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  1. @Mongmungi I haven't. Not interested in that kind of movies lol. Idk but I searched the internet for Shaun but I didn't found anything related to the song.
  2. bukan cover yg itu mksdku HAHAH! tpi cover albumnya dll
  3. i'm really" excited for school tomorrow, we'll be going home at 17:00 PM again yey!!

    1. Mongmungi


      sarcasm at its max :sugasips:

      Good luck with your school tho uwuwu T_T

    2. SeokSeok


      no but honestly tho i'm really excited!!! because i don't like being at home that much lol

      thank you beb! today was a great day!

    3. Mongmungi


      Opposite attracts, that's why we're for each other:perV: I'm a homebody to the core. Being in a public place is exhausting >_>

      More than that, good to know that you had a great day~~~~♡☆☆♡☆

  4. noo :"(((((((((((((( it's alright you know!!
  5. @Vii Ooh aku juga suka lagu ini!! Tunggu dulu......perasaan waktu aku denger lagunya suaranya cowok kok cover lagunya dimana" cewek? :")))
  6. rain, rain, go away

    as you said that, you realize that the rain won't go away just by saying that.

    like how

    the pain couldn't leave your heart.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. SeokSeok


      @Mongmungi I'm just being my emo self

      uwu i love writing tbh

    3. StardustStorm
    4. SeokSeok
  7. original post: here 1. [+920, -19] I'm praising Audrey miller who has an eye for Jimin's charm <3 I hope that you become a big actress in Hollywood 2. [ +500, -5] The child actress who loves Jimin is as cute and pretty as him 3. [+414, -7] I want that cut-out board of Jimin too 4. [+332, -7] BTS Jimin is a popular fellow 5. [+299, -9] Our Jiminie is serioulsy impressive ^ As expected from mr. popular, he's cool 6. [+78, -1] I'm happy to see someone else who loves BTS Jimin just like me.. I hope that she grows up into a bigger actress with good acting projects 7. [+74, -2] BTS Jimin's popularity is global ^^ cr
  8. 1. Go on music broadcast 2. Shoot pictorials 3. Shoot CFs 4. Shoot reality shows 5. Go on variety shows as a whole group 6. Go on variety shows alone 7. Other post response: [+74][-5] original post: here -Performing in concerts will be a bliss -Am I the only one who wants to go to award ceremonies? Of couse, it can be hard but so many celebrities would be there and I'm so curious about people's reactions to other artists' stagesㅋㅋㅋ Also, I think that it would be fun to see others receiving awardsㅋㅋㅋ -Am I the only one who wants to do V-apps? -I want to be an SM idol and go to their Halloween party,,, I would prepare so much for it during the year -Am I the only one who wants to go on IAC??? All the girls and boys attending are so pretty so the eye candy would be solid -I feel like fansigns would be fun if not for the weird fans -I want to go on I Live Aloneㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Am I the only one who pretends to be on that show at home? cr
  9. Sebenarnya bisa dibuat private club, aku baru inget, tpi wktu awal buat aja heheh. Waktu pertama kali buat club baru nnti dikasih pilihan mau private ato enggak. Aku buatnya public. Itu......... thread perkenalan + ngomong" kalo ini paling lebih arah dispesialisasikan ke topik diskusi tertentu.