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  1. game

    HAHAHAHA "though your loyalty for your biases shift from time to time" I just have too much love in my heart. @Whalien I adore you and seeing you on Bbase makes my day. I'm always so happy when we manage to catch each other online despite the time difference. Thank you for always being such a light and being a genuinely awesome human being in general.
  2. @leanna It reminded me of Taekook. I just can't.
  3. game

    @leanna talking to you makes my day. I have a feeling I'm going to get too unnecessarily soft but it feels great to have someone to who is so understanding and shares the same mindset as me. I also enjoy our talks/sharing pictures of the beautiful angel/sunshine Tae <3
  4. game

    @KookieMochi You make me soft and mushy.
  5. Heard about what happened in Manchester and my heart is breaking. Music is an escape and concerts are supposed to be safe spaces. 

  6. Tae does seems like the type who wears his heart♡ on his sleeve physically rather than verbally, which makes every smile, laugh and tear extra special bc you know it's coming from a genuine place GOD I'M SOBBING. Yeah it's so ironic because you'd think since he's so open physically and is so outgoing, he'd express affection with words just as easily, but that just isn't the case. But I don't think anyone doubts his feelings cause he's so genuine with what he does.
  7. The power of ARMY, truly. So much love for the boys.
  8. Through his tweet you can see that he really doesn't have the words to express his love or how he's feeling most of the time but you see it through his actions. You see it in the way he smiles and how his eyes shine. He's so beautiful and I'm so emo and soft for this boy. He deserves so much happiness.
  9. I always want to see KTH's happiness and see him smile and wow I am so soft for this boy I truly don't know what to do anymore I love him so much~ Words are not enough. Billboards made me emo.

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    2. monimoni


      @modeltae lmao but Joon in his live the other day complaining that Tae bought those cheap ugly glasses but somehow they still look really good and fahsionable on him????? and Joon was like weirdly annoyed about it and SAME


      I mean look at these


      what are those and why do you still look good in them how

      his face is literally that perfect

    3. modeltae


      @monimoni I honestly love it so much. It looks amazing on him. I just love how Joon said Tae considered $20 cheap. Cheap to me is like $5. 

    4. monimoni


      @modeltae lmao I was thinking that too. ₩20,000 is dirt cheap now? Joon, fame has changed you... smh...


      I'll surrender my attack here but I just found this in my Tae folder and I'm very soft for happy goofy Tae, thank



  10. Tbh I wouldn't conclude that they are "bigger than Bieber"..although it rolls of the tongue quite well with that alliteration haha. Nice headline, I suppose. Top social artist award doesn't mean much to the western artists, I think. But since Bangtan are the first k-pop group invited to billboards, it's a big thing :')
  11. I think the chatbox is broken, I can't find it
  12. game

    The Musical - Bubble tea
  13. game

    @KookieMochi Queen of making complicated excel spreadsheets
  14. @HobiOne a king on his throne. second picture: king of wide pants, turtle necks, and berets!!!! plus VMIN