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  1. Hey guys! Does anyone know a reliable site selling the album (on amazon), but with the option to choose the version (I'd die for O ver.)? I found this one: x but it'd be 35$ with shipping, it's sooo overpriced. Any recommendations?
  2. the theory is legit i remembered this after watching the Wonder theme video the puzzle pieces have fit together even the details like chess got in there bYEE (watch me swoon over understanding Hitman Bang more than he does himself)
  3. Does anyone have an US/Kor account to share? I'm dying in Croatia
  4. ep 6 out!!! part 1[x] part 2[x] and a lil yoongi goodie:
  5. I have it uploaded on Google Drive, It's safe there! You can watch it anytime. I edited in the link in the introduction post in the thread.
  6. @Killer thank youu!! also, I'll be downloading the eps and putting them on my Google Drive - so they'll be safe. Guys hmu if you want the link!
  7. Hey guys! This is thread for all broke Armies dying with just watching screenshots of the newest Bon Voyage ep. Lets share best streams, sites, links for watching season 2. Just be careful with sharing the video along with BV keywords, so it doesn't get put down, have fun guys credit: instagram.com/jungkookie.bangtan, sung-jaelly-fish.tumblr.com BACKUP: Google Disk (the eps are safe here if something gets deleted or put down!) BON VOYAGE S2 E1 [x] BON VOYAGE S2 E2 (in comments) BON VOYAGE S2 E3 (in comments) BON VOYAGE S2 E4 [x] BON VOYAGE S2 E5 [x] BON VOYAGE S2 E6 part 1[x] part 2[x] BON VOYAGE S2 E7 [x]
  8. Guys im travelling i cant post all the questioneres can somebody do it please? I saw hobi said he considers yoongi a person who gives him shivers.. their relationship is so special i cant
  9. we got a HUGE tb! This was filmed exactly a year ago, with the Baepsae dance pracitice. Also Kook and Jimin's dance routine for that one cool song with dimmed lights? But for this video...Jimin's soft thrusts killed me good bye
  10. Dance practice for not today was LITTTTT slow mo kook was 100
  11. Have yall seen the onstage vid? YOONGI WAS SO HYPE I DIEEEEEDDDDD
  12. I'm too.. but we're in this together. At least we met a lot of good people while trying to connect with BTS. We all are a part of them. Fighting, int Army! Lets enjoy this festa as much as we can, *sending tons of love*