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  1. game Say something about the user above you~

    Chim chim looking hot in your sig. Also hi. <3
  2. I miss ya'll. Everyone's busy with life and stuff but I hope everyone is doing well. <3

    1. Rivelta


      Hope you're doing well too, dear <3

  3. Official DP & Signature Shop

    It's lit. You're so talented, wow. Maybe I'll request something in the future.
  4. September Comeback Predictions Thread

    Kook with blue hair? Oh god I really can't picture it. "Love Yourself" sounds like a deep topic so you'd /think/ it won't be too hip hop/EDM but you never know. I'm hoping for Spring Day 2.0 but it'll be amazing either way
  5. Count to 1000 and back!

    #414 Today was quite disappointing. I don't mess around when it comes to food ok. How dare Korea give me a tiny box of pizza when I ordered a medium???? Future reference everyone- mediums here are hella small. Always get a large. In other news, Korean final went well. I love the language so much; still have the writing portion tomorrow. Speaking and reading down! Cog sci final on Thursday AND IM FREE FOR A WEEK. Then I fly home, boo.
  6. This update may be random, but I am so ready to demolish this box of pizza.


    So. hungry. ??

    1. Rivelta


      Pizza box? @_@

    2. modeltae


      @Rivelta Pizza hahahaha not the box.

    3. Rivelta


      Oooh xD My bad!
      What flavour? Q.Q

  7. 1) Wow I am leaving Korea soon and I am so sad

    2) But maybe that means I'll be more active on here-- we shall see

    3) I am actually 100% ready for BTS' comeback, even though it's happening right after I leave (to be fair I came in the middle of SD promos)


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    2. Whalien


      Aww, enjoy Korea as much as you can before that time comes! 
      Have a safe trip home Timi~ (: 

    3. iridescentwings


      When we first talked you still had maybe three months to go. Can't believe how fast time has flown by :( 
      Make these last few days count alright :') I'll be here waiting to welcome you back on American soil lol

    4. modeltae


      @leanna I love you sm :')

      thank you everyone!

  8. I know I'm so disappointed in myself. CRIES Do better next time Timi, do better
  9. If anyone was wondering-- I'm not okay. 


    Vmin landfill now and forever.

  10. BTS x Steve Aoki Collaboration?

    Halsey's a good gal. I understand those feelings, trust me. But I've known her since her "underground" days back in 2014 cause she was friends with Ashton from the Australian band 5sos and she has good intentions. A little self conscious and cares a little too much as we as humans do but she's sweet.
  11. #ARMYdaily

    Went to Yoongi's family restaurant in Daegu. His brother served us and he's so nice! Literally looks and dresses like him AND SOUNDS LIKE HIM LMFAO. He's good in English as well! "No worries" ahhhh he was so cute. He asked where we're from and I spoke a little Korean to him. Yoongi's dad is legit scary omg...he kept trying to peek at my phone background. Luckily it was none of the boys. He had this knowing smirk on his face. I can tell he's proud cause when my friend was taking photos of the posters he kept smiling.
  12. Official Kim Taehyung Discussion Thread

    He looks like a doll, what star quality. Is it just me or is he a bit cross eyed? So endearing.
  13. Official Kim Taehyung Discussion Thread

    Yes x 100. Btw, that Yoongi gif is giving me life. A+ to you. Yay Riv!
  14. Official Kim Taehyung Discussion Thread

    Yeah, with fan sites it turns into this whole competition thing of who can buy the best item.. they really are at war with each other. I've noticed none of them are friends either ??? Seeing them is funny because they really are just high school girls (some older I suppose) who sell their photos by creating goodies/merch out of it and sometimes exhibitions as well. Like...Jungkook was gifted a freaking rolex, it's ridiculous.
  15. Official Kim Taehyung Discussion Thread

    @Seoks-j sometimes I wish they wouldn't spend all that money on him. As much as he loves his luxuries, he doesn't need it and there is so much more they could be doing with that money. i know kyungsoo and some other members of exo have specifically told fans not to spend money on them and donate to charity/spend it on themselves and their studies, or a trip with family and friends. it may be fan culture, but it still makes me uncomfortable they show their gratitude by wearing it in airport photos, and sometimes they keep their favorite ones and wear it often, but it's still eh to me.