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  1. C-ARMY came through and got us past the 1 million milestone!
  2. discussion Just let me know you

    Send me your Line ID and I can add you!
  3. BTS is on multiple Billboard year end charts for 2017! Top Artists: BTS #10 Top Artists - Duo/Group: BTS #2 Top Social 50 Artists: BTS #1 Independent Albums: Love Yourself: Her #32 World Albums: Love Yourself: Her #2, Wings #9, You Never Walk Alone #11 Hopefully, this means at least another nomination for the BBMAs next year! I'm guessing possible nominations for Top Social Artist and Top Duo/Group. Global Sonyeondan indeed. Check out the year end charts here!
  4. Hello! I heard you guys have a GC on Line. I would like to join if you want me to :')

    my ID is iremmihci

  5. Join us in watching the final WINGS concert! It starts soon!


    We'll be sharing a stream from VLive


    1. KookieMochi


      poca, an actual angel

    2. poca


      It's not my stream, it's another bbase member's account :)

    3. KookieMochi


      I figured, but thank you for sharing anyway!

      There's also a periscope stream, dunno if we want a viewing party thread since not everyone can tune in :")

  6. Seojoon and Hyungsik will be at tonight's concert! It's cute that Tae's kept his friendship with the other Hwarang castmates going.
  7. discussion Mic Drop or Mic Drop Remix?

    I agree with this!
  8. idk if this was already posted but look at what a cute fanboy Sejun from Victon is!
  9. sjfbvsjdfbvj where do i start Ok first things first, Happy 1st Birthday to this lovely forum! I can't believe I've been on here for a year now. I remember when I first applied for GFX team here, I wrote in my application that I wanted to help this site grow and I'm very happy with how we've developed this friendly community of fellow BTS lovers! I remember when I had first joined, there were only a few accounts and we were all making introduction threads To the wonderful @jin, thank you for making this place for us to gush about BTS without the toxicity that always on other platforms. You've been a great leader for our staff team. Thanks for being patient whenever I'm late with some gfx. Thank you for keeping this site going, I promise I'll keep trying to help it grow! also im sorry that the printing for the sydney banners turned out to be so expensive T.T bonus shoutout to my fellow staff members who help keep everything running smoothly and to the forum members who had stuck with us and continued to post even when the site wasn't getting much activity.
  10. Apparently Park Bogum is at tonight's concert! Edit: Yep, he's at the concert
  11. Crystal Snow

    @BTS.VJINJUNGKOOK When you post a thread in the wrong section, you can get one of the moderators to change it for you instead of making a new thread You can let them know by tagging a mod in a comment, posting in the Inquiries Thread with a link to your thread and what you want changed, or click 'Report post' at the top right of your thread.
  12. I would like to buy sweaters

    some of the stuff they wear are so expensive ;-;