip-hop was born, and they call that the 4 elements of hip-hop, but dictionary definitions like these is something anyone knows, but to explain that spirit… In one word, it’s something that can’t be explained. It’s a way that expresses me as well as being a meaning for freedom and rebelling. Because it’s something where people play and have fun with, it can have messages of peace and love placed in it. If you compare it to a Pokemon, it’s like a Ditto. Personally, hip-hop to me is the world. The world that I’m living in… It’s difficult, right? To be honest, it’s still hard for me too. Interviewer: Maybe it’s because I don’t know much about hip-hop, but there are many aspects of hip-hop culture or clothing that I’m unable to understand easily. The hanging gold necklaces, gun fires, images like that… I also don’t really understand the term ‘swag’ that is used often. RM: The culture of shooting guns and doing drugs is not the actual self of hip-hop. It’s just become a by-product that appeared around hip-hop music, it’s not the actual self of hip-hop. Although there’s a certain image that pops up clearly when you think of hip-hop fashion, that’s also becoming something that’s more broad. Look at A$AP Rocky or Kanye West. They don’t wear pants that drag around any more. To understand ‘swag’, you need to understand what kind of meaning ‘making it on your own’ has in hip-hop. Making it on your own is a very cool and important concept in hip-hop. I don’t know whether RM has ever been interested in Black music and Blackness beyond rap; but, RM’s experiences in Los Angeles immersed in West Coast rap culture and learning from hip-hop legends clearly had an impact. For instance, when RM put out his mixtape, a series of songs that reflected his own inner turmoil, loneliness, and stress from rival rappers doubting his credibility, he cited India Arie’s “Just Do You” as a source of inspiration. “It’s a song that gave a lot of comfort to me when I felt confused,” he said to HipHopPlaya. “I believe that the message of this song gave a lot of influence towards this mixtape. That’s why the song that represents the entire message for this mixtape is ‘Do You’.” India Arie is relatively obscure even by American standards despite mainstream success with her 2006 hit “I Am Not My Hair”, she has remained a primarily independent artist. She is an even less likely source of inspiration for K-pop, where most references draw safely from Top 40 hits; that RM drew inspiration from her music speaks to his growing knowledge of Black music and culture. After his time in LA, RM also apologized for his past missteps including for his youthful boasting about “talking Black.” He said he had to come to terms with the fact that his words might have been hurtful, and seemed resigned to being unable to change the past; all he can do is go forward. Most importantly, he said he holds himself responsible for what he’s done. Finally, it seems a K-pop group understands the sensitivity they need for entering the world of Black culture. They could also address issues facing Black people today, including Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling, #BlackLivesMatter, and police getting off scot-free after killing black men and women. K-pop idols should be at the forefront of supporting Black lives — the lives of their fans — particularly if they seek to involve themselves in Black music and culture. To adopt Blackness in any form is also to adopt the issues that affect black people. Black people didn’t gain our unique swag just by happenstance; the ways we express ourselves come from centuries of finding alternative ways of keeping our dignity through unspeakable horrors, and of figuring out how to express ourselves in sly, inventive ways. Our culture comes from the little we were able to retain from crossing the Middle Passage. Blackness is, in a nutshell, achieving greatness amid struggle and constantly finding ways to achieve success in a society that hates us. Through pressure and stress, unexpected diamonds were created. But our diamonds — our culture — are things we are not willing to have mined without reciprocation. To get in the vicinity of these diamonds, you have to earn it. BTS isn’t shy about making socially conscious music. “Our song lyrics are not 100 percent based on our personal experiences. However, a lot of the lyrics have been influenced by our experiences,” said Suga to Soompi‘s E.Cha. “…We’ve tried hard to tell the stories of our generation and our age group in present-day society.” BTS’ music frequently deals with topics that aren’t normally expressed in K-pop. As Billboard‘s Tamar Herman wrote when describing RM’s single with Wale, “Change”: “Though most K-pop acts shy away from politicizing their music, or even touching on seemingly controversial topics, the Rap Monster-led K-pop act has addressed politics and cultural issues in their songs on multiple occasions, with a particular focus on youth-related issues such as mental health, bullying and suicide. The atypical approach has made BTS fan favorites in the U.S., leading to them becoming the