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  1. I see that @KookieMochi and I voted wisely on the poll. Save Kookie from coconut hair.
  2. @KookieMochi It seems we are the intellectuals... What is with the coconut head support smh. I come back here to this...
  3. Look at @KookieMochi telling the truth. Black hair coming for all the others tbh. Though I have to admit blonde and pink were great, but still BLACK HAIR.
  4. Honestly most eras really? I do have a preference usually for dark hair though, but I like him in really just about anything. @KookieMochi Yes! Orange was so cute on him! But you're right, his face has matured since then but when he had it... it was so adorable and I don't often like orange hair necessarily.
  5. If you mean the spoiler photo, who said it was a blessing. It was something I try to forget! But SOMEONE ( @CheesyCat) often reminds me of it! Just when I think I've forgotten..
  6. Okay I just looked up and saw all of the black hair Yoongi. I'm not okay. Black hair and Yoongi, like I can barely survive that ever.
  7. No one told you to open the spoiler. BLESS? You could bless us with something that isn't coconut head tbh. Smh Cat.
  8. @KookieMochi There are some things that I try to purposely forget. Like well...
  9. @KookieMochi Cat knows coconut head was wrong tbh. And okay but like I already love OT7 anyway! I also do stan Jungkook now, he's just too much to resist! I have respect for anyone that can do it since idk how that is possible... unless it's coconut head. Then I might understand.
  10. tbh Fire was pretty amazing for all of them. Jungkook also started to wreck me even more in that era (okay in many eras let's be real), he's impossible to resist apparently. Four biases oml.
  11. flfkajfak not you posting coconut head smh. Wow wyd. Oh WOH is glorious though, he looks amazing there... okay everything but coconut head is amazing tbh. #StopCoconut2k18
  12. Honestly, I realllly love the curly hair! It looks really good on him tbh. Dope is great but I have a fondness and weakness for curly hair it seems.
  13. Bowl cut askjflaks. Please no. He looks amazing with dark hair, which I know he usually has but the styling. Ahhh please no bowl and he'll look amazing like always.
  14. BBase is back to normal, well it was fun. Welcome back BTS. :hello:

    1. CheesyCat


      It really was! I’d like to bring back that fun spirit again!

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