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  1. For being a constant source of emotional support even as we cry over mandrake children and collective relationship failures together in the dead of the night. 

    Thank you, and I love you:jkiss:

  2. I arise from death for a little just to say hello and randomly post in threads for fun :') chances are I'm going to continue being busy till past December so :( I hope I'll make it for bangtanmas. if anyone is still alive please say hi :')

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    2. Pokeybun


      @fuckparkjimin :jin9:

      @Cypher• I'll drop in randomly especially cause I wanna participate in the pumpkin patch but :') thank you!! :jungkook9:

    3. SeokSeok





    4. Pokeybun



      I make no promises about overworking because school is a jerk but I'll do my best 💪💪 

      I'll try my best to stop by but just think of it as a semi hiatus where I'll just say hi once in a while. I do wanna participate in the Halloween event tho so Ill try to be active! 

  3. What is your phone/device wallpaper?

    *COUGHS* well um,,,, ,,,, also don't judge me for having a day6 background iM SEEING THEM IN CONCERT TMRW LET ME HYPE 👏
  4. game Truth Or Dare

    NOT GONNA LIE IT'S PROBABLY A MIX OF JIN AND HOBI. i really like fun playful types because I too am playful and need someone who won't hate me for it OTL. I also have a loud obnoxious laugh so pls someone who likes laughing with me so I'm not too lonely 🙏 I just really love jin's personality through he'd probably be an ideal type for me. dumb and silly but also gentlemanly and sweet. so yeah I'd say accurate! BUT JIN IS STILL MY SON AND I REFUSE TO TAKE HIM AS ANYTHING ELSE dare: publically post something sweet to at least 2-3 friends you have on bbase. you can say something simple like hey you're really sweet and I love being able to talk to you or write a paragraph saying how much they mean to you. IDK GO WILD MY GUYS SPREAD SOME LOVE I'M SURE IT'LL MAKE SOMEONE'S DAY. AND POST PHOTO PROOF!!!
  5. game "Witch" Member

    hi! a long time ago a sweetheart @Mongmungi created a thread called "Which Member" and we all took it ran with it and went ham on it. in spirit of the spooky season I wanted to create a ~halloween~ edition of this called "Witch" Member cause. get it. haha. ha. is my jin stan showing--- ANYWAYS the basic rules of Which Member still apply, but with a ~spooky~ theme. it can be about zombies, graveyards, ghosts, witches, or any supernatural topics! just something that fits the Halloween spirit. for review, how you play Which Member is: (image also by @Mongmungi 💜) for example, I can post: which member would you explore a haunted house with? and you can respond: hoseok because we can scream together LOL OR I can write a novel like I did in the previous which member with some of my friends who went a bit....Overboard.... *COUGH* @KookieMochi *COUGH* @monimoni @Whalien and every one of you which member monsters, you know who you are SO LET'S START OUT WITH A BANG HERE IS MY SCENARIO IN A SPOILERS CAUSE WE GONNA GET WILD have fun!!! 💜
  6. tumblr_inline_o14alddLVM1tc104u_500.gif tumblr_inline_o14alddLVM1tc104u_500.gif tumblr_inline_o14alddLVM1tc104u_500.gif

    happy spooktober my friend. here is a jin falling on his bum dressed as a pumpkin for you. u are welcome :jin1:

    1. Pokeybun


      thank you I owe you my Life.... bless your heart ily 💜 

  7. news BTS 8th Japanese single album preview

    how can i afford this when im still struggling to pay for "her" albums
  8. game Give a Gag Award

    @fuckparkjimin always there to talk about anything and willing to listen <3
  9. Last Letter ( Song Title )

    Yesterday - BlockB
  10. game Give a Gag Award

    @fuckparkjimin most likely to spend all her money on things she doesn't really need tbh
  11. u8UFLGD.gif

    the rudest banana ever.

    1. Pokeybun


      I love One Man and that is Kim seokjin regardless if he is a banan or nah. thank u nene ilu

  12. The General Jin Discussion Thread

    @Whalien wait what the hell w h y wodu ld you hur t me tkuie k thi s hel lo o i'm alrea dy emo i do n ' t ne ed d thi s sssSS hi it's currently very late but i was feeling really emo about jin soo i typed up a huge essay and @monimoni told me to share it here so i guess that's what i'm doing.i've been dead for ages but i started feeling really emo about jin and i have so many emotions i almost started crying bc of how much i love him so i'm just gonna. essay for a lil kthnx. my thoughts are all over the place so feel free to skip over

    my son,,, so good and pure,,, his love for army has never changed and it just warms my heart :') i'm so happy. he's such a good sweet soul. thank you for sharing! i'm gonna cry now brb--
  14. reason #1238958763261756 why i stan kim seokjin with my entire soul and heart he makes my big heart so happy bless my boy he is so dumb bless him i love him