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  1. appreciation jin in sweaters/jackets

    To work or to cuddle up with a warm cup of tea and stare at these cuddle photos of Jin? Why are life decisions so difficult to make.
  2. question BTS Band Member?

    That is indeed Taehyung and that picture I feel will become legendary. Truly a piece that got everyone talking so you're making a really nice choice.
  3. This!! This is the only one I actually care for to be honest, that or the maybe the full acoustic versions of BIL, INU & Danger with Jin and the guitar!
  4. KBS Gayo Daejun

  5. If you wanna understand, you stand under If you wanna understand, you stand under If you wanna understand, you stand under If you wanna understand, you stand under If you wanna understand, you stand under I love Namjoon so much I have a huge urge to curse, or cry I'm not sure anymore. Not only is the collaboration artist choice refreshing, but he continues to astound me in how he carries over his wordplay lyricism from Korean to English.
  6. @jin Thank you first and foremost for having the vision, bravery, and dedication to set up this space for all of us and for all of the fandom. And thank you even more for believing in my little birds and adopting them into this community and giving me a reason and drive to keep working on them. For giving me the chance to send these creations of mine to concerts so near our beloved boys. For being there with me at every grand crazy idea and scheme I've had like last festa, The Youtube Channel our projects and the other idea we've come up with and haven't revealed yet either. Thank you for being there to answer e-mails, put up posts, help me organize and set up a 20+ team for youtube and much more. Thank you for being excited together over every new follower we get on our twitter account as we watching it grow from our efforts and watched the name that is bangtan base grow. BBase Staff bbase family who work very very hard at maintaining the place, thank you for listening and spending so much time trying to work out some of my convoluted ideas/ pitches for the forum. Thank you for our Projects team new and old for being there, staying up long hours and being an amazing creative machine that has made our ideas actually come to life and has built a small but loyal community of followers. YouTube Team And to my YouTube Staff and team, many of whom are invisible and unknown around here, but I know how hard they work. To every one of them who has stuck around and is helping daily to keep the channel alive and growing I appreciate you more than I can ever express with words. I hope one day our little sub-section will reach it's own one year anniversary too.
  7. It's finally here! Our birthday project for Taehyung: VIGNETTE! >SUBMIT HERE<
  8. Ahem I shall begin then.. 1- I love way too many things about Jin but first and foremost I love how his hard work and positive energy has literally inspired me to learn more and do more with my life. He taught me that with hard work and simply putting yourself out there you can learn to be good at something you've never done before. 2-I love my face. I know this sounds vain but It's always been hard for me to look in the mirror and admit I like what and I see and not feel guilty or foolish about that. Seeing Jin being so open and brazen about liking his looks on days when he does and days when he doesn't, encourages me to look in the mirror daily and if I like what I see or don't I say I do and it's the most freeing feeling on the planet. 3- The fun part (5 is not enough y'all -_-): @River My young padawan and partner in crime. I think you're the most brilliant, positive, inquisitive mind I have ever come across and I have learned much from getting into contact with you. @52Hz My Suga Momma Delulu friend. I love your big ideas and even bigger drive. Forever grateful you pushed me to do all the things I am doing. @Nale I hope you see this. You're a dreamer and bundle of infectious energy, thank you for being there always. @satoori Your ability to juggle everything and be there when you say you will is something, I am truly grateful for. Also the most helpful person I know. @ThaumicTinkerbell You are talented my friend and you are going places because you truly put in the effort to learn and perfect how to do things. <3 CHU! Now you're it!!
  9. H A P P Y 2 5 T H B I R T H D A Y K I M S E O K J I N ! We have a fun forum activity that is tied to our general bday project for everyone to partake in today! To celebrate love and confidence on this day, Reply with these three things below: 1-A compliment and something you love about our Kim Seokjin. 2- A compliment and something you love about yourself 3- Tag 5 other forum members and write a compliment for each one! Head on over to our Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr to participate in our #kissitforward event as well!!
  10. Amazing list Poca!! There is Nate from AHL as well he mentioned them here!
  11. Thank you!! ^^ you will be getting a version of him in our emoji box soon And thank you to everyone on the forums who voted for our channel! We really appreciate it! The team works very very hard every single week! and I'm very proud of them.
  12. Jin’s birthday project is here! FLY: 1000 KISSES FOR JIN From now till December 4th, spread the love and celebrate positivity with us in Jin’s honour! > [ SUBMIT HERE ] <
  13. okay but imagine DNA streams, sales and radioplay increase after the performance and they chart again!
  14. Oh sad for the missed moment but there will be much more! Looking forward to seeing you submit some! ^^