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  1. 1, 498, 000 Go big or go home am I right?
  2. Happy birthday!

    (You haven't been active since like April lol so you probably might now see this xD)

  3. Tell 'em gurlie. My boys proving themselves since 2013.
  4. My album arrived and I got a J-Hope photocard. Him being my biaswrecker makes me feel really happy! The boys look gorgeous in the 'L' version. (Hoping to buy the other three at Walmart because they're now being sold here. Hopefully, they're being sold in the Walmart nearby me.)
  5. I just gotta say... NAMJOON HAS BEEN SERVING VISUALS RECENTLY. His stylist noonas really know what to do now; which I'm so happy about. Sad to see that promotions are really over. Seemed like yesterday when they released the album.
  6. Namjoon's face in the vlive was so freaking hilarious when he read the comment; he was like 'my life is a lie'.
  7. I love Cinema Sins so much. One of the few channels outside of kpop that I follow.
  8. LMAO MY RESULTS THO. 1. BTS Cypher Pt. 3 1. Look Here 1. Tomorrow 1. Spine Breaker 1. Jump 1. N.O 1. We On 1. MIC Drop 1. Go Go 10. 2nd Grade 10. Boy in Luv 10. Intro: Serendipity 10. DNA 10. Dimple All I got were 1s and 10s. A lot of songs are from the newer albums. I seriously need to go on a BTS Spotify marathon and jam out to their older albums.
  9. Tbh I expected them to drop or go out of the chart. I DIDN'T THINK WE WOULD JUMP. OMG SLAY ARMY!
  10. I've been listening to 'HER' two days in a row now, all the songs are amazing!
  11. The aesthetics, the visuals, THE SONG, the theories, the questons.... Yup Big Hit has delivered once again. They all look so handsome and well there's SO MANY QUESTIONS BUT NO ANSWERS!!!!! Why are they suddenly on the train and then on the beach? What does that pile of clothes represent? Why did Taehyung lie down on the on the train tracks? Was the word "MONSTUR" intentionally spelled wrong? Anyways, I'm super excited for Not Today next week. Listened to the song and it's a bop. The choreo and MV is going to look so good (and I'm betting you they'll be promoting Puma).
  12. After being inactive for 2348324434942 years, I have finally comeback. This site is looking really nice; much better than when I first joined. I was more active on OH, so I haven't been as active on this thread as I should have been but I'm back. Pls take care of me juseyo.
  13. hey floppy

    1. secretlyakpopfan


      my nugu flop butt never active on BB rip

    2. Rappy


      same gurlie lmao 

  14. This is namjoons era for styling. Fight me. (Pls don't, I'm innocent.) Ugh i loved his silver hair during MMA tho.