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  1. Probably, maybe they will focus more on Europe this time? I don't know. I'm really curious since I felt like they said everything that was needed to be said in season 1 already. Have you tried buying it through google play? It worked to me. But I also saw people having problems buying even from there
  2. I still have to find a dp, I'm so bad at editing but I'll try my best!! also this got me ded ajkdsajkdhalkj
  3. They didn't drop any news about the genre of the new track right? I'm hoping for a more pop sound this time, I mean, the genres of the track have been following the themes of the albums so idk what goes well with sel realization/answer, maybe a ballad??
  4. #1001 - Thank you Chile for giving the world 31 minutos
  5. Jin opened a japanese food restaurant with his brother!!! I'm so happy for him and I hope he can find even more financial success with his new business!! Finally, Jin CEO is a reality akjdhasdjh
  6. So cutee!!! BT21 was such a great idea, they can get even more CFs for BTS ashajkshaj Still waiting for the day I can get a MANG plush
  7. Jin looks so good in this bomb For one second I thought they were in a MV set :(((( I still have hope for an airplane pt 2 MV
  8. This time they only performed right? No other segments, I kinda wanted some game like flinch lol Great stage, but I always feel for them having to perform in US stages bc of how small they are omg Corden at the end ajkdhajsdsdhal
  9. Yeah, I've seen a lot of these types of subs from official channels (like mnet etc) that allow this and it's really helpful, I just wonder how the filtering process goes so It won't turn out like some music shows translations where fans put some reactions bc it could confuse ppl watching But it would be 100% beneficial to them having translations for all languages in their official videos Just imagining about how many fans they could reach it if it was allowed wow I remember when I first got into them thankfully my english skills were okay bc if I had to rely only on my native language I would probably be a casual fan for some time
  10. Cute~ I'm glad they were able to raise so much money, and the fact that they still have the next album related to the campaign means they will probably raise even more ARMYs worked hard, I hope unicef can share more about the campaign so people feel even more inspired to participate
  11. For their 10th day of festa, BTS shared a list of their small but happy simple moments in life. They also read through video uploaded on BANGTANTV. Facebook link for the album Jin Suga J-Hope RM Jimin V Jungkook Translations: Videos: Jin (trans by @bts_trans) Suga (trans by @bts_trans) J-Hope (trans by @bts_trans) RM (trans by @bts_trans) Jimin (trans by @bts_trans) V (trans by @bts_trans) Jungkook (trans by @bts_trans) ------ Personally, I really liked this idea, sometimes when we're too worried and busy we miss these small moments of pure happiness from our everyday lives I'd said my small happiness list is probably: 1. Eating delicious food I've been craving 2. Playing with my dogs 3. My mom's smile 4. When I go out to eat with my friends 5. Cloudy days