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  1. I'm not looking for sympathy or making this about me and I'm probably gonna delete this later because it doesn't really belong here so please feel free to ignore this, but it's 3am and I'm emotional so I've gotta dumping some feelings out rn

    I'm from Manchester, born and raised. I've been to the arena that just got attacked so many times. I went a lot with my friends as a teenager on our own and the first gig I ever went to was at that arena. I used to volunteer as a singing teacher and as a youth worker up there before I came to uni so there's a damn good chance I know some of the kids that were at that concert. I have friends who are still stuck in the city center. idk I'm just very emotional right now, this is a truly awful thing and I know it's gonna turn political and ugly soon but a lot of innocent kids who were just out to have a good night have just gone through something terrible and it's gonna take a long time for them to deal with this. Please keep my city in your thoughts and be careful with what you read and share before all the information is out. idk, I'm just really sad rn I guess. Everyone please keep yourselves safe wherever you are.

    1. leanna


      Not once did I think you were looking for sympathy or trying to make this about you. My heart dropped reading all the breaking news and I just sat there, trying to make sense of what was unfolding.  Although I can't relate, the least I can do is sympathize with you, your city, and everyone affected by this. I honestly cannot even being to imagine how you're feeling, knowing that you've had fond memories at that arena.. and knowing that there are still so many people stuck out there now, not able to go home yet. I will surely be keeping your hometown in my thoughts tonight, Kate.

    2. monimoni


      Lea you're the best and I <3 you.

      I just remembered one time I was at the MEN when I was 15 (that's what the arena used to be called). Me and and some friends were at a gig there but it had snowed really badly while the show was on, like suddenly a good few inches of snow fell in the space of about 3 hours. My Dad was coming to pick us up but because of the snow it was taking him longer than normal. Behind the arena there used to be this furniture shop that had this giant chair sculture thing outside but it was literally so big that me and my group of friends could all stand under it for protection so we wouldn't get snowed on while we waited for my dad. We drew messages in the snow while we waited and drivers pipped their horns at us and waved while they went past and these nice old ladies offered us a lift home. It was actually really fun but I'd sort of forgotten about it until I saw a picture just then of some people from the Ariana concert congregating where the Giant Chair used to be and now I'm crying again so. This is another thing I'm gonna delete later but I'm on a roll with the emotional offloading soo

  2. #389 - The first gig I ever went to I was 13 and I went to see McFly with my older friends from Guides and we were sat on the literal back row as far away as possible but we made this big banner that said "WE <3 MCFLY" im massive colourful letters and we were convinced one of the guys saw it and waved at us
  3. Archipelago (one of my fav words of all time)
  4. Dope - 723 N.O - 799 Run - 694 I Need U - 672 Young Forever - 731 Just One Day - 799 Fire - 771
  5. No More Dream - 898 Danger - 863 Boy In Luv - 897 Blood Sweat & Tears - 888 Spring Day - 672 Not Today - 898 Save Me - 723
  6. Strangers In The Night - Frank Sinatra
  7. I hope everyone is happy and well and safe tonight, everyone look after yourselves <3

    1. modeltae


      Bless you and your kind soul Kate. Same to you :)

    2. SeokSeok


      Hope you're happy, safe and well too!:CHEER:

    3. leanna


      Thinking of you 

  8. If anyone wants some softness, ARMYs are currently trying to get #최고리더남준 (best leader Namjoon) trending on twitter. Browse and cry here also HE KNOWS HE LOOKS GOOD AND HE'S OUT HERE WITH THAT KIM DAILY *saves and sets it as my wallpaper >.>*
  9. ooh yay!! hmm a Yoongi one would be cute but I don't associate that move with just him if that makes sense? Those gifs were more as examples. I think maybe an ARMY-tit one would be better? ^^
  10. @chimchim honestly same, when that line happened I felt personally attacked I wasn't a massive 17 fan previously but holy lord this whole mini is bomb, BLESS I was gonna just post one of the b sides but honestly every track is FANTASTIC so I had to post the whole thing go listen to it seriously, every track is really good
  11. Hey Ajay, I had an idea for another tit emoji! What about a "falling to the floor because you can't stand the greatness" baepsae like these iconic Yoongi moments??
  12. First of all, look at this Car Door Namja right here He genuinely looked so good and his outfit was great and HIS HAIR GOOD LORD. He just looked very tan and chill and confident and just incredibly rude in every picture I'm truly shaking to the core, A Full Visual. But I wanna second the comments upthread, he did SO WELL last night. It's not easy being the only English speaker for the group especially when he's not fully fluent or a native speaker so shouldering that burden is tricky. He was genuinely so calm and collected and even when he was struggling for a second to put what he wanted to say into words he still did really well in expressing the right things. Plus, I've said this before but his accent and pronunciation are IMPECCABLE. The more interviews and stuff he did, the better he got as well. There are points you literally can't tell he's not a native speaker from pronunciation alone and considering how different English and Korean are that is genuinely something to be commended. I just think he represented himself and BTS so well. He said everything he needed to say, always tried to include the rest of the group in questions where he could, and came off as calm, cool, and intelligent. I'm literally so proud. He always has a high burden as the leader but especially last night and he really pulled it off so well. He was such a great representative of BTS and K-Pop and even Korea in general and I'm so proud of him and happy for him. Idk what to say really but last night was an A+ night for Joon and he should be so proud of himself. EDIT: I just want to add that his English comes off as so natural as well??? Like he clearly learned it quite organically because the way he puts sentences and phrases together isn't super textbook but it's more like how native speakers naturally speak to each other and it's so cool??? A lot of English speakers aren't used to hearing other languages and so I think we can be really sceptical about artists and performers who perform in other languages. But I think hearing Joon speak so calmly and naturally in English last night and represent BTS that way is probably gonna encourage more people to check them out who might have been sceptical of music in another language before? Idk how to explain but I'm really proud and impressed of the actual natural flow when he speaks English and I love him a lot. Also his voice sounds fucking hot in both languages. OK I'm done, I'm sorry :')
  13. @cececool88 Welcome to the base! Hope you enjoy it here, let me know if you have any questions