highest-ranked K-pop act ever on the Billboard 200.” “Change,” which was released this March, not only features RM’s commentary on Twitter bullying, but it also includes Wale’s reflections on the state of black America, including recent police shootings and other injustices. “With the duo currently criticizing the ‘alt-right,’ Twitter’s ability to ‘kill,’ ‘racist police’ and declaring ‘no faith in the government,’” writes Herman, “the unrestrained hip-hop track is one of the most progressive songs yet from the socially aware boy band BTS.” As RM told Teen Vogue‘s Taylor Glasby, the collaboration was Wale’s idea — a credit to BTS’ relevance. “When he suggested the collaboration, that was a real shock,” he said. “I thought about it, [and was] like, should we do a party song? But I wanted to something different. The title is ‘Change’–in America. They’ve got their situations and we’ve got ours in Seoul, the problems are everywhere and the song is like a prayer for change. He talks about the police, and problems he’s faced since he was a child. I talked about Korea, my problems, and about those on Twitter who kill people by keyboards.” Setting the Precedent BTS is on the right track towards learning from K-pop’s past mistakes and working to earn their stripes with Black listeners as they cross over into the international realm; but, BTS could also set a precedent for other K-pop groups to do the same.The group has the potential to be that special group that teaches their fellow K-pop idols a thing or two about what true respect for hip-hop looks like. Consider what artist and musician Tony Jones — one of BTS’ LA mentors in American Hustle Life — said to Soompi in 2014: I thought every other group and artist in Korea that did K-Pop was like that and that talented. I was wrong. Not to talk about any other group, but they’re just different. BTS has so much to offer. They really studied hip hop culture. I want to meet the person behind them because the producers and the directors are finding the beats, and everything they’re doing is really American. I also really think that they can come over to the U.S. and do music if they can learn English in the future. They’re that good. They’re that talented. Afterwards, people were like “Look up BAP, look up EXO, or G-Dragon,” and all these groups. I checked them all out, and it wasn’t the same for me, you know. They’re talented as well, but it wasn’t the same reaction that I got. …They took from New Edition, from Boys to Men, they also took from A$AP Rocky. They just took everything and put it together. I don’t know if that was the plan or the boys were that talented but it’s lucky they came together. It’s brilliant. I really think that K-Pop will blow up more and it won’t be a local thing anymore. It’s going to grow because of BTS. …Those boys and the staff really studied American culture and they do it very well. I’ve seen people from different countries try to mimic it and try to replicate it and try to rap the same, sing the same, and act the same, but it’s not happening. Those boys really studied and really got good at it. They’re all talented from top to bottom. There’s not a weak link in the group. So it’s very interesting. They’re really good. Warren G is right: anyone can rap; but, not everyone has the dedication to the craft or the willingness to learn about Black history and culture. This could also be what separates BTS from their more formulaic K-pop cousins.If so, one can only hope that other groups will get the hint. The world of K-pop can be a Matryoshka doll of racism, colorism, fanaticism, fetishism and exoticism, all surrounding a core of general ignorance. To dig through those layers as a Black American can be exhausting. Throughout my writing of this post, I’ve wondered if I was giving BTS too much wiggle room — or, perhaps, not enough. I did what every Black person interested in BTS must do: judge the group based on where they started and where they are now. I believe the group has had its hard knocks, but they’ve learned and taken responsibility or those errors; and, taking responsibility for your worst mistakes has to count for something. It’s this growth that put BTS in a prime position to gain even more Black followers than they already have, and I’m not just talking about young Black girls attracted to the boyfriend fantasy that K-pop boy groups excel at. With collaborations like the ones with Wale and Desiigner, BTS has officially gained crossover appeal and a certain amount of credibility. Not “Black card” credibility; plain old credibility, which can help turn a Wale or Desiigner fan onto BTS’ music. These types of Black artists speak to a broad set of Black listeners. If you’re a young follower of rappers influenced by trap and the new wave of southern hip hop, then BTS is trying to convince you that they have a toe in that world, too. If you’re a rap fan who’s on Wale’s speed — between your 30s and 40s, a little more conscious, and a little more jaded and world-weary than some younger fans — BTS can appeal to you as well, despite their youth. Overall, BTS wants Black America