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  1. So I guess it's just unlucky ol me with a glitch then edit: wait actually i found a link about it, apparently android users have this issue. ok welp https://www.reddit.com/r/SuperStarBTS/comments/7rl378/i_cant_log_in_into_my_account/ hope they fix it soon
  2. Hey guys sorry for double posting, but after you log in to your account on SuperStar BTS, when you exit the app and come back to it, does it always ask you to log-in? My account always asks me to log-in and even enter a name, but when I click okay and pass the name stuff, it's still my new account (which I just made). This happened to me for my previous account and it turned out to be a guest account that I couldn't retrieve, so I'm very worried.
  3. if the rave is the same as other Superstar games, then yes. when you have cards of a theme, when you hit a note you add a bit of points to your rave. if you miss a note, your rave point and bonuses immediately reset to 1x after they add to your points, and you have to build it up again. so like if its 4x rave (hyper rave or so), you will get 4x the number of normal rave points when you hit a note. so it's not based on what theme, its based on HOW many cards you have of SAME theme. Basically if you dont miss any notes at all and you start with the best highest rave with all the cards of same theme, you will get a lot of bonus points. however if you miss notes or you dont have the same theme, you willjust have a 2x and have to slowly build rave up to 4x or 5x, so you miss out on a bit of points.
  4. TBH, from a business standpoint, this type of game does get revenue from whales and cashers. I think they trust in BTS' fandom to spend in the money, or for at least f2p players to keep playing and slowly grinding and maybe give in and buy a sales pack or two to contribute. If I were to run a big game company, I would aim for whales too. I don't like it either. But some people might cash cuz they think, "at least I'm supporting BTS in some way!" Honestly I do not mind not ranking since I am busy too, but that's because I have commitments to other mobile games and I also don't rank at all to avoid killing myself with work and games lol. I think in this, I will use my very patient strategy, save up a whole big chunk of diamonds,then when I see a special pack or a theme I really want, I just spend it all. Like I played SSM and got the 50 diamonds +20 inventory space when the normal price is normally 200 diamonds. That method has worked for me in almost all my other f2p games, although I don't cash, I can actually beat out some small cashers who are not as patient as me, just by being very patient and calculative lol. Also at least they are updating events where they have free inventory space, etc the 1mil player bonus where they give everyone 100 free inventory slots and an S card. Bitch the S card I get better be a signed or prism since those even have better stats (Also I'm so salty, Dalcomsoft better respond to me soon about my old account, if I have to miss out on those bonuses I'm gonna salt)
  5. Intro: Boy Meets Evil - 197 Blood Sweat & Tears -188 Begin - 184 Lie - 190 Stigma - 142 First Love - 190 Reflection - 199 MAMA - 174 Awake - 148 Lost - 197 Cypher pt. 4 - 198 Am I Wrong - 199 21st Century Girl - 197 Two! Three! (Wishing for Better Days) - 165 Interlude: Wings - 190
  6. I think it just came in today, when I woke up this morning I just updated it. I didn't expect my progress to be gone and even when I have to click on an account to log-in, it just makes me make a new one although I already linked my old account with it. I'm playing on android, and looking on threads. Only in the reviews do I see some people complaining about the accounts not working. I think it could be a bug. I honestly don't mind restarting over, but I really want the name I picked (Seokjinsus) That's all I need
  7. I'm having trouble linking my gmail account with the game, after I updated the game it asked me to create an account again, and even when I used my email to link to it, it just made me make a new one all over. My progress is lost and I can't reuse my name. Does anyone also have this problem after the new update?
  8. It turns out I couldn't even see your quoted image, then I disabled protection for this site lol and now I can see if the image is embedded or not! Thank you!! Also this is OT but is it safe to turn off adblock for this site??
  9. Hello! I haven't been on BBase for a long time but I procrastinated on my work and instead am playing SuperStar BTS so might as well say hello here @Chim Chim Star™ I hope you don't mind but I copied your Beginner's Tips and put it into the OP on the OH SuperStar thread, if you do mind I will take it down Sorry for taking without permission first. I'm Seokjinsus in the game, and I have found my card I'm going to max rank to R99: Pink!Jin best Jin
  10. I have a lot of favourite lyrics from BTS, for different reasons! To be honest, every song of BTS I look up I draw a small bit of inspiration and happiness or thoughtful words from them, I have too many lyrics I like. For some inspiring lyrics: "At that time I was young And had nothing to fear A few times defeated isn’t much ... Like I always said hundreds of time every day, “Never mind me” I can have a taste of failure and frustration and bow my head We are still young and immature, don’t even worry about it Moss surely grows on a stone that doesn’t roll If you can’t return, go straight through your mistakes and forget them all NEVER MIND it’s not easy but engrave it onto your chest" -Suga in Nevermind Then for badass lyrics, I especially love some of Rap Monster's verses, he has some really iconic English lines, and in Korean I just listen and admire his gorgeous rhyme scheme. "I’m not pop, I’m not rock, I’m not funk, I’m not R&B or hiphop ... if you follow the trends that’s good if you’re totally different that’s good" -RM, Do You "I work a hundred times harder than the bastards who do hiphop with keyboards Rap is an easy genre to them, too many generals All you anyones and everyones, have some manners" I especially love this verse because of how he says it in Korean and plays with the words "genre", "generals" and "manners / maeneoreul" and the overall rhyme scheme. "raeb=manmanhan genre, too many generals eojungitteojungideura da gatchwora maeneoreul" Then for one more of my favourite parts... "Man what you afraid of, I’m confident when I’m on the beat ... I don’t need GIVENCHY, cuz im a star I don’t need HUGO, already a boss" -RM, Cypher pt 3 This one is also iconic, the brand names is really cool. I really love RM's crazy rhyme scheme, with Suga I empathize directly with his hard hitting and blunt lyrics, with RM I look into his rhyme scheme and read his lyrics and it's a pretty present for me to unwrap and listen. He reminds me a bit of Tymee with his crazy rhyme scheme on every other word sometimes. For funny lyrics, they have a lot lol. Of course the iconic "fresh like a salad so smooth", "stop playing hard to get before I kick you in the butt", but I love WoH too " Thank you for existing Please call me, I’ll buy you food ... I’m 18, I know what I need to know ... Yes I’m a bad boy so i like bad girl ... After fighting my hormones again today, I’ll pop my pimple" RM, Jungkook, J-hope in War of Hormone War of Hormones is honestly iconic at how funny it is, especially Jungkook's "HIGH HEE! - EEELSSS!" and Suga's "TESSSS! - TOSSS!- TERONE!" To be honest, all of BTS songs always have good lyrics, whether it be sounding nice like ABCDEFGH HAKUNA MATATA or having a nice story to tell. For relatable lyrics, I like this song, especially in our day and age of social media, I empathize so much with stalking someone you dislike on social media... "I naturally pressed your number but Calling or texting you seems like I am losing If I don’t say anything, I don’t think you’ll even care about me Why isn’t there a Dislike button?" RM, I Like it LOL I wrote too much but oh well!
  11. EDit: oops wrong thread omg Bless, they're talking about BTS omg I'm disappointed that their outfits are so simple, but the boys are rocking it and they look happy so that's what's important. Or wait, are these not the final outfits yet