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my watch has ended

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  1. I'm going to show my age here but probably Bill Nye the Science Guy Pancakes or Waffles?
  2. Red, but not little mermaid red more like carrot top Merida red. Is there a genre of music you say you don't enjoy but actually have never really listened to properly?
  3. I feel I have to exclude LY: Her because I feel eventually we will look at this as a whole Love Yourself era with however many mini albums there is going to be in it. So it's unfair of me to compare it to it's more complete predecessors like Wings and HYYH. With that being said it has to go to Wings for me because it was unlike anything I had ever expected from Kpop as I was getting into it at the time and is what ultimately drove me to stan the group when I thought I never would.
  4. That is indeed Taehyung and that picture I feel will become legendary. Truly a piece that got everyone talking so you're making a really nice choice.
  5. AJay

    KBS Gayo Daejun

  6. I think I agree, I've had enough for now and we haven't eve started album and comeback teasers properly yet. And there is the matter of getting the new music and digesting all that. I'm excited for the future and our autumn comeback
  7. sooo...will we get more gifts next week or are we going to be left to stew in this for a while?
  8. I didn't and it all looked the same to me? okay i lied I skipped Jin's 3rd monologue but the rest was the same
  9. TIME TRAVEL? wow, I mean we suspected but I didn't really believe.
  10. Promise for comeback, if I have time after the birthday projects I will make a "ARMYs freaking out" set
  11. 20 minutes I need a freaking out crow tit Monimoni requested a keeing over one but maybe we need one breathing into a paper bag or running around like crazy all things I am considering now
  12. Are ISAC groups announced this early? Tbh I thought they'd never come back
  13. Look at them arriving like world class celebrities My babies all grown up
  14. I fear the day I might see Jungkook in person. I fear I might not be able to control the urge to pet him on his head and boop his bunny nose.