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  1. Hey guys! I've just changed all the crow-tit emoticon names to lower case letters. This means that now you can easily find what you want by using the search function at the bottom of the emoticon box. For example, if you search "jh" you'll be able to see all the J-Hope emoticons
  2. The Emoticon Overview page only displays a limited amount of emoticons. You can still access it by doing this: 1. When you open the emoticon box, you'll see 'Categories' in the top right corner of the box. Click on this. 2. Select 'Crow-Tits'. Ta daaaa~ Now you can access all the crow-tit emoticons again! Alternatively, if you vaguely remember the name of the emoticon (e.g. ":JHHEART:", ":JKSHOOK:") then you can type that into the search bar at the bottom of the emoticon box. Note: I think the search function is case sensitive so searching "JK" will get you different results from "jk". I might go and change them later so that they're all lower-case so that they're easier to find
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  4. appreciation

    Honestly, there are so many things about Namjoon that I admire and aspire to. He has made the effort to communicate thoughtfully with us fans which I am grateful for. He's shown that though he makes mistakes and feels self doubt and all these other very human things, he has the depth and capacity to turn them into meaningful learning experiences.
  5. Would you guys like me to make an OP design?
  6. It looks great! ..i should probably get around to making gfx for the Jungkook thread..
  7. I'm loving this photoshoot! They all look so good~
  8. ngl I had no idea sun pacts were a thing wow
  9. it's so beautiful
  10. general tv

    it's always great to see fans from different countries with the same enthusiasm for bts
  11. omg mini-kook is so cute
  12. news

    we'll finally get to see it