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  1. The Jung Hoseok Discussion Thread

    Mang is cute!!!
  2. The Jung Hoseok Discussion Thread

    Cr The Man! I was reading youtube comments under this Cypher 4 vid; glorious times to be stanning! He is shaking masses and I love it !
  3. The Jung Hoseok Discussion Thread

    hi all....i missed yall! i been catchin up...guess two weeks is too long a time ....so much to go thru Cr. I missed everything about him
  4. The Jung Hoseok Discussion Thread

    Thanks dearies for the hobi goodies! I need gifs of the inkigayo mic drop stage.... something like this! BTW...#BoyMeetsEvil1Year time flies! I heard he helped choreograph mic drop, i need receipts, does anyone know where it was mentioned?i ( i remember some of the mic drop moves from the moves he made when they did the million vlive thing.......cypher 4 dance.... group hope on the street i think!
  5. The Jung Hoseok Discussion Thread

    Ok, Hoseok is a King! I hv been busy but damn son!
  6. The Jung Hoseok Discussion Thread

    <ok hoseok phucked me with the end of Her...i like the album even more after a second listen!
  7. The Jung Hoseok Discussion Thread

    Hi all..lol! I love go go go the most so far! I am still listening to the album...i hv been so busy.....I have to listen to mic drop a lot to bring my comments....the album is interesting...much edm and heavy synthesisers .....different but different is good....i have to listen to all of it to give my insight!! But king looks good and i am happy so far!
  8. The Jung Hoseok Discussion Thread

    so...i think i finished school today...lol...this has been a year i swear...hoseok kept me sane and i would like to tell him that i'm grateful! I wish i could tell him how he got me through this business somehow, i know he will never read this ...but thank you Hoseok from the bottom of my cold heart! And thank you guys....my dear hoseok stans, you were the people i talked to even when i spoke to noone else during my trying times......haahahaha this discussion thread has been my social life really thank you..lol! this is some dramatic shit
  9. appreciation Jung Hoseok Mood Board

    wwwwwooo very nice!!!
  10. The Jung Hoseok Discussion Thread

    Only Hoseok can wear those crazy ass pants and I still love him. Again like we always say, he looks good in weird clothes...they put him centre so he can showcase dem pants.....werk itand their stylists surely have a ball dressing him like this! Just dont perform in those weird pants...please! Still love you! @Maphisto40 staring at Hoseok is what we all do... @Cypher• where did you get the smart pics.....i am so out of touch these days...the recent months have not been kind to me!!!
  11. The Jung Hoseok Discussion Thread

    Riv...........hey hey! miss you more!
  12. The Jung Hoseok Discussion Thread

    OK I just watched 218's latest Hoseok MAMA fancam for the 2154875th time........phuck it! Hoseok is such a huge personality! That thundering voice of his is so mesmerising.....mom i love him! And the way the jacket sparkled with the stage lights...his wide enchanting smile...the way he struts and that mic grab at the end.......he shakes my very being!
  13. The Jung Hoseok Discussion Thread

    my fav hobi pics of the day!
  14. The Jung Hoseok Discussion Thread

    Cr. Cuteness at its prime!! I just realised that after stanning him the amount of green I own has increased, I always liked army green but Hoseok took it to another level!
  15. Hobi Million Series

    Someone on twitter mentioned its J-Olaf coz Olaf looks like an 8...I was too slow to catch that! Also, m I the only one who noticed on the bottom right corner its not J-Olaf? Trans: 8 million congrats congrats ☃️ million ~.~ #HobiMillionSeries #Hobi10MillionSeries until then.. I Hope he continues to find strength and time to continue to indulge us...I always look forward to his edits! Though I know he is super busy! We appreciate it Hoseok!