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  1. Moni, your Namjoon Signature is slaying me so much right now :WOW:

    1. monimoni


      HONESTLY ME TOO. I had to set it as my sig because it was so beautiful not to look at all the time.

  2. I had more Tae pics saved to share but somehow some of my likes got lost on twitter I'm mad about it, I'll be back <cr>
  3. <cr> I saw this on tumblr the other day and almost died and then almost died laughing, enjoy "He looks like a fucking frat boy in this gif and it makes me want to punch him in the mouth." <cr>
  4. I apologise profusely if some of these have been posted before, I backtracked some and tried to remember and I think I'm good but it's ok they deserve to be Seen <cr> <cr> and lastly this pic, I'm still reeling from and will be for the rest of time <cr>
  5. Some classics and softness and rudeness that's popped up on my tumblr lately, prepare yourselves <cr> <cr> <cr> <cr>
  6. I come bearing rudeness and memes, the essential Jeon Jungkook one-two punch <cr>
  7. Some recent and beautiful fansite pics <cr> Also please refer to my signature for the gif that's currently ruining my life.
  8. User: monimoni Exchange: RM - YNWA era Award: RM - WOH era User: monimoni Exchange: MinJoon OTP Award: JinMin OTP User: monimoni Exchange: SugaKookie OTP Award: TaeJin OTP User: monimoni Post Count: 600 Award: VHope OTP Arrangement: VHope - JinMin TaeJin - RM WOH Thank you loves <33
  9. game

    HMMMM I WONDER WHO I WILL CHOOSE But seriously, I tend to be more attracted to people I'm also emotionally attached to so like Namjoon all the way. I mean look at this shit <cr> I MEAN. LEGIT FANNING MYSELF IRL RIGHT NOW. but I would say I am sexually attracted to 4, maybe 3, members. Just Joon the most. ~~~ DARE: Make a Bang PD meme your dp and keep it for 24 hours
  10. smart.loyal.awesomefriend.

    and this meme because i feel like its literally you

    Image result for rap monster memes

    1. monimoni


      honestly tru

  11. game

    Some of us have discussed this a lot and I have been designated headcannoner so it's time for another essay leggo ExtraSquad!! - 2018's Hottest Idol Group Kate @monimoni - Leader, Vocal, Producer ((I was genuinely nominated as leader by everyone when we chatted about this, I'm not just being egotistical.)) I am grapemom and 2nd oldest so responsibility. I'm designated Namjoon personality-wise as well so you know. As far as I know, I'm the only one of us who writes music as well so I get main music direction/production responsibilities too. Basically I'm the leader and y'all have to listen to me as I rule with an iron fist (jokes I'm soft af for you all) Lea @leanna - Queen Unnie, Vocal, Main Dancer Our oldest member, food connoisseur, is basically Jin, extraness and all. I'm putting you as main dancer because it just Feels Right. I would explain more but like. It's just true. Nene @Whalien - Vocal, Rapper Nene, the Jiminie of our group, we need you for softness and coolness but also savagery. And to balance ages. Your quiet savagery is part of the reason why I just kind of feel like you lowkey have bars??? I just think you could rap that's all. So you get to be a vocal but also be a rapper. I'm just saying. Give it a shot. Sap @fuckparkjimin - Main Rapper, Dancer You are obviously main rapper. Like it just makes Sense. You are Yoongi, except maknae line. I don't know why I also think you could dance but I think in the way Yoongi can dance like, you never thought about it much you're just naturally kind of good?? You know what I mean. But spitting fire is your main responsibility. Rin @KookieMochi - Vocal, Dancer, Rapper, Centre You are Jungkook and you're good at everything and therefore, as Jungkook, you get to also have every role congrats. I'm not sure I can see you rapping but I feel like you could be like a sub rapper and sometimes just bust out a verse and then go back to being good at everything else. And you're talented at everything enough that you could be centre but you're also smol so we could have nice formations where you could see everyone, even at the back. Tiff @Pokeybun - Maknae, Vocal, the 4D one Our tiny maknae fren, a mild chingu excited and ready for fun. I feel like I'd give you all the soft pre-chorus and bridge parts (like Jin's parts except you're Hobi in self). And I also think you'd be one of the best on variety shows. I feel like everyone would contribute musically and like concept-wise but like Sap would write lyrics a lot because Rapper and Rin and Tiff will be Tae and Jungkookie in terms of hardworking songwriting times. And I think Lea would comparatively have a lot of performance input. This is my ExtraSquad!! headcannon and I'm sticking to it, thank you. Dare: Pick a member, go to their discussion thread, and write at least 350 words about their hands.
  12. game

    Scenario: You were taking a slow stroll home, still tired and achy from a long day at work. The evening was pleasant though and as you rounded the corner onto your street you debated whether or not to stop at the little family restaurant next door to eat before you went it. Weighing up if your need to not cook tonight outweighed your want to save a bit more money. But you hadn't stopped by in a while and the nice older couple that ran it were usually really lovely, always bringing out extra side dishes for regulars and neighbours. As you got closer to the place, still undecided, you saw a young guy pull up on a moped, carefully pulling it up to the curb right outside the restaurant and propping it up as he cut the engine. He pulled his helmet off and you vaguely recognised him as the restaurant auntie's nephew, you'd kind of seen him around a few times but never spoken to him personally. As he stepped off the moped and went to unclip his backpack you heard the door of the fancy restraint across the street bang open and an older man storm out, shouting as he moved to your side of the road. You stopped in your tracks as the man went up to the moped guy and started screaming at him about scratching his car, gesturing wildly to the big foreign make vehicle that moped guy had parked next to. You watched in confusion as he continued to shout. But there was nothing wrong with the car? A few light scratches to the front bumper but you'd watched moped guy pull up, he parked perfectly and never touched the car next to it. They must have been already there. You watched as the man continued his anger and moped guy tried to explain. But you didn't know what to do. Who's the restaurant nephew and do you come to his aid? How would he respond?