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  1. yeah i used to be a big margot fan after i found out about her and i saw some scenes of her in this show she was so young omg
  2. samee like harley is such an iconic character she became my fave so fast. also i never heared of margot before the suicide squad movie, like i watched focus and wolf of wall street but never paid too much attention. but i was so obssesed with her shes one of the prettiest actresses ive ever seen and shes so funny and talented i love her
  3. i really like tattoos i have this one i wanna get which is a gun on my third finger ( ) i hope im gonna get it soon ive been wanting it for a year i also really like to get a tattoo on like the back of my arm above the elbow ? if that makes sense like to get a sentence there or something but i still dont have an idea btw yall have some really pretty tattoos im jealoussss
  4. yeahh i love reading comics, sometimes even more than watching superhero movies, even tho they are good too. im a dc girl tbh, i think im more attracted to the dark and complicated shit dc does than what marvel does ? but i do like marvel movies as well like deadpool is still the best movie and i actually enjoyed the new spiderman a lot, it was a nice little like break from all the serious stuff. my favourite character is harley quinn, and no its not because of suicide squad for gods sake i liked her even before that. even tho u know what kill be ive been waiting for suicide squad for so long and you guess what ? I WASNT DISAPPOINTED. I LOVED IT. harley couldnt get a better casting than margot, she was perfect as harley. yes i also love the joker (im really into criminal and psychological shit), and i dont think jared was as bad as everyone says. he was fine. i havent watched wonderwoman yet (which is a shame cause gal is my hometown girl) but i will! im anticipating the new batfleck movie a lot and justice league of course. looks awesome !
  5. well then youre doing a GREAT JOB
  6. im unstaning i cant take this anymore how can 3 minutes fuck me up so bad
  8. honesly what are those aesthetics i love this
  10. my new wallpaper
  12. I AM NOT REALLY OK RIGHT NOW I DID NOT KNOW IM dude istg what game are bighit fucking playing
  13. game

    truth : which member are you most sexually attracted to ?
  14. smart.loyal.awesomefriend.

    and this meme because i feel like its literally you

    Image result for rap monster memes

    1. monimoni


      honestly tru