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  1. Username: poca Award: Official Bangween Logo thanks!
  2. The Journal Thread

    I use a bullet journal! Mine is this cheap sketchbook. The paper is thick enough that I can draw comfortably on the page and the book itself only cost me $3.50. I use mine as a daily/weekly to-do list and habit tracker. I have a separate notebook for actual journal entries and other sketchbooks for doodling and drawing, so my bullet journal is mostly for organisational stuff. I use it alongside my studyblr to keep track of my academic progress. At first I had trouble with it because I would forget to open it during the day/week since the majority of what I do is done on computer. It took me a while to get used to writing stuff down since I type everything else like my lecture notes or reports. My pages aren't super decorative tbh. I don't like to waste paper and ink by printing out images and sticking them into my bujo so any decorations I have are hand-drawn. But since I'm pretty busy, I don't go all out with the decorations.
  3. event The Pumpkin Patch

    looking forward to this!
  4. event Fan Work Awards 2017

    so many talented ppl in this fandom to choose from
  5. My assignment was giving me a headache so I took a 10 min break to do this lol 1. Save Me 2. Go Go 3. Pied Piper 4. Dead Leaves 5. Blood Sweat & Tears 6. Best of Me 7. Dope 8. Lie 9. MIC Drop 10. MAMA
  6. OT Lounge

    In Australia we have the usual McDonalds and KFC. We have Burger King too but... it's not called Burger King. It's the same fast food chain, they just weren't able to get the rights to the 'Burger King' name in Australia
  7. they keep surpassing my expectations
  8. OT Lounge

    BTS said to spend our time studying so that's what I've been doing I'm so tired... but at least there's only two weeks of classes left! Though I still have final exams after that... What's popeyes? Never heard of them before.. I also had never heard of outback steakhouse until BTS bought their food for ARMYs
  9. Official Twitter Updates Thread

    [#Today’sBangtan] #BTS who we met in Daejeon 😆 Did you watch Inkigayo well? With all of the ARMYs who went really really loud cheers, because we are together forever (D👇🏻N👇🏻A👇🏻) Trans cr: Kylie @ allforbts
  10. global sonyeondan strikes again!
  11. audio BTS - 'HER' FULL ALBUM

    the flute in go go is one of my favourite things in this album
  12. audio BTS - 'HER' FULL ALBUM

    can't decide which track is my favourite