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  1. hello yes i would like to propose two new emoticons
  2. That's so sweet! These fan projects are incredible~
  3. Kookie just had a vlive~ lol i wonder how many plain white t-shirts he took with him overseas
  4. Wow that is amazing! Props to the people that coordinated this
  5. skdjnvkajdnv I'M SO EXCITED!!! I was hoping for another Suran x Suga collab!
  6. i figured the blocking would only temporary. some reaction videos have been unblocked again~
  7. i can relate. his little commentary there is sweet. you can tell that he really does appreciate and feel motivated by bangtan. wishing him luck for pd101~
  8. appreciation

    jungkook was all like "hello hello" and I was like "well helloooo to you too" as for yoongi, there aren't really any specific moments it was just that the more i found out about him, the more i realised we had in common until i was convinced he was my other half until i decided i would just have double biases
  9. pann

    They've grown so much [emoji5] Hope to see Bighit continue to rise!
  10. ayy
  11. appreciation

    he's so beautiful