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  1. I was just about to post that..HOBI is always doing the most with his hip thrusts. I'm pregnant.
  2. Isn't that when they release their BST Japanese version
  3. How many varieties have mention bts but bts haven't gone on? i lost count
  4. Wow this was amazing and so accurate, especially Suga, V and J-hope
  5. I wonder if he is going to dance in the video
  6. I agree. He is incredibly caring and puts others before himself everytime. I want it to be his time to shine tho. That's why I am so excited for his mixtape. I want him to show his skills, just himself ,and he's gonna wow people with what he can do. I squealed when Namjoon mentioned hobi was writing for his mixtape rn.
  7. So April first is over..when is the forum going to change back?