to know that they get it. They’ve had the teachings from rap royalty. They’ve got people like Warren G in their corner. They’ve gained more respect for the artform, and it shows in their latest work. BTS’ most recent album, Love Yourself: Her, has a melodic quality that’s in line with the sounds coming from SZA, Daniel Caesar and Bryson Tiller, as well as a punch of anger — the original version of MIC Drop has a backing track that sounds like a mashup between Kanye West, Flo Rida and Timbaland, and lyrics that show that the group has a certain amount of grit that, at the very least, can intrigue new listeners. Most importantly, the album sounds authentic, which will make them appealing to Black audiences. BTS has learned what it means to make great hip-hop. As RM said, even if there is a dictionary definition for hip-hop, the true spirit of hip-hop can’t be explained. Hip hop isn’t about affectation and it isn’t about pretense; it’s about being real and being true to who you are. Is BTS’ education on black America done? On the contrary: BTS is still learning. In fact, that education will never be over for the group, and they are bound to make a new set of mistakes the more they fight for U.S. dominance. They will always have more to learn about their Black audience, and continue to unlearn some of the problematic ways that K-pop in general handles Blackness. But, if their experiences on American Hustle Lifeare any indication, BTS has genuinely learned how to be true to themselves, and it shows in their new, broader-reaching, and more culturally responsible sound and outlook. And, if BTS can learn to be true to themselves, the rest of K-pop can learn that lesson, too. source
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    It's Jin's special day, so I'd like to take this opportunity to wish each and everyone of you well! And also to remind all of you that there's someone in your corner all the way across the sea, that you're all loved and deserve nothing but good things in life <3 Love yourselves lots, if only for today, okay?
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    BTS is on multiple Billboard year end charts for 2017! Top Artists: BTS #10 Top Artists - Duo/Group: BTS #2 Top Social 50 Artists: BTS #1 Independent Albums: Love Yourself: Her #32 World Albums: Love Yourself: Her #2, Wings #9, You Never Walk Alone #11 Hopefully, this means at least another nomination for the BBMAs next year! I'm guessing possible nominations for Top Social Artist and Top Duo/Group. Global Sonyeondan indeed. Check out the year end charts here!
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    I just felt like I needed to make this quick thread, because I personally am a fanboy of BTS among other Korean groups and artists. Since getting into Korean music and culture at the early age of 12, I've never really experienced the horrible backlash by the community that comes as a side-effect of being a fanboy. Luckily, BTS is a very open group and we all know that they support fanboys. The only problem I really have with the community is that fanboys are assumed to be homosexual or bisexual. I myself am a straight male and a proud ARMY. In a way, the fact that I never really revealed my interest in Korean music to anyone kept me from experiencing struggles that many fanboys have to face. I got involved in public fanbases only as I became older and ready to face such derogatory behavior. It has been rather easy for me to adjust, seeing as the forums and chatrooms I have been in have all been rather appropriate and hate-less much like this one. I'm really interested in the fact that such a negative view is placed upon male fans in the K-pop and K-music communities. Please write your thoughts below and answer the poll (which, knowing the kindness of this server, should have the predicted outcome xD).
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    Hi me again. I would like to put my 2 cents in if I may. Sometimes your job and hard work can be invisible and thankless so I'm always hugely moved by the people here who never fail to be so kind and thoughtful. So yes, thank you for creating this place and keeping it alive. It was this place that brought a lot of people together and I hope you realize that. Even if we let this place dry out from time to time I know all the friendships made here are still blossoming everyday. This was the FIRST place where I made other army friends and they have brought change and happiness to my life that I couldn't have found in another place. I had my best days going rampant in the games thread and silly as it may sound I hold that time very dear and close to my heart. I haven't been as active as I was in the beginning but this site is always on my mind in some form or another. I love how peaceful and free we all are. It's like our own secret island. I don't know where this site is headed but wherever that may be I will support you and appreciate everything ounce of love and care you put into it. If there's ever a thing we can do to be of help please let us know. Much love for all admins and staff.
