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  1. Omg I only watch the parts with tour concerts omg But 2017 sure was a year full of remarkable moments for BTS so I kind of understand
  2. They are the only ones allowed to film right? Sad news Thanks for sharing tho!!
  3. Thank you!! The fancams are definitely better to see the choreo, and they are such high quality wow As long as I know, yes they actually do, there were fansites in a lot of stops in the Wings tour
  4. Airplane pt 2 is such a good song Do you guys know when the live stages will start?
  5. Guys, thanks for being here watching with me!!! <3 Thank you so so much I'm off to sleep now, don't forget we're still in the beginning of comeback week, there are still music shows to watch and the BTS comeback show on MNet too Also, last update
  6. @Cypher• I'm still trying to process what just happened
  7. same they already had a stage at AMAs but why i'm so nervous for this one TT