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  1. I haven't heard anything about it but then again, I don't follow many accounts that tweet about fandom mess and drama
  2. i find it kinda funny that the car they're promoting in this can fit all seven of them
  3. curious to see what the new group is gonna be like! we've been hearing rumours about them for years now
  4. I don't really have high expectations for these dolls tbh but would love to see some BTS funko dolls at some point (since I like to buy those )
  5. Curious to where the BU is gonna go in 2019
  6. idk much about witches, just that bts has bewitched my heart those moodboards look really cool tho
  7. Only from other kpop fans online. People I know irl have never been mean about it to me, some of them turned out to be ARMY as well or it just didn't matter to them. My mum did give me some flack for going to their concert but that was more to do with the concert itself, honestly she would have complained about me spending that much money regardless of who the artist was.
  8. Love that they always put so much effort into their performances <3
  9. It won't. That's not something that can really be avoided and frankly would still be the case if it had been something more minor. The amount of really vocal antis grows as Bangtan's popularity grows, they have people looking for reasons to hate regardless of what happens. Some will fixate on this and continue spreading hatred while everyone else moves on. Some will move onto finding new things to hate, just as fans will eventually move onto focusing on more happy and exciting news (like all the award shows and performances that'll be happening towards the end of the year!). Side note: while this incident was far more complex and had more media coverage than other issues in the past, I'm glad that the fandom is so much stronger than it used to be. I actually found it harder back then because the fandom wasn't big or organised enough for any counter-arguments and defences to gain much traction (or maybe I'm just desensitised to these things by now...)
  10. Judging from how carefully the statements were worded, I'm guessing that they consulted with a PR and legal team before releasing it. I don't think that would be the only reason for such a delayed response (the complex geopolitics may have made them feel hesitant as well) but it would have contributed to it. Personally I would have preferred that they released a statement earlier, before those media outlets decided to write those articles for clicks but then again rushed statements can often backfire and make things worse (lol like what happened with Cube ent).
  11. Good idea! Timezones make it really tricky though...