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    @jin first of all, thank you for creating this place!!!!!!!!!!!!!you've been gone through a lot, and WE really appreciate it. Okay. So before I start to stan BTS, I'm also in another fandom. I am also in their forum, and i like it there. Then after I started to stan Bangtan, i thought "Maybe there could be a BTS forum too!" I searched bts forums on google and I found Bangtan Base. It was a newly created forum, and I immediately signed up. Everyone here is really nice!!! There are rarely negativity around here. People might say that ARMY is one of the worst fandom, but I wish I'm able to say to them, go to Bangtan Base if you want to see how the true kind-hearted ARMYs are. And there's quote that goes like this 'Behind a group of kind-hearted people, there is always one great leader'. i would like to say that it's @jin. I also want to say thank you to the moderators, awards team, projects team, tech team, graphics team, and our one and only translator! Thank you for your hard work and everything! also to my fellow bbase youtube team, thank you too!! (already one year, time sure waits for no one TT-TT)
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    BTS Earns Highest-Charting & First Top 40 Hot 100 Hit for a K-Pop Group With 'MIC Drop' 12/4/2017 by Gary Trust The song, featuring Desiigner, debuts at No. 28, besting BTS' first Hot 100 entry, the No. 67-peaking "DNA." BTS breaks its own record for the highest-charting entry on the Billboard Hot 100songs chart for a K-pop group, as "MIC Drop," featuring Desiigner (and remixed by Steve Aoki), debuts at No. 28 (on the chart dated Dec. 16). It marks the K-pop kings' first top 40 Hot 100 entry and the first for any K-pop group. The track claims the honor of highest-charting Hot 100 hit by a K-pop group from BTS' first (and only other) Hot 100 entry, "DNA," which reached No. 67 on the chart dated Oct. 14. The seven-member South Korean boy band's new mostly Korean language single launches with 9.8 million first-week U.S. streams and 45,000 downloads sold, according to Nielsen Music. (The Hot 100 blends streaming, sales and radio airplay data.) On the all-genre Digital Song Sales chart, "MIC Drop" enters at No. 4, besting the No. 37 peak of "DNA" for BTS' best rank on the survey. On Streaming Songs, "MIC Drop" debuts at No. 47. ("DNA" reached No. 38 on the streaming survey.) Much more so than with "DNA," "MIC Drop" is receiving notable early play at pop radio, led by 53 plays in the week ending Dec. 3 on KJYO Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, which led the way in inroad-building U.S. play for "DNA" (as program director JJ Ryan discussed on the Billboard Chart Beat Podcast). "MIC Drop" was KJYO's 11th-most-played song in the week ending Dec. 3. XHTZ and KHTS, both in San Diego, follow with 31 and 24 plays for the song, respectively, in the tracking week. Only one other K-pop act has charted higher than BTS on the Hot 100: South Korean rapper/singer PSY, led by his smash "Gangnam Style," which peaked at No. 2 for seven weeks in 2012. He added the No. 5 hit "Gentleman" in 2013 and the No. 26-peaking "Hangover" in 2014. Helping spark first-week chart action for "MIC Drop," BTS performed the song on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Nov. 27. The act made its U.S. live-performance debut (with "DNA") on the American Music Awards Nov. 19. K-pop fun fact: BTS now ties CL as the K-pop act with the second-most Hot 100 entries on the Hot 100, after PSY, the leader with four. CL charted as featured on PSY's "Daddy" (No. 97, 2015) and with her own "Lifted" (No. 94, 2016). Additionally, Wonder Girls have charted one song ("Nobody"; No. 76, 2009). BTS' new Hot 100 achievement follows prior chart firsts for the group. On the Billboard 200 dated Oct. 7, BTS earned the first-ever top 10 for a K-pop act, when its Love Yourself: Her debuted at No. 7 (its peak to date). All Dec. 16-dated charts, including the Hot 100 and Billboard 200, will update tomorrow (Dec. 5) on Billboard.com. Additional reporting by Jeff Benjamin source
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    These were uploaded on facebook: Happy Birthday to Mr. Worldwide Handsome <3
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    1. I love Jin for his Dad jokes and the way he loves food as much as I do. Plus his antics with Jungkook. Oh, who am I kidding? It's the entire package that makes Jin the amazing man that he is, and I'm glad he's a part of BTS! 2. I had to think about this one some because it's been a harder question for me to answer as of late but I'd probably have to say my tenacity for keeping going even when life gets rough at times. I'm still here so that's a good thing! 3. @Rinoa Your message made me cry, and it also inspired me to try and be more active again. I love you for being my J-Hope when I need it, and I also want to do the same when you need it. You're one of my favorite people too! @KookieMochi It's been a while, too long I know but I will always appreciate your warmth and the silliness we shared when I first joined here. Thank you for always making people feel welcomed here! @movietvdrama I unfortunately don't know you as well but I always admired your cleverness in the game threads. I hope we can play together again soon too! @poca We've had a chance to talk on LINE, and I am so grateful for our conversations. Thank you for being the sweetheart you are! @SeokSeok Another where it's been a while but I want you to know I've enjoyed our conversations and haven't forgotten you or ANY of the wonderful people on BB that I've had a chance to talk with before. Your kindness shines so brightly and I hope you keep it that way. In short, I love you all and even though I sometimes poof, I still always keep all of you in my heart because you're all so amazing.
