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  1. PSA that Bangtan Base will return to normal later today you don't need to worry, we're not staying EXO forever :') <3

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      was that directed to me

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      exo planet will be in our memory forever lol.

  2. I don't really have time to reply to this properly rn but Jimin is obviously Eliza don't @ me it's just a fact
  3. reviving this thread because I changed this wallpaper a few days ago and I'm still having a heart attack every time I open my phone he's so pretty (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ this a fansite pic from @247withRM on Twitter and it's beautiful bless their hard work 🙌🙌🙌🙌
  4. Listen. Did I know posting that pic with Sharpay would result in a 30 min all caps High School Musical debate? No, I did not. Do I regret saying Jungkook is Troy Bolton? Absolutely not.
  5. what you do best: 


  6. I haven't commented on this thread yet but my username on there is monimoni as well and I'm currently bronze star 6. Anyway, I was talking to Tiff about this earlier but, it was much easier on the other superstar games to upgrade cards the Old Fashioned Way. On JYP, you could just play a lot, get a bunch of cards as fodder and then just feed your low ranked cards up to higher grades. I can, and have, got C ranked cards up to S from Hard Work alone. But that's way harder in this one because you've got to power up the cards SO MUCH before you can upgrade. Anyway my point is, BTS Superstar is not a meritocracy, it's a bourgeoisie class system of wealth inequality. Because I'm not gonna put any actual money into this game, I'm probably never gonna be able to compete on the leaderboards and I'm at peace with that. I'm bucking the capitalist system and just trying to get all my themes complete regardless of grade because I want them to look pretty and symmetrical. The game play is pretty nice though and the daily challenges are a nice difference. I like how Dalcom makes the superstar games a bit different for each one. (Except for how hard it is to hard carry cards up grades in this game, fuck you Dalcom for that)
  7. so you usually get a poster with kpop CDs and DVDs if they have some in stock. If you choose the "unfolded poster" option, they will send you the poster as well as the DVD, but they'll send it in a separate packaging tube that looks like this. That increases the price of shipping because it's a second package with an awkward shape. Choosing the "no poster" option means they won't send you the poster at all, which saves in shipping. Some other sites will give you the option of a "folded poster" which just means they will literally fold up the poster and package it with the DVD. That way saves money on shipping, but it means your poster will have creases in it. The site I linked doesn't give you that option but there are other places that do if you want me to find one? Hope that made sense :')
  8. ahhh that's because of their previous tours! They give each tour a different name so there's Episode I: BTS Begins which was in 2015, Episode II: The Red Bullet which was 2014, and then Wings Tour 2017 was Episode III. It's just a name because they like to connect the stories in the concert videos and stuff. But yes there's just the one Wings Tour DVD so you're safe with that one :'')
  9. Hi there, welcome to bbase! There is only one Wings Tour DVD, it's [this one]. (I just gave you the link to kpopmart because it's popular, but there's other places you can buy it too!) There's also a blu-ray version, it's the same content it's just better quality if you already have a blu-ray player. But yeah there's only one Wings Tour DVD! If you've not bought much kpop merch before and you want any help with buying it, just let me know! I'd be happy to help!
  10. Our mother.



    Our mother kicking ass.


    (yes i made this as we talked about it).

    1. monimoni


      OMG A HERO




      can't wait for kimchi unnie to perform this on inkigayo

  11. OH BOY OH BOY WHERE DO I BEGIN I love his whole mixtape because the variety of it is just insane. In terms of showcasing what he can do as a rapper and a lyricist it's really /insane/. I will fight for many songs on RM but I'm very emotionally attached to Voice. I love every second of it and the lyrics of it are just very powerful to me both as a fan of his and also just on a personal level. In the lyrics he talks about being pushed to succeed academically and doing all the stuff people told him he should do and all the things people said should bring happiness and yet he was sad and empty every day, even when he was #1 in school. And there's a line where he talks about hiding paper between the pages of his book without his Mom knowing and he talks about something like "my identity that i wrote down matched the drum and bass". That's really so powerful to me. Plus the bit later on where's talking about living a life full of melancholy sighs and instead choosing to defy convention and breathe easy. Idk that song is very powerful to me and I will fight for it. Also really love Awakening and Monster and Joke and all the hits where he just goes off on technical ability and being a bad ass mofo but. Idk moksori just feels the most personal to me, I'm the most emotionally attached to that one. ALSO NO ONE EVER TALKS ABOUT BEORYEO BUT LIKE. IT'S A BANGER?? The iconic "RM motherfUCKER" at the beginning. Unforgettable. And the chorus is catchy as fuck. The number of times I find myself walking around in my life and just thinking BEORYEO BEORYEO BEORYEO DA! is insane. Who else is out here writing emotional introspective poetry, schooling every other rapper in the game, and also putting out a track that you could start a legit mosh pit during. NO ONE. NO ONE ELSE CAN DO THAT. In answer to the other tiny question, I am not remotely ready for mixtape number two. Some of us here were witness to my emotional breakdown after he and Wale dropped Change last year. So just imagine what a full mixtape is gonna do to me. And Joon has grown so so so so so so much as a musician and a composer as well that this is gonna be a mixtape of wholly original tracks, unlike RM which was original raps over mostly other people's beats. I am entirely unprepared for a Joon the Composer as well as Joon the Rapper mixtape. Unprepared on every level. I will die. All my favourite BTS songs lately have been Namjoon lead compositions, even if he had had nothing to do with them they would still be my favourite tracks. Holy trinity of Spring Day, Serendipity, and Sea. All heavily Joon influenced. So fuck knows what his second mixtape is gonna do to me. I'm scared but I want it so bad, honestly.
  12. hey there how you doin'


  13. I think General Fan Talk would be the best place for it!! I wouldn't want it to get buried under all the game threads :') Also welcome back!
  14. wow omg they all look so beautiful and soft I wanna cry this styling is so pretty godbless Yoongi and Joon in those turtle necks fuck me all the way up they all look like that bit in a kdrama where the chaebol does something nice for the female lead for the first time and they have a cute moment in a coffee shop or something amazing I love them bring me all the fansite pics also, JOON PUTTING THE WHOLE FORTUNE COOKIE IN HIS MOUTH IS HILARIOUS OMG LMAO WHAT AN IDIOT I LOVE HIM AND THEN SHE'S LIKE ???????? AND HE SHOUTS LIKE NAH IT'S FINE I CAN'T I LOVE HIM SO MUCH
  15. Also Heize was sick recently and taken to the hospital, if I remember rightly she had to have some kind of surgery, I'm surprised she's there tbh but I hope she's ok!!!