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  1. audio Champion (Remix) - Fall Out Boy ft. RM of BTS

    I updated the OP with a quick transcription of the lyrics, there's one line in particular I'm a little fuzzy on but most of it should be right. Just for reference for Joonie's awesome writing. A king in two languages. God Bless. NO BUT SERIOUSLY WHEN I FIRST SAW IT ON TWITTER I WAS LIKE NOOOOO THERE'S NO WAY THIS IS REAL AND THEN HERE IT IS IT'S REAL I CAN'T EVEN BELIEVE. I was a huge FOB fan back in the day, like when From Under The Cork Tree first came out back in the day, and this is very surreal for me. 13 year old me would never imagine these two worlds collided and yet here we are. Just no warning. I can't cope.
  2. audio Champion (Remix) - Fall Out Boy ft. RM of BTS

  3. MY BOY'S BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH THE LIFECHANGING COLLABORATIONS Fall Out Boy's remix version of Champion is dropping on 15th December featuring RM! It's available on Spotify and iTunes so please stream and purchase if you can to support it! It will appear on local Spotify when it reaches midnight in your area so please make sure to stream it legally when you are able. Also #RMxFallOutBoy is currently trending on twitter! Let's let Joonie know how much we appreciate him and this awesome track. I typed out a quick transcription of Namjoon's verses. There's a couple of words I'm a little fuzzy on so I'll edit it if I decide I'm wrong but here you go: LYRICS
  4. I was gonna go through my camera roll because I've definitely got a bunch of stuff anyway but this is a great excuse to visit the Whitworth again so I'll be back tomorrow evening laden with pics
  5. game Find The Mascot

    Reminder to everyone that you don't have long to search for the mascots!! Remember to send me the locations of any mascots you have found in the next few hours! Even if you don't think you have enough for a full prize, you might still get a little treat
  6. announcement A year with BBase

    Honestly AJ I have said this before and I will say it again, but very few people really understand everything you do for this forum and everything it takes for you to keep it up and running. I'm so completely forever grateful for you creating this place at all but also that you are still holding on to it and giving us even more of your time and energy and resources just to keep it going a little longer. I am honestly from the bottom of my heart grateful because I love this little place so so much and I want it to do well and I know you do too and I'm honestly just weirdly emotional right now but really really really thank you for everything. You're a great admin and a great leader and you know exactly what you want this place to be and how you want it to be and I'm thankful for the chance to help run this place a little and help do some fun things. I can't say thank you to you enough for everything. I wish I could do 1000 things more for this place but I'm gonna try my very best here for as long as I can. Seriously thank you AJ. Happy anniversary @jin.
  7. This is where I'm gonna put my soft essay because guys this place is really fucking special. I actually got kind of choked up reading this thread. Like genuinely I have a few tears in my eyes. This is just a fun place to talk about BTS but honestly it's become more than that and I would not have been here for anywhere near as long if it wasn't for the fact that it is also a community of people I truly love and enjoy. I really love every minute I get to hang out here and it's honestly such a Bangtan thing that this place space started as a fun place to stan and now it's a lovely welcoming and close community of friends who can talk about anything they like and get as deep and emotional as they like. When I was making the Find The Mascot game this week, I went through a lot of old threads and it was honestly so lovely to just get to reminisce about all the great times I've had here and all the fun and ridiculous stuff we did. New members won't know this but, for April Fool's Admin Jin and the staff team turned the whole forum into a BgA stan forum for the day. Whole new theme, everyone changed DPs, we changed the names of all the sections, the OPs of threads and everything. Honestly it was the dumbest most fun thing and all the members that had no idea just immediately jumped all in and were writing essays about their favourite BgA members and doing MV analysis like. It was hilarious and fun and stupid and I will Never Forget. I remember when I started Dump Thread because we would all be in the chatbox like 10 people deep talking about really emotional personal stuff and everyone was just being so supportive and loving and it really touched me. And now still there are people on this forum that I have had incredibly emotional life conversations with that I would never have know if this forum didn't exist. There are so many things that happened here and threads that we made that I just wanna print off and carry around with me and shove in people's faces because Look!!!! Look!!!! Look at this awesome lovely community we've made!!!! I'm so proud of this place and I love it with all my big heart. Admin @jin has put so so much time, effort, money, and heart into this place. In building it up and especially keeping it running despite everything. We all should be incredibly forever grateful for everything she does for bbase and allowing it to continue to exist. I'm gonna keep trying my best for this place until the very last day. I love you bbase, happy anniversary
  8. I have always had a lot of complicated opinions about appropriation in kpop in general but this is a really great article about how bangtan are so different. To be honest a lot of this begins with kpop idol music in general not being built on authenticity. Idol groups are never really encouraged traditionally to be actually honest about themselves and their lives and their actual struggles. They're trying to build a fantasy and a marketable fantasy at that which isn't really conducive to authenticity. I honestly think the move towards more self-producing groups has influenced a change on that front though. When idols have the opportunity to write for themselves, you by necessity end up with more people aiming for the kind of emotional authenticity music fans in the West look for. But even among self professed hip hop fans, there are a lot of Korean artists that still do these kinds of disrespectful things who really should know better (Jay is right that Zico is a repeat offender, as are GD and CL and I say this as a fan of theirs). But there are also idol groups who take on aspects of hip hop culture for a comeback because their agencies think that it's popular rn so they just dip their toe in. I think anything that encourages groups to learn about the cultural context of the music they make is incredibly important. And the rise of self-producing idol groups is gonna help encourage more emotionally authentic music. I don't know how much the idol industry in general is really gonna care enough to learn why it's wrong to wear certain things and do certain things though. Most agencies are still sticking to the classic formula of slick manufactured groups that don't really have room for that kind of authenticity. Plus there are still a lot of artists in the West that don't care about history and social/cultural issues either. As hip hop gets more mainstream in Korea, there are a lot of legendary artists that I think really treat hip hop respectfully though that need to become good examples for hip hop inspired idol groups. Like DyDuo and MFBTY and Epik High. But there are also a lot of people who just don't care to learn about the the history of hip hop and what it's actually about. And that's always gonna be true. The commodification and misappropriation of black american culture is not specific to Korea. But I do think there are idol groups that can become more popular in the West in general because they display a kind of artistic authenticity that they're talking about here. Groups like Seventeen that self-produce in many ways and show more of a respect for the music they're inspired by. I'm thinking of groups like EXID and Mamamoo as well that have Western followings because they are groups that are guided by music and talent first and have perspectives as artists and particular concepts. I hope more people look at BTS as an example of a group that takes their music and their inspirations seriously in every respect. Bang PD has talked about it a lot lately, but BTS as a group are musicians and artists first. Everything else comes second. And that's the real point here. That's really the key to all of this, in my opinion. That being an idol doesn't mean you can't also be a real artist anymore and BTS have been tearing down that barrier since day one. It's about respect, authenticity, and real personal artistry and I hope that's the lesson other groups in Korea take from this. EDIT: I also just wanna add that the tone of this article kind of implies that they're doing all this in like a specific effort to gain Western approval which I would argue they've never done. I really think Bangtan and Namjoon just really care about learning about this stuff because they just love music and they love hip hop and they just wanna make better music for themselves. I think a lot of Westerners who aren't that familiar with BTS don't really know that they never really set out on a mission to get big in the West or to gain Western approval, it just happened that way. They just genuinely care about their music, which is again the actual point here. this is so long why do i do this every time >.<
  9. game Find The Mascot