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    cr Holy shit man cr He's so pretty I want to punch something
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    important psa that jin is beautiful and he is my everything and i love everything about him and i hope that he has the best day today. happy birthday to my beautiful birthday twin give me 5 more hours to catch up LOL
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    goodbye it was nice knowing you guys
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    THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED BTS BOX GIVEAWAY Hi guys! I wanted to post about the giveaway I'm having on my shop. It's super exciting and I wanted to make sure you all knew about it. What is in the Giveaway Box? 10 group photocards necklace keychain temporary tattoo stickers How do you enter? INSTAGRAM -Comment below the giveaway post what you think -Repost to show your friends(tag me) -Follow the account: @peachonacloud TWITTER -Retweet the giveaway announcement pinned -Follow the account: @peachonacloud ETSY -Favorite the shop: PeachonaCloud -Fill out the survey link here (!)All of these methods count once per account, and each is one entry(!) (!)NO GIVEAWAY ACOUNTS(!) When will the giveaway end? November 30 How will you pick the winners? I will select randomly from all the entries received, it’ll be 100% fair! I’m going to post the video of the reveal on Instagram. After the winners have been chosen, they will be contacted. If I can't reach you within 3 days I will chose another. But wait - there’s more! One other lucky winner will receive a special coupon to my shop that’ll get you $10 off the BTS BOX valid for 60 days! FORUM MEMBERS Those were the guidelines, but I want to make it easier for everyone here. All you have to do is comment to enter! Remember each of the other methods count once as well. That will give you more chances to win. Good luck~
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    Okay so ya'll know I'm like a cheerleader for BTS coming to the UK and all but there's been some stirring up of news that there's a documentary being made by the BBC about BTS and it's been confirmed! I'M SO EXCITED! us UK stans finally get something woohooooo
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    Hey everyone, I'm the manager of said Discord! We are looking to grow, but we already have a community of ARMYs and a bunch of memes and more to go around. I hope you guys join!
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    BTS LOVE MYSELF campaign official merchandise will be available on the BTS official shop from December 1st. #BTSLoveMyself #ENDviolence (bts official shop instagram)
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    Join us in watching the final WINGS concert! It starts soon! https://lets.rabb.it/886j/jPsRhzYXKI We'll be sharing a stream from VLive
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    I have yet to read this entire thread because I'm not ready for the waterworks. BBase is probably one of the weirdest sites I've joined (aside from twitter and tumblr). If we really want to go way back, I desperately joined BBase as I was searching for a BTS-fan forum at the time. I thought 'oh god, are forums an old thing that people don't join nowadays.' And lo and behold this random site appears on my twitter feed shared by a popular fan twitter account and i was like 'sign me da fuq up.' I can confidently say that I did not know what i signed up for. Didn't think that I'd reach 100 posts. Didn't think that I'd have the guts to even post a thread here (I still remember panicking and shaking when I submitted my intro post and Favourite BTS Hair Colour lol). Didn't know I was capable of hosting a forum game. Didn't know that I'd meet people who would care about my wellbeing outside of this forum. Didn't expect that I'd be okay with sending mail to strangers around the world. And I surely didn't know that I would call this place my online home. I am grateful for the holy trinity to started up this place and to @jin (sorry you're being mentioned everywhere, rip notifs lol) who continued to run the forum with a team of great staffs. The moderators, awards, graphics, tech, projects, translations and youtube team - you guys deserve a pat on the back and a massive hug. Thank you so much for spending time to help out around BBase, you guys make it what it is now - a home for many. (cr) - ^ an accurate depiction of us BBase users running to give you all a big hug. It's kind of sad to say that it's so odd seeing how welcoming and kind this online community is. We don't know the future of BBase, so I hope that we can all stay together for a long time and continue to cherish the time we have together here (:
