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  1. Title Tracks - Race to Zero! [Ver 2]

    Maybe 900 is to heavy so I'm just going to decrease it to 800. Dope - 799 N.O - 800 Run - 800 I Need U - 800 Young Forever - 800 Just One Day - 800 Fire - 800
  2. Title Tracks - Race to Zero! [Ver 1]

    Hello! This is my first game so I'm excited about this! The game play is simple! No More Dream - 900 Danger - 900 Boy In Luv - 900 Blood Sweat & Tears - 900 Spring Day - 900 Not Today - 900 Save Me - 900 You just need to minus one songs every your turn! [one turn one songs] Then the first song to reach zero will be chosen as the most favorite title track (only between above, ofc) I'll start then! No More Dream - 900 Danger - 900 Boy In Luv - 900 Blood Sweat & Tears - 900 Spring Day - 900 Not Today - 900 Save Me - 899
  3. game Two Truths and a Lie

  4. game Two Truths and a Lie

  5. ARMY Confessions

    @Yoongism I KNOW RIGHT but often i would only watch a performance just to see their beautiful outifts. (mainly in girl groups i love their outfits so muchhhh) fyi before stanning i'm a only jhope fan lol, but it doesn't mean that i bash other members, no.
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. poll Favorite Cypher?

    Four. Honestly I don't really like 1,2 and 3, i don't know why.
  8. ARMY Confessions

    Honestly i don't a lot of Bangtan's stages (Except if it's really interesting for example with a different concept or probably a remix) because imo watching the stage is the same as listening to their music but just plus the choreo? and tbh i get bored of their songs too sometimes so, yeah.
  9. miss my time (exactly one week ago) when i used to live in this forum like everyday :'((

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    2. SeokSeok


      @movietvdrama I KNOW RIGHT HIS NAME IS BACBAC

    3. movietvdrama
    4. SeokSeok


      @movietvdramaidk but there are stickers of him on LINE! he's currently my fav, he's so cute ><

  10. discussion ✨ The Official SUPER STAR BTS Thread ✨

    i swear that bluestacks take so long to download. i wanted to play mystic messenger back then but i give up bc of it
  11. discussion ✨ The Official SUPER STAR BTS Thread ✨

    i don't have a phone so
  12. We hit 4000 members!

  13. game This or That

    this is so harddd Black Jiminn!! KFC OR MCD
  14. game Change a Letter

  15. Word Association

  16. game A-Z Animals Edition

  17. game TWO WORDS GAME;Continue the last word..

    Down Stairs
  18. game What Comes to Your Mind?

    Drown --------- Duck
  19. Last Letter ( Song Title )

    Let Me Know - BTS
  20. game A-Z Animals Edition

  21. game Change a Letter

  22. Word Association

    Owari No SeraphhHH
  23. my mom : " get ready yenny we're going to go to the mall and we're going to the barber to get your hair cut !"

    me : *really happy bcus i've been waiting for this for like days and i really want to try a new hairstyle *

    *2 hours later*

    me : " still playing my laptop,  thinking when will my mom is ready to go *

    when this happens, 90% of the chance that she's sleeping :')))

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    2. movietvdrama


      I hope the hair cut goes nicely for you.

    3. SeokSeok


      @movietvdrama thanks. just a bit story time bc i don't have anyone to talk to

      i really really hate it when my mom or someone else talks about my grandma. i vvv hate it. they talk about how my grandma always break things when she comes to stay at our house, but what's wrong with making a mistake? c'mon.

    4. movietvdrama


      I feel for your grandma. I'm glad she has you on her side. 

  24. The Alphabet Game

    Kentucky Fried Chicken
  25. game Count to 2018