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  1. Yes. Yes. Keep an eye out for RM's birthday post coming soon. Chimchim is next.
  2. Our first birthday project is finally here!!! 萬花 (Wànhuā; 만화) In Bloom - a Jeon Jungkook Charity Birthday Project 萬= ten thousand, 花= flower. Literally, it means "An ocean of countless flowers in full bloom. " The WanHua concept was born from the hanja/chinese translation of 'kaleidoscope' - 萬花筒 ( WanHuaTong). As we turn the kaleidoscope, we see different patterns of flowers, each one vivid and unique. The art project aims to create a digital kaleidoscope celebrating the myriad of talents and quirks that make up our birthday boy. We want you to show us your view of who Jungkook is in your artwork and birthday messages. Delving into the Asian roots, a sea of flowers in full bloom is often used in Asian literature to celebrate joyous occasions. It is also a metaphor for good fortune and prosperity to come. Thus, our flower ocean expresses our hope that Jungkook will continue to walk down the flower path in the future. More details about the project are on our tumblrs: BBase Project and WanHua. Read the post below on how you can participate. Please join us in creating a beautiful and memorable birthday gift for Jungkook. ---------------------------------------------------- ART WORK or BIRTHDAY MESSAGE SUBMISSION Guidelines for artwork and birthday message submission are on the WanHua birthday project tumblr page. CHARITY DONATION with BIRTHDAY MESSAGE SUBMISSION Guidelines for the charity donation will be posted there soon. ---------------------------------------------------- Finally, the WanHua project can only succeed with your help and contribution. Help us spread the news and share it via Twitter, IG, and FB, so that more ARMYs can join this birthday project. Thank You, Bangtan Base Projects Team
  3. Introducing the FIRST BBase project from our new Project Team, WE bring you the BTS Birthday Art Project 2017-2018. What began as a discussion about JungKook and Rap Monster's birthdays has now morphed into a 7-part art project spanning over 1 year. Starting with JungKook and NamJoon's birthdays in September, we are dedicating a fun and creative birthday project to each member of BTS. In addition, the art project will be paired with a charity drive for a nonprofit organization. So, stay tuned and watch out for the birthday threads that will soon appear. Have fun and participate.
  4. Official BBase Mascot Thread

    New Tit... just in time for Vegas. Make it rain, Jimin
  5. VEGAS!!!! Can't wait to see them on the red carpet this sunday.
  6. The Kim Namjoon Discussion Thread

    The eagle has landed. Red carpet next. cr
  7. BTS's Piercings

    In case, people missed them... the amazing @Amajay has captured details of their more iconic piercings' positions in her crow-tits. Of course, right after she completed the 1st draft, Kookie got his 2 helix piercings. They were added to a later version, which you can find on Kookie emojis. Yes, we were all shook when we woke up to his new piercings...
  8. BTS's Piercings

    I think for the 3 piercings in JK's right ear, 2 of them closed up. Agree, Hobi per report has none. If you are interested in the earrings that JK has worn, this twitter follows that: https://twitter.com/kookspiercings?lang=en
  9. Official BBase Mascot Thread

    I am all shook!!!... they look great
  10. BTS AU; Who Killed Me?

    ... that was well done...
  11. event Banner Project

    We want to thank everyone who supported our very 1st BBase project and will keep everyone posted with any future projects.
  12. The Jung Hoseok Discussion Thread

    I know. I pretty much already reserved a spot next to Monie for Hobi...... I don't even know why I am dragging out the inevitable. Guess I like the challenge..... But, I will be ready with popcorns in hand, when Hobi drops his mixtape and does his 1st solo stage performance for it..... and then go collect the casualties off the battle field..
  13. The Jung Hoseok Discussion Thread

    same, fam, same... Dark hair Hobi + mixtape will be my ultimate lane wreck.