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  1. I feel bad that I haven't been here in a long time. sdkjfhasd. Don't hate me y'all for coming only now for the AMAs. I need updates and OH is dead. The boys look so gorgeous. I love Jimin's jacket. I love everyone's outfits. I'm so damn excited omfgggg.
  2. I wish I had money and a credit card to buy this...
  3. Tomorrow's monday in South Korea, so I'm expecting something. The date of the comeback at least.
  4. I absolutely love this. Somehow I understood so much better the letter and the scenarios Jin describes with the actual videos of it. Keep it up with the good work of these amazing videos!
  5. I screamed when they started to show the HYYH scenes. As of now, the Time traveler + Butterfly effect it's the theory I like the most.
  6. Yes, that's why as of now I'm almost sure it's a story about time travel + butterfly effect. And I said almost, because like I said, there's still a really small possibility that they might be playing with us and it's not like that.
  7. Lmao, same. I think it really fits and it's amazing if that was the case but at the same time I'm afraid they might be playing with us again and then show us something that destroys this theory.
  8. It would be basically the butterfly effect. Jin keeps coming back to "that day at the sea" and keeps doing different things to try to find a way to have happy something close to a happy ending or at least a not so tragic, but he he keeps failing.
  9. You have a point there. I remember that in posters Jin refers to "the day as the sea" as well, as if he's trying to say that's the begining of the loop, but I'm not sure if the scene where he's trying clothes happens before the day of the sea. I'm sorry. My mind is also confused af right now.
  10. Does this mean that all these past videos with the story have been kind of like the different lifes Jin has lived with them? I think that's what has happened all this time. Like @souffleg said above, it can be like a loop that begins, ends and resets over and over again. That would explain why we couldn't find the correct order of all the scenarios and things that had happened in all the videos: there wasn't one. We always thought everything happened in the same line of time when the videos were maybe a different life, a different loop as mentioned, for a lack of better words (since english it's not my first language so my vocabulary it's limited). I Need U Prologue RUN Blood, Sweat & Tears I'm just vomiting words and trying to find an answer, but I'm not sure honestly. I mean, right now I think it fits. Because even tho different things happened in every loop, there was always the constants: Jin, the rest of the boys, their personal struggles and the place (in this case, Seoul). I don't know. My brain hurts tbh. I just want a hug and know at the end, no matter how many tragic lives they lived, someday they'll find a way to do things in the right way so they they can finally be together and finally happy.
  11. OMG THE TIME TRAVEL THEORIES WERE RIGHT HOLY S- He came back in time to decide not going to the date because the girl was going to die if he went. He wanted to save her, omg.