    Just a reminder that the Mascots you are looking for are hidden as url links. If you see one just as an emoji in a post like this: then that is just a crowtit in it's natural habitat and should not be disturbed. The Hidden Mascots are url links. Also, you are welcome to ask for extra hints for any of the clues! You have until Saturday to Hunt and there is no limit on winners for any of the prizes so if you can all find all 12 then the more the merrier. Happy Hunting
  10. game Find The Mascot

    You can do this!!!
  11. game Find The Mascot

    y r u liek dis
  12. game Find The Mascot

    Find The Mascot! ☆’.・.・:★’.・.・:☆ Welcome one and all to another anniversary game for your frustration and joy! For this game, 12 of our lovely crowtit mascots have gone into hiding in threads around the forum! Help us get them back! ☆’.・.・:★’.・.・:☆ HOW TO PLAY Below are a set of clues that will lead you to 12 threads. You'll know you're in the right place when you find the mascot! The crowtit mascots are hidden in the OP's of the correct threads as url links like this. Some of the links are also embedded in images like this: When you have found all the mascots, simply PM me with the titles of the threads they were hiding in! ☆’.・.・:★’.・.・:☆ CLUES ☆’.・.・:★’.・.・:☆ HINTS The clues are poetically describing the topic the thread is about. Try to think creatively about what they might be leading you to. Googling them will not help (@Whalien) If you think you're in the right thread, click on everything in the first post. I'm sneaky. Our members who have been with us for the longest will have a slightly easier time with this than our newest members, so don't be afraid to PM me for help if you are struggling with any of the clues! ☆’.・.・:★’.・.・:☆ PRIZES! At least 5 mascots found: 400 bombs! At least 10 mascots found: 800 bombs! All 12 mascots found: 1000 bombs! (also bonus for anyone that works out the theme 👀) ☆’.・.・:★’.・.・:☆ Anyone who played our Festa scavenger hunt game, I'm sorry for the war flashbacks I hope everyone has fun playing, remember to PM me when you think you have enough answers for a prize! Also pls PM me if you need extra help/more hints!! ** You have until Saturday to play! There is no limit on winners so just keep getting as many as you can! **
  13. Thank you so much to everyone who took part in our first ever Fan Work Awards! We wanted to celebrate the amazing fans in this community that make it so fun to stan BTS, and you guys pointed us towards so many amazing artists, writers, fan accounts, and fansites. Thank you so much again for voting, but now it's time to announce the winners! Fan Art Fan Fiction Twitter & YouTube Fansites Congratulations again to all of our awesome winners!
  14. event Fan Work Awards 2017

    ☆*・゜゚・*・゜゚・*☆ Voting is now closed! Thank you to everyone who has cast their votes! We're currently counting up the results and will be announcing the winners soon. ☆*・゜゚・*・゜゚・*☆
  15. I'm from Manchester! What about you??There have been a couple of UK army's here over time but not that many, I've never known another one in person either LMAO. But yay for another one, nice to meet you properly! :") LMAO at the Primark tweet. If I happens I would be so happy honestly. I would buy 50 BTS onsies in a second. I really hope Bangtan can come here soon. They talk about how they've charted here aaalllllllll the time, I would kill for a tour date :")