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  1. I mean Cr Cr. i have questions!!! My simple brain could not focus and process all the details on this vid...gosh! IS BH preparing the boys for real acting in dramas etc.or what, coz this is some dramatic shit! SHE IS still winning, even though shez 'unconscious----probably dead' Winning all the way to eternity! AND I AM STILL WAITING for HIXTape, whenever you are ready Hoseok, and BH
  2. Ok, I just wanted to say to the girl who GOT THE CHANCE TO DANCE WITH KING! I dont care if you had to step on the fragile skulls of 10 million bitches or save the galaxy from nuclear Armageddon to get that part, get that dance, live our dreams! I mean Hoes be dreaming inside dreams to get noticed, and you get to DANCE WIITH KING! IDC, but this girl is winning at life, at life's choices and living the dream! Cr. damn, to think they practiced this together, OK this GIRL is beyond lucky!!!! thank your mama's mama for giving birth to you girl! this is so pleasing to watch!
  3. appreciation

    supporting his boy, theirs is a rship of love and support.........
  4. ok, but when are we getting hixtape, with all thats going on, im getting a lil-
  5. 170811 Big Hit Ent’s Tweet As long as you are shining, I’m okay. Airport or prison? I am glad he looks so-
  6. Cr. ilysm My anxiety is coming back BVS2 ends next week, does this mean Hopetape is a week away....I will not give up anticipating it....slay me king!
  7. # Ok. So i first heard abt these on twitter without seeing the actual pics, i was stressedt! Then now I am even more stressed.... then some! Man oh Man! He looks great in weird clothes, I always say this, them pants are distracting, he is such a tease, Mama the man is fine! Let me stop before this turns into a novel!
  8. I was just doing my 'BTS prepare me for life' thing when i saw this very nice comment abt Hoseok and it warmed my heart....I know some of you probably saw it...its worth sharing; Its about J-Hope quickly reminding the boys to not touch the Muslim fan. here ### What RM said in the recent bon voyage episode makes perfect sense. J-Hope is so good at being 'professional' by doing things like this, reminding the others not to curse/act out in front of the camera, coordinating both dance practices and performances, and busting out the aegyo to liven up interviews. He's said himself that he watches reaction videos and internet opinions constantly. People tend to liken him to his sunshiney persona, but it's pretty clear that J-Hope is excellent at leading the group in idol activities/public relations and how damn intelligent and meticulous he can be. If you notice in some interviews/Run! BTS episodes when there's a member who seems to be quiet for some time (ex. Kook, Jin) J-Hope will include them/try to get them to speak up. (ex. post-bbmas: 'he's so cute') And in behind-the-scenes when BTS is reacting to videos of performances he doesn't say much and you can see him concentrating/analyzing their performance. Hoseok is amazing. ###### There's actually a word for this in Korean! It's called nunchi - it's a very subtle type of social tact. People with good nunchi are good at managing social situations and noticing small details. I read a book that mentioned it recently and my brain immediately went 'J-HOPE' (though, to be fair, he's like 80% of my thought processes anyway.) I so love it when people share this side of him.....he is awesome!
  9. not to let the hixtape hype die down, I AM READY NOW, any day when you are ready Hoseok! I need something to get super hype for this Aug, Hixtape will be the best distraction!!!
  10. I am glad I put a spoiler alert...lol! Hang in there, its totally worth the wait! He fine!!
  11. aaah man the BME vid making behind the scene vid is just so....
  12. BME It never registered in my mind how stressful and gut wrenching this experience must have been for him...he was representing the group and had to make sure he delivered a top notch performance...his intro could have gone either way (good or bad)...It turned out perfectly!...He was alone...ofc he has support from the members but it must hv been really hard! I will go fulfil my stream BME 5 times a day routine!
  13. miss him so much...its been a minute! eh didnt even flinch....lol cr. heyjay i thought i saw new scans-es somewhere...guess i was wrong! so much content, cant keep up!!!