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  1. game

    @Myrhia it was a valiant effort! Based on the last game, I know you'll be back for those points! But you were a good twenty seconds off at least and the gtv stickler in me could not let it slide :') @SNSDBunny Successfully sniped Well this is it for me for tonight, guys, I'll be back in the morning with more rounds, have fun with this for now ROUND 6
  2. game

    while this screenshot is very close, it's not quite the right timing, if someone can top it in the next few mins I might let you snipe.
  3. game

    @Myrhia you are VERY close but I need that title as well buddy, don't be throwing away points NEVERMIND SNSDBunny got in there and sniped you :'))
  4. game

    if you're the first one to get title and screenshot within about 10 mins of the round being posted you get a bonus point for speed and slayage
  5. game

    ROUND 5
  6. game

    @SNSDBunny oh dayum, you get that bonus point as well pal, noice
  7. game

    alright @SNSDBunny welcome to the scoreboard! I'm gonna be going to sleep very soon so, depending on speed, you might only get 1 or 2 more rounds out of me until the morning /: ROUND 4
  8. game

    you can find the round 3 vid on the ibighit youtube channel it involves a member of the maknae line
  9. game

    it looks fine to me?? Faith, are you reading views, not replies..........................................
  10. game

    OK I expected this one to be tricky ngl it may or may not be screen like, say, on a computer, perhaps
  11. game

    @Israa keep racking up those points while everyone is away ROUND 3
  12. game

    @Myrhia take a point friend, well deduced @Seoks-j welcome, now's your chance to pick up some screenshot points ... umm there are like 50 replies what thread are you looking at
  13. game

    that depends on you buddy, how badly do you wanna get on the scoreboard
  14. game

    it is not Jimin, sorry in fact it is not a "J" member at all
  15. game

    at this point I just see the letters gtv and my blood pressure skyrockets