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  1. i just smiled.....feels like we are patting Hobis hair..telling him good boy..
  2. Hi guys! i finally made it into my account [cryin rivers and streams right now] i wanted so much to fangirl with you all on March 2nd but both my laptops died in the space of two days and one 30mins before HopeWorld release (i swear the devil is a liar...lol). I mean after years of freaking out and making a complete fool of myself, when hixtape drops i could not log into this forum....whhhyyyyyyyyyy (coz i dnt remember my password tried to guess and got locked out! ) Enough about me, I am soooo proud of Hoseok....He delivered, the mixtape is very solid and well thought out! i know im late but my bias is the best y'alll....i love him so much! and yeah im baseline's bitch! And Piece of Peace is so Hoseok, How do I like each and every track...not because its Hobi but because its great??!! Im in awe guys!! Anyway, time to backtrack...i hope y'all enjoying HopeWorld as much as i am!! Add him slaying th charts is what he deserves!! King!!!!
  3. Anyone else need him to slow it down with the teasers?????????.....i know HopeWorld is upo us but damn Hoseok.... I waited a whole bloody 2017....i think im panicking
  4. the teaser today......i am determined to live.....this mere teaser shall not end me......im praying to survive the mixtape when it finally comes!!! i saw someone say Hoseok is a sadist....these are the factsssss!
  5. This, what if we get more than one....and he dances in all of them!!!! Im certain it will most definitely be a big thing!!!!! Tag me when hixtape drops...we will spazz together
  6. Hi @SOPE long time. hehehehe the time is nigh people!!! We gotta stock up on meds and snacks....gonna be a hell of a ride! I feel like when hixtape drops i will end my current playlist....and everything music. HopeOnTheStreet made a comeback this year...the year is made already people.....i love him so much!!! He is a brilliant dancer...watching him improve his craft and try out different genres is an absolute joy!! UNPOPULAR OPINION this selfish sorta deranged bitch does not want Hixtape to drop on his birthday which is what a lot of people are hoping for.....i know im crazy....BUt i feel like i need the 18th of Feb to celebrate his life and the joy he gives me. Hixtape will distract me from enjoying his bday...coz i will prolly be in the afterlife.....what to do On the other hand, i will still love it on his bday anyway..confused much!!! Anyway, talks over (more like a rant). later dearies!! stay safe, healthy, warm or cool wherever in the world you may be
  7. is this a teaser to the shit we been waiting for ???? i swear to God, get your shit in order...the world is gonna end...hoseokalypse is here!!!!!
  8. - came for souls and collected plenty....he hawt!!! Mic Drop!!!
  9. Hi guys, i miss you all. and Hobi so much!!
  10. Bitch!!!!!!! i want to thank the gif gods who blessed my timeline with this unholy holiness and i thought you guys would also benefit from this feast! Enjoy!! And i wasnt here to discuss the 'Soon, real soon' message from Hoseok but damn.....i dont know wht i will do when hixtape finally comes..Im just excited Hixtape Cometh!
  11. Ok the year has started on a high note for Hoseok and his stans! People freaking out on twitter over the guy with the red hair He looked woow...that white outfit and gold jacket complimented his red hair so well! He has always owned America and to start like this .........im excited for him and thanks for the spam...them pics are giving me Hope for the year ahead!