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  1. There's this long running Australian tv show called 'Neighbours'. I used to watch it because it would play right after the Simpsons episodes every night and I cbf to turn off the tv. Margot was one of the actresses on the show at the time. I think her character was still a teenager back when I used to watch it
  2. I've been a harley quinn fan for years, she was one of the first comic book characters I got interested in. I think Margot did well in the role. I still remember watching Margot on TV when I was like 8-9 years old
  3. the video is great! though the thumbnail image is hard, especially when it's smaller. More noticeable text might attract more viewers on youtube
  4. article

  5. photos

    i take back what I said about the broken leg in the video I think he might have had a cast on his right leg but it might have been under the hospital pants he was wearing. shfisjfef i cant wait to see more
  6. photos

    wow that place looks amazing
  7. wow it's so cool that they got to meet. imagine if it becomes a regular thing for western artists to drop by Bighit when they visit Seoul
  8. jin's visuals are stunning and lmao that drawing. we're a well fed fandom for sure
  9. Great job! and lol is that new background music?