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  1. granted, but you can't sing anything but the billboard top 100 from the 1990's --------------- i wish i had more coffee TT
  2. granted, but there is also other corresponding craft-themed weather, such as hailing scissors and sleeting glue. -------- i wish fan-wars would stop
  3. granted, but you can only dance, no walking, crawling, or skipping. ------- i wish i always had the right amount of money to buy stuff when i needed it.
  4. Granted, but everyone becomes egotistical and narcissistic to the point of being annoying. ---- i wish it was always Halloween
  5. I love raisingmylegson and ask-kim-daily this is a new one omg this is soooo cute i'm crying
  6. he looked gorgeous in that scene omg. also kinda like a lost puppy
  7. Happy birthday! :jkiss:

    1. SeokSeok


      Thank you!!! :wow:

      here a bonus for you




    2. Jungkook's Cheekbones
  8. his poor knees are all bruised up ;;
  9. I love how he made a name for himself as Vante, that he keeps completely separate from his idol/actor side. He shows his artistic eyes so well, and I love the composition. It's great low he shows us beautiful things through his eyes, since that's what most photographers choose, is things they find beautiful. We get to see his own idea and interpretation of beauty, and it's wonderful.

    I literally haven't spoken to you in ages because my phone died and I don't go around bugging you in bbase :") But I hope you have a good birthday and your gifts are lovely (I know Bri was sending you one? Or was that the other way round?), and that either way you eat all the good stuff and have a great rest of the week(end)~

  11. Confess love to you ? J-Hope or Suga ? Yoongi and I are too much alike. Honestly, we probably wouldn't work out. Plus, I'm a hardcore Hobi stan. So yes please, Hobi. Have your picture drawn by Jimin or V sings your favorite song for you? I. WANT. TO . HEAR. TAE'S. VOICE. Have a date with Jungkook, J-Hope or Rapmonster ? Joonie is honestly my type. It'd probably be like stargazing or sitting in a cafe being a giggly and cute. 10/10 would say yes. Be married to Jin and Army hates you or not have any relationship with him and be loved again ? I love JInnie but he'd probably be stressed if ARMYs hated his S/O other. For Jin's mental health, I'd say having no relationship. Oversleep and miss important concert or oversleep and miss your date w/ your bias ? As much as I want to go to one of thier concerts, who the HELL would rather miss a date where you get to talk and interact with them??? Mad at you for a week J-hope or Jimin ? Hobi scares me when he gets angry, but JImin is hot as hell. Take selcas w/ 6 members and ignore V or Suga ? HOW DARE YOU??????? if i had to chose, probably Yoongi though Meet your bias or meet everyone but not your bias? They switch spots everyday, so does that mean I could just meet all of them??? Be poor and love BTS or be extremely rich and forget everything about them? I'm already poor and love BTS... Go to one of their concerts or a fan meeting? FAN MEET ALL THE WAY See your OTP get together or have BTS release a lot of mv's/ songs in one day? Either way we're breaking the fandom, so let's go MV drop. Have a one sided love with Jungkook or RapMonster loves you more than you love them? i can't.... See BTS with TWICE or SNSD ? TWICE Go on a vacation with Jungkook while he is wearing a seagull costume or Suga while he is wearing a Kumamon costume ? Kumamon is hella cute okay. Sneak into concert and get caught or their dorm and get caught ? I'd feel so bad for trying to sneak into their dorm, so for the sake of my conscience and healthy state of mind, a concert Have RapMonster or J-Hope comfort you when you are sad? hOBI Eat big meals with Jin or ride a horse with J-Hope ? FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD If you were the 8th member would you have long hair , guy short, short, or mid way ? I don't entirely understand this question, but probably short hair Be friends with the Maknae-line (Jimin,V and Jungkook) or the Hyung-line (Jin, RM, Suga and J-Hope) ? The hyungs. They would treat me like such a baby though. See you naked ? RapMonster or V ? ummmm..... Joonie would be super blushy and apologetic, but also probably make an inappropriate joke and then apologize profusely Meet BTS and forget to brush your teeth or wear deodorant ? teeth. you could wear a mask or just chew a piece of mint gum before hand Kiss Jin, Suga, Jimin or Jungkook ? either Jimin or Yoongi. so pretty much Jimin's pretty lips v.s. Yoongi's f***ING TONGUE Dancing with J-Hope, Jin or V ? JIn. I'm going to embarrass myself, may aswell dance with someone close to my level A duet with RapMonster or Jimin ? Joon's singing voice is heavenly~ Want BTS to be single and alone for Armys or dating and happy with Armys support ? As long as they're happy, I'm happy Sing karaoke w/ your bias or go on a shopping spree w/ BTS but not your bias ? KARAOKE. I SUCK BUT IT'S FUN Break your bias heart or crush your bias lifetime dreams ? Probably thier heart. a person can only make you happy temporarily, but doing what you love can make you happy for life One of the BTS members swears at you in Korean, Suga or Jungkook ? Yoongi is swearing is hot as hell. And I'll probably swear right back in German tbh Share a bed with JiKook (Jimin x Jungkook) or TaeGi (V x Suga) ? I poorbably wouldn't get to sleep with JiKook bc those boys never shut up. Also TaeGi is great man And finally... your bias remembers your name or your face ? MY FACE SCREW MY NAME
  12. oh dear lord here we go he doesn't just want your attention. he demands it.