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    Find The Mascot! ☆’.・.・:★’.・.・:☆ Welcome one and all to another anniversary game for your frustration and joy! For this game, 12 of our lovely crowtit mascots have gone into hiding in threads around the forum! Help us get them back! ☆’.・.・:★’.・.・:☆ HOW TO PLAY Below are a set of clues that will lead you to 12 threads. You'll know you're in the right place when you find the mascot! The crowtit mascots are hidden in the OP's of the correct threads as url links like this. Some of the links are also embedded in images like this: When you have found all the mascots, simply PM me with the titles of the threads they were hiding in! ☆’.・.・:★’.・.・:☆ CLUES ☆’.・.・:★’.・.・:☆ HINTS The clues are poetically describing the topic the thread is about. Try to think creatively about what they might be leading you to. Googling them will not help (@Whalien) If you think you're in the right thread, click on everything in the first post. I'm sneaky. Our members who have been with us for the longest will have a slightly easier time with this than our newest members, so don't be afraid to PM me for help if you are struggling with any of the clues! ☆’.・.・:★’.・.・:☆ PRIZES! At least 5 mascots found: 400 bombs! At least 10 mascots found: 800 bombs! All 12 mascots found: 1000 bombs! (also bonus for anyone that works out the theme 👀) ☆’.・.・:★’.・.・:☆ Anyone who played our Festa scavenger hunt game, I'm sorry for the war flashbacks I hope everyone has fun playing, remember to PM me when you think you have enough answers for a prize! Also pls PM me if you need extra help/more hints!! ** You have until Saturday to play! There is no limit on winners so just keep getting as many as you can! **
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    oh wow gosh idek where to start tbh reading everybody else's replies so far has gotten me a little choked up already this is going to be highkey incoherent rambling but Like it usually is with all the best things bc everything that comes after leaves so great an impression, I've forgotten how I stumbled across the forum in the first place but it just so naturally became a home amidst all the dramatics and inclination to toxicity scattered around other platforms. This was the first place I felt comfortable enough to do something other than lurk, which says a lot about the community here! It's the people that make bbase so special and boy do we have some of the best people :") Every single person who's taken the time to post or be apart of the forum is interwoven into the positivity that sets this place apart, and of course all the lovely staff who dedicate their energy in every aspect of the bbase name. It honestly feels like an honour to be here with all of you. And on a more personal note, this was a year that could've turned out pretty bad but it wasn't, and a large part of that was thanks to the people I met through here, and the things we've done together. You're all incredible. I'm pretty convinced there's some sort of miracle in so many wonderful, kind individuals gathered in one place - and @jin is the most wonderful of all for making it possible! Thank you for taking the plunge and sticking it through! It can't have been easy, but I hope the knowledge that you've created a little haven of sorts that holds an irreplaceable place in all our hearts tides you over the rough patches. Our community may be smaller, but I'm confident there isn't one person who hasn't had at least their day brightened by the existence of somewhere you've poured time, effort, heart and soul into. It takes a remarkable person to manage all that, and you deserve all the best things and then some. I realise I've been super inactive on the forum for a while, but despite all the time in between this place still remains somewhere I genuinely love and am wholeheartedly thankful for. It's still just as warm and welcoming as it was on day 1, and I trust it will always be in the countless days ahead of us :') Happy Anniversary, guys!
