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  1. Probably the decision with the least amount of backlash they could get, glad they went this way I'm kinda disappointed (but not really surprised) in how the fandom went about this though. Some people were being really insensitive about this, other people were trying to spread false information. It didn't help that trolls and antis were making new accounts to fuel the fire and people just seem to blindly believe whatever. At least it should be over now.
  2. bts reacting to bts videos are the best kind of bts reaction videos
  3. I'm impressed that it managed to rank high even after the changes with the paid streaming and that multiple b-sides were so close to ranking on the chart too!
  4. That picture from the AMAs still cracks me up
  5. There's something satisfying about hearing a large crowd chanting to a BTS live performance
  6. Happy Birthday to our amazing golden maknae!
  7. it was hard to believe when I first saw the news lmao hoping for more collabs with big name artists in the future