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  1. lets stream guys, the views on this are embarrasing! And the man IS hot!!!! I wanna dance like him but thts impossible...lol
  2. Coming back from the dead to scream over this. I legit choked on air when I saw this pic this morning when I first woke up. I am soooooooooooooooo happy they kept the long curly hair, because he looks fucking phenomenal with it, and it's been killing me for weeks. Dear heavens if Hoseok performs in this and keeps the long hair during promotions i will be highly distracted.....prooly die again! This is a look good to hear you rose from the ashes like a phoenix only for Hoseok to end you.....lol
  3. im dead earingz, leather, curly hair, the stare, Jung Hosek = dead stan
  4. i dnt think i can watch a clear fancam of hoseok dancing to baseline.....im not physically and emotionally there yet
  5. this literally cured my grey day!! +namseok aaaahh im healed!!!
  6. i dont know how to feel about this
  7. i just smiled.....feels like we are patting Hobis hair..telling him good boy..
  8. Hi guys! i finally made it into my account [cryin rivers and streams right now] i wanted so much to fangirl with you all on March 2nd but both my laptops died in the space of two days and one 30mins before HopeWorld release (i swear the devil is a liar...lol). I mean after years of freaking out and making a complete fool of myself, when hixtape drops i could not log into this forum....whhhyyyyyyyyyy (coz i dnt remember my password tried to guess and got locked out! ) Enough about me, I am soooo proud of Hoseok....He delivered, the mixtape is very solid and well thought out! i know im late but my bias is the best y'alll....i love him so much! and yeah im baseline's bitch! And Piece of Peace is so Hoseok, How do I like each and every track...not because its Hobi but because its great??!! Im in awe guys!! Anyway, time to backtrack...i hope y'all enjoying HopeWorld as much as i am!! Add him slaying th charts is what he deserves!! King!!!!
  9. Anyone else need him to slow it down with the teasers?????????.....i know HopeWorld is upo us but damn Hoseok.... I waited a whole bloody 2017....i think im panicking
  10. the teaser today......i am determined to live.....this mere teaser shall not end me......im praying to survive the mixtape when it finally comes!!! i saw someone say Hoseok is a sadist....these are the factsssss!