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  1. you should checkout my latest post and maybe join our group chat

  2. Oh, I won't dispute that it was an ugly shade of orange but it's as you said, the reason he still looked good was because of his face. Hm, speaking of shades, has he ever done a red shade? Depending on the lighting, I think it could work on him too, maybe?
  3. Bless, Rin! I've been looking for this to attack Megan with Kookie's part in this dance! That dance literally killed me but it also helped turned me into a full-fledged Jungkook stan!
  4. All the more reason to look forward to this one then! Tae with black hair...
  5. How...do I not remember this?! Unusual colors tend to stick out for me the most but not this one, apparently. Orange hair though before his face matured more was a great look. I agree with Megan aka @Roa about orange usually not being one of my favorite colors but somehow Tae was able to pull it off well. I'm probably a minority in this but I did love blonde Tae a lot more than I thought I would. Overall though, with his face more mature, I'm with you, Rin, on preferring darker colors for his hair.
  6. I come back and y'all are ganging up on me, smh
  7. And still working on FIVE for you smh! Also, @KookieMochi I didn't say I hated Dope era Kook! He just was still a baby then to me! But it was a good look for him! More forehead please!
  8. All these photos got me wondering, what's everyone's favorite hairstyle for Taehyung? I really loved his in the "Save Me" MV, something about it just, it stood out the most for me though same with BST era.
  9. Fire era probably had to be my favorite hairstyle of his, that's when he really killed me. Dope era was good too but I was trying then to ignore him then. Fire, couldn't!
  10. @KookieMochi Oh dear lord, YES! Anything but the bowl cuts! It's my least favorite style, tbh.
  11. Black haired Kookie, I'm swooning right now. Actually, seeing all of them make me feel that way tbh. I hope Kookie does keep this look for a while though, it suits him!
  12. @Cypher• OMG, are you trying to kill me with all those winks?! Gahh, he's a master at it, really. Also, your sig is slaying me. Too cute and precious!