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  1. Hey guys do any of you know good (and cheap) sites to get quality Korean skincare products? Eg. the masks Sope used in their recent live are pretty cheap in Korea, but would cost a fortune with shipping to Europe. Any help? Ty!
  2. Well there we go!! this doesnt sound dirty at all, disappointed. Jk, should be good any way! Inspiring and motivating for sure.
  3. Guys im travelling i cant post all the questioneres can somebody do it please? I saw hobi said he considers yoongi a person who gives him shivers.. their relationship is so special i cant
  4. we got a HUGE tb! This was filmed exactly a year ago, with the Baepsae dance pracitice. Also Kook and Jimin's dance routine for that one cool song with dimmed lights? But for this video...Jimin's soft thrusts killed me good bye
  5. Dance practice for not today was LITTTTT slow mo kook was 100
  6. Have yall seen the onstage vid? YOONGI WAS SO HYPE I DIEEEEEDDDDD
  7. I'm too.. but we're in this together. At least we met a lot of good people while trying to connect with BTS. We all are a part of them. Fighting, int Army! Lets enjoy this festa as much as we can, *sending tons of love*
  8. The cover pt 2 is out guys! Check it out on YT
  9. No! He just doesn't talk that much in interviews and such. We will definitely be getting We dont talk anymore pt 2, and some kind of drawing - that might be Jungkook's surprise!
  10. I believe it's midnight. If not then, then at 20pm korean time (thats when the v lives come?).
  11. FIRST INFO: Looks like we're getting a Tae x Joon song!! It's said to be different from Stigma. Suga said he'll be in the center of this year's festa!!! (Jimin was very excited about this) The boys said they're are very excited and happy about the content, we can expect get a six course meal fellas
  12. Credit is on the pic! Looks like we're on the end of this concept. I hope some strings will sill connect this one with the next concept. Lets say a warm goodbye to the old things and welcome Lust!
  13. @satoori thank you!! I'm just gon keep yours. guys this is going to be epic. I MEAN THE SO FAR AWAY VERSION I DIED About Nessie... Reminds me of the Lock Ness monster? Its called Nessie, too. Seems really unrelated. Any ideas?
  14. if its a fuckin smol chilly pepper
  15. Lets share all BTS Festa 2017 content and riddles here! THE FIRST CLUE: (aka what I tried to solve)