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  1. Gosh taking a moment to sit back and examine everything, honestly, our Rapline is so iconic I'm frankly astonished by how much they have to offer. I'm waiting for the rave critical reviews of Hope World to add to those of RM and Agust D.
  2. Anyone notice how the Outro flows right back into the "intro" Hope World? Like they knew I'd be playing this on repeat until the day I die. first thoughts before I dive into the lyrics The Album is flawless. I'm connecting to it on such an emotional level. more on that later.
  3. We're trying to limit it to 3 artists per lyric just so we don't have an overwhelming imbalance in lyric choices... The ones we have not placed in our list are ones that have already been claimed by 3 others.
  4. AJay

    event Hixtape

    I'm working hard to finish work to join everyone for the listening party.
  5. Storyteller / Words Come to Life A Storybook Project for Min Yoongi The idea is to highlight Suga’s ability to paint strong visuals, imagery, and stories with lyrics. We wish to create a storybook and video tribute full of art inspired by Suga's vast body of lyrical work. Submissions are open to everyone through this page. We hope to include as many ARMYs as possible globally! If you are an artist interested in submitting follow these steps: 1 - Read our guidelines carefully FANART SUBMISSION GUIDELINES v 2 - Think of 3 lyrics written/performed by Suga that you'd like to illustrate + Submit your lyric choices to us via this form. Please read through the guidelines and everything written in the forms prior to submitting. 3 - Our staff will e-mail you right away and confirm your final lyric