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  1. I literally can't stop listening to this song.
  2. I love this a lot, I'm so excited by this move to a specific narrative, it's so exciting. There are links to the whole of HYYH and Wings as well coming through this which just confirms my firm belief that Bang PDnim is a complete evil genius, bless his troll self forever and ever amen To me, Jin's narration at the beginning implies that these are all particularly significant moments that seemed ordinary at the time, but became significant in hindsight. I think a few could be interpreted as first encounters with the girls in the reel. Jin's, JK's, Joon's, and Tae's scenes specifically. It's only just occurred to me now, but Jin's narration and his section with the train moving past to reveal a person really got me thinking about Sliding Doors. Like the concept of a particular small choice in your life being so important that making a different choice/action could send your life down an entirely different path. Like alternate parallel timelines. The HYYH note and Love Yourself poster captions are really reminding me or this idea as well, like if you had done something different at a particular time would your whole life have turned out differently. I'm also thinking about that scene in Spring Day when the train goes past Kookie but he's already on the train... idk it's just really reminding me of the Sliding Doors plot... Narratively, a story using that idea might also be a way to connect seemingly disperate narratives. Like by having them being like different timelines of the same life stemming from the various outcomes of one particular choice or event. Like as a way to connect what will now be 3 separate concept eras... idk just something that occurred to me then. But whatever, I love it and I'm very excited and I think the boys all did really well this is gonna be awesome I'm so pumped
  3. event

    4th September (Probably completely wrong I just really want it to be on my birthday )
  4. >>>> Full Trans at Peachisoda World <<<< ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. me on kakao an hour ago does this mean the whole theory is right? I don't know how to go on
  6. OK I'm honestly having some troubles with this theory. The flower shop stuff I kind of get... It is frankly RIDICULOUS lengths to go to for a comeback but like ok. If I suspend my disbelief for a moment I could see it being all an invention of Big Hit but man that academy facebook page is really throwing me off. It's been around and posting since 18th July 2016. Have they really had this very specific comeback idea fully theorised, planned, and ready to execute since July of last year???? I'm having some troubles fully committing to that idea. Honestly, if this is all absolutely, truthfully the work of Big Hit then I'm about ready to book a ticket off this planet because Bang PD is a diabolical genius who should be planning more than idol group comebacks istg.
  7. I realised I made this thread and then didn't come back with my own predictions, rip I don't really have predicts in terms of what kind of release it will be literally or like comeback schedule or anything. Last time I was mostly right, so insead I'm gonna come in harder with a concept predict oh boy leggo So I feel like 'love myself love yourself' might end up playing out more like a celebration. I think they might go back a bit to the debut tone of like fuck the haters but in more of a secure 'look how well I'm doing' kind of way. Like love yourself and enjoy life, brag a little about their achievements kind of thing. A bit like Cypher 4, writ large... I think musically they're maybe gonna go back to hip hop more as well. But not in the same way as the School Trilogy... Less 90's gangsta rap and more modern alt hip hop... Their music since school trilogy has always been a fusion of hip hop with rnb, pop, and various other genres which I think is happening more in western hip hop rn anway. But I think if they don't lose that mix of sounds, but instead they just lean on their hip hop influences a bit harder they could come up with something that sounds kind of current but still fresh. IDK why but I'm kind of thinking something more influenced by like Kendrick - DAMN. or like Tyler the Creator - Flower Boy, or even Drake - More Life. That's where my head is right now. Like a modern upgrade of their original hip hop concept, coloured by everything they've learnt musically and concept-wise since then. I could be completely entirely wrong but that's my feeling so. I'm putting it out into the universe and then we can come back in September and laugh at how wrong I was :'))
  8. It's that time of year again! It has been announced for a bit now that BTS are currently planning a comeback in September (thread here). Big Hit have confirmed that that is their plan, however we have no details right now at all of what that comeback might involve... Which of course means it's wild speculation time!! Feel free to predict any aspect of the comeback that you like, mini vs full album, release date, hair colours, concept, comeback schedule, anything at all! You may remember a thread I made where I went back and revisited everyone's YNWA predictions after the release? Well I'll be doing it again with this, so feel free to be as outlandish and specific as you can. Throw everything at the wall, and that way it will be extra fun when we look back to see what stuck. Get predicting and let's have an awesome comeback
  9. BTS Confirmed To Be Preparing For September Comeback BTS is scheduled to make a return this fall! On July 24, industry representatives reported that the group is making a September comeback and is working on new tracks. In response, their agency Big Hit Entertainment confirmed, “BTS is preparing for a new release aimed for a September comeback.” The agency added that it is not yet decided whether it will be a full album or mini album. This upcoming comeback will be BTS’s first since album “You Never Walk Alone” in February. Recently, the music video for the album’s title track “Spring Day” became the group’s seventh to hit 100 million views on YouTube. SOURCE: [Soompi] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. This is the new legendary ARMY. Not only took what is one of the funniest videos I've seen, I was literally wheezing, but also letting them holiday in peace and holding onto the video until the episode came out. Bless them. Ideal ARMY: respects their personal space but still provides the memes
  11. pann

    I am both of these fans and I have made peace with it. But that answer is funny af I'm dying. Also at: LMAOO FOR LIFE. I.... I like tteokbokki.... HILARIOUS
  12. This is really impressive to be the highest ranked out of all non-Japanese artists wow. I know the Japan music scene is a really insular market so it kind of just goes to show that the appeal of BTS as artists is actually pretty special. Their formula is just really working, let's keep going bigger and better
  13. merch

    Bless you maphisto, A Hero ? This concept book thing is honestly the coolest thing. I think for Bangtan especially so much thought and planning goes into their music and their concepts and their mvs seeing a little glimpse of that is honestly the coolest thing. I wish I could afford it but it's a fantastic idea. I hope they keep doing it into the future.
  14. I forget just how much they do and they film basically everything, that they have all this content to release all the time is so wild. Also bless the photo book. I want all of this. What is money what are responsibilities I only know that Agust D feature and I WANT.
  15. Moni, your Namjoon Signature is slaying me so much right now :WOW:

    1. monimoni


      HONESTLY ME TOO. I had to set it as my sig because it was so beautiful not to look at all the time.