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  1. Love the set they had for this stage, especially that shot where RM starts his verse and the camera moves in on him with "LOVE" in the background. The camerawork was overall pretty good. Kookie's voice is so stable live and I've been noticing his stability a lot this comeback.
  2. love the Beatles throwback they did here. I'm enjoying this classy, monochrome suits look.
  3. i love love the fanchants! agreed. 3 bbma stages were trending on youtube in australia and i just know their stage would have trended too if they released it the way the other artists did
  5. its great that they can find time to go out and do non-work related things even while overseas
  6. Wow the choreo is even more impressive when we see the full thing and stuff's not hidden by camera angles
  7. Yikes this is so out of date. Anyone want to take over the thread?
  8. I hope someday there will be enough interactions that we can post in this thread a compilation of "jungkook hyung" moments
  9. Great to see such a high debut rank! Even more impressed to see that so many side tracks also did pretty well!