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    Alright, it is time for me to contribute to this thread... Though I am extremely new here, I was welcomed by all the members without hesitation. This is not something that occurs very often. Being an administrator and manager of large forums in the past, I can surely say that new members take quite a while to fit in; as it was my job to make them feel like they did. When I joined, I immediately noticed something amazing. Every new member who joined was welcomed by the amazing staff team. Though I had originally joined to advocate for my Discord server which @jin partnered with, I ended up loving this place a lot and staying. BTS is a group I've grown up with since I was 13 or so, and seeing this place full of love and 0 hate whatsoever was really surprising (in a nice way). I ended up applying for the Tech Squad because of my tech background and willingness to help. Now, I'd like to give my thanks to the great people of this server: Jin and the staff: Thank you guys for keeping this server running and fun, as well as welcoming me with open arms. I've been here for a short while but I've loved every second of it. The members: Thank you guys for keeping this server active, I love talking to everyone and nobody has anything mean to say on this forum - which is something that I have never experienced on any forum other than this one, ever. I truly do hope that this forum has many years ahead of it, as I want to be here for the second, third, etc. anniversaries as we look back on the past year (which I unfortunately wasn't here for.) Please do remember that we appreciate this forum more than imaginable - this place truly has become home. Thank you.
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    Where does time even go, I can't believe BBase is genuinely a year old. Our toddler, honestly. There's been a lot of growth since the start of the forum- I think the best thing about it is how consistently lovely all the members have been, and of course, how great working with our staff has been. I live for all the random staff chat tangents we have. A lot of individuals have dedicated so much to the forum, this place is just really special. Our holy admin (aka Jinsus) is behind it all, @jin you've really put great things (& people) together in creating this site!
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    ugh i want to cry ;; 1. THERE'S SO MUCH THAT I LOVE ABOUT THIS MAN CALLED KIM SEOKJIN. I LOVE HIS VOICE, EVEN WHEN HE TALKS, I LOVE HIS DAD JOKES, I LOVE HIS CARING PERSONALITY. Oh even tho there are still lots that i can't explain with words but I will always remember the moment when he said that he auditioned for BigHit because he wanted to make his mom proud. Now not only his mom, but i'm sure ARMYs, his family, and all the people who knew him is proud of him. T-T 2. This is hard because I don't really know what to love about myself;; But I somehow like the shape of my lips lol. And I also love my bright personality even tho I tend to be really quiet around the people I don't really know, but yeah. 3. five is too little TT-TT I'm honored that you still remember my pizza lol! No, thank you for you really kind words. I love youuu @Cypher• You're really nice~ i love you! My darling Char, I'm sorry that I'm such a forgetful person bc I can't even remember if we talked a lot or not ;; T-T but I know that you're a really kind and nice person, I really hope that we can talk more and more and lots! I love you!
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    Hyung line: Maknae line:
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    Airs tomorrow 11/27
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    Hey everyone! Check out the Jeon Jungkook Rap Discussion thread I made: :3
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    Group BTS will spend the New Year with the Americans. BTS has recently confirmed their appearance on US ABC New Year Special program, "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve 2018". On the 22nd, BTS's company representative revealed to OSEN, "It's true that BTS recently recorded "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve"." However, they did not answer when we asked them what song or what type of stage they performed during the recording. BTS took part in the pre-recording or "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve" in the US recently. They're the first KPOP group and the second Korean singer after 5 years since PSY's appearance. "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve" is an annual year-end show that broadcasts special stage at the New York Times Square from December 31st evening till early morning of January 1st. original article here translations by peachisoda Responses I like the article (888) This is heartwarming (24)This makes me sad (0) I'm angry (2) I want the next part of this article (2) + I recommend this article to the main page +574 1. This is daebak ㅋㅋㅋㅋ wow BTS is seriously unbeatable +314 -1 2. BTS is unbeatable. daebak (shivers) +229 -2 3. wow congratulations +205 -1 4. As expected from BTS!! +192 -1 5. Now we've got to follow New Year special shows aired in other countries too? The joy of searching and watching. BTS! +40 -0 6. This is how famous they're in other countries but... Korean journalists show no interest if you're not from a big company ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ BTS, I always support you... +35 -0 7. wow daebak. I'm waiting for it to broadcast +32 -0 8. what is this seriously ㅋㅋㅋ what's happening outside Korea ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ but it seems like Korean media isn't interested much... +30 -0 9. I major music and honestly I don't think I've seen recently seen any artist like this group that mesmerizes... the only flaw is that it's hard to feel satisfied by watching other talented artists after watching this team's contents. Genre doesn't really matter (classic, etc). I'm really curious how they could be so perfect +25 -0 10. this is weird... Korean media aren't talking about their achievements a lot.. it's weird.. this is a great achievement tho.. +23 -0
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    BTS with AMAs producer Larry Klein
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