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  1. I don't know if it's totally underrated or it's just I love it too much, but Just One Day. I know it's "older" but it's definitely a song by them that deserves more love.
  2. I want to apologize for not being able to post much on here this summer... I thought I would be able to post a lot more this summer since I wasn't taking summer classes for college, but a lot of personal things came up. When I get back to school in August, I will be able to post more when I am not in class.
    Again, I am so sorry... I can't wait to interact more with fellow ARMY's. Stay beautiful & fabulous everyone. 

  3. Man I'm trying to get back into studying Japanese, and even though it's been 3-4 months,  I've forgotten so much.

    1. Killer


      Ahhh it's hard to find the motivation to keep up with somethings sometimes :why:

    2. noona


      You should find a person to learn with you/speak with so you don't forget


  4. I've realized that instead of studying Japanese over my summer vacation like I promised myself, I have been binge watching BTS (and other kpop idols but mostly bts) since I missed so much while I was in school. 

    I regret nothing. 

  5. Man I literally recorded BTS winning their award on my phone like that scene from mean girls...

  6. It feels so great to be able to post and get involved more on this site again!
    Even though I'm posting in "older" threads. 

    1. Whalien


      Nah! Don't even worry about posting in 'older' threads *does that all the time*

      Glad to have you back with us~ :ppapv:

    2. lnfires


      Thanks so much 


  7. He's literally a year older than me, but he's grown up so much!!!
  8. Hey Ashley here!
    I want to start off by saying that I am so sorry for not being active for a couple of months.
    I got too busy with school, family and personal drama but I am finally on summer vacation!
    I will try to be more active here and get back into things around here.
    Again,  I am so sorry!!!


    1. poca


      welcome baaaaack :)

  9. Happy birthday!!!! :jhope7:


    I hope you have a lovely day :D

  10. Thank you everyone who sent me things on Valentines day!
    Sorry for just now saying this, I was busy with class and homework.

    Hope everyone stays healthy & beautiful!