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  1. game

    truth : which member are you most sexually attracted to ?
  2. smart.loyal.awesomefriend.

    and this meme because i feel like its literally you

    Image result for rap monster memes

    1. monimoni


      honestly tru

  3. game

    lmao easy dare : i dare you to comment "i want the jibooty" 3 times around bbase
  4. Image result for bts jungkook ugly face

    1. leanna


      Now this is more like it! I need to recreate this next

    2. fuckparkjimin


      Ill be anticipating ;)

  5. game

    I SHIP CHALEANNA SO BAD YOU DONT EVEN UNDERSTAND @Whalien @leanna speaking of leanna truth - im dropping the bomb, WHO IS YOUR LEAST FAVE MEMBER ??
  6. Image result for ugly meme face

    1. leanna



  7. game

    so welcome to the game you all been waiting for. TRUTH OR DARE so i think the title is self explainatory. each time its gonna be a truth or a dare. if the person gives you a truth, you need to answer honestly. thats #expose time please coaporate. if the person gives you dare, you need to do the dare they told you to, and bring receipts (screenshots,pics etc). either if its truth or dare will change. we will start with truth, and then dare, and then truth and so on. example : yeah so hopefully you get the idea LETS START !!!!!!!!!! im gonna go first : truth - who was your first bias in bts ?
  8. game

    damn i wasnt in here for a while its time to spread positivity because im sure a lot of us need it right now
  9. Username: fuckparkjiminAward: Mochi {Unique} Username: Award: OT7 {Unique}fuckparkjimin mochi - ot7 makane line - vmin thank youu
  10. soundcloud

    jin fucking slayed my soul this whole song slayed my soul
  11. photos

    @satoori tysm for letting me know this pics are amazing they are fucking beautiful i love them like this gave me life
  12. game

    Name: damn i wonder who ill choose let me think about it Describe this member... the most perfect human being ive ever seen he is so nice and kind and his smile just hypnotist me he makes me want and try to be a better person he literraly own my soul his eyes are the purest thing in the world istg babies' eyes arent as pure as jimins eyes he is so genuine and fuck i love him #1 in ... the nicest and kindest human being in the world (protect at all cost) #7 in ... im sorry this question doesnt make sense Something he says often... NO NO ITS NOT LIKE THAT when someone compliments him and he waves his cute hands and im This member's speciality is... charisma. 100%. Advantages: extremly hard worker, cares about everyone around him , trying to be the best human being he could be, dancing on point, singing on point, visuals on point, has the cutest laugh in the world bitch i can go on and on Disadvantages: doesnt believe in himself. being too hard on himself. gets hurt and feels bad and guilty when stupid armys says theyre hurt for stupid reasons, insecure. This member's charm point is... his laugh / his sexy af gaze This member's looks are 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 out of 100 I'm thankful when... he looks happy. thats all i want. I dislike when... hes being too harsh with himself, starves himself, thinks fans only like him because of his abs, keeps apologizing when he doesnt need to The moment I was happiest with them... when he got all those solo stages and slayed them. he is finally happy with his dancing and he shows the world what he can do. When I see them... "ugh my baby" .......... yeah literally what i say in my head Something I wish for from them... to be happy. to never change. to believe in himself and in his true fans. The thing that connects me and them.... height jokes. insecure. idk i think i need a jimin in my life. This thing I'm most jealous of is... how perfect he is. being around such good friends who are literally your family and having fun and living such a memeroable life. The song that comes to mind when I see this member... "stone cold". no im kidding its an inside joke. probably thinking out loud cause how much i love him and ill do everything for him even when hes down even tho when hes down i wanna kill someone. I think this member is weird when... when hes in a dork mode. damn guys the 2013 7 years old stripper personality is still there. I LOVE IT. Something that fits this member well is... me. This member's gaze (please kill me under that gaze) got really intense lately! If I stood on stage with this member... i would hug the shit out of him idc and tell him how perfect he is how much i love him and how much he means to me (hopefully we would kiss after ) I hope this member becomes good at... he is already good at everything. but it seems like he is still isnt happy with his singing. i hope he would be satisfied one day. also just because he wants to, i honestly do not care, english. he seems to be getting quit better tho, im proud. I hope this member stays bad at... being serious next to the members. i love his laugh and smile. BONUS COMMITMENT ROUND Draw this member... Their future that I draw...
  13. event

    LISTEN THAT TIMER THO FREAKED THE SHIT OUT OF ME I PRESSED RANDOME ANSWERS but it was fun and hilarious, thank you ~ <3
  14. game

    @modeltae - i hope you are having the time of your life and yes im jelly