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  1. the giant crab did not like your offering. he grabs you and you are banished to the dungeon. i offer him a sponge. he seems to like it and allows me to climb onto his back my crab
  2. granted, but you can't sing anything but the billboard top 100 from the 1990's --------------- i wish i had more coffee TT
  3. granted, but there is also other corresponding craft-themed weather, such as hailing scissors and sleeting glue. -------- i wish fan-wars would stop
  4. granted, but you can only dance, no walking, crawling, or skipping. ------- i wish i always had the right amount of money to buy stuff when i needed it.
  5. Granted, but everyone becomes egotistical and narcissistic to the point of being annoying. ---- i wish it was always Halloween
  6. I join the picnic at the top of the hill, and bring a watermelon to eat. Ants follow, and the other picnickers run in terror. I am king of the ants and of the hill My hill.
  7. @Pokeybun Creator of the cutest Halloween chibis
  8. Apparently, the links that were posted were links to different porn websites.... I hope this does not affect the popularity of the comeback or they boy's reputations. TT
  9. I love raisingmylegson and ask-kim-daily this is a new one omg this is soooo cute i'm crying
  10. he looked gorgeous in that scene omg. also kinda like a lost puppy
  11. Happy birthday! :jkiss:

    1. SeokSeok


      Thank you!!! :wow:

      here a bonus for you




    2. Jungkook's Cheekbones
  12. his poor knees are all bruised up ;;
  13. I love how he made a name for himself as Vante, that he keeps completely separate from his idol/actor side. He shows his artistic eyes so well, and I love the composition. It's great low he shows us beautiful things through his eyes, since that's what most photographers choose, is things they find beautiful. We get to see his own idea and interpretation of beauty, and it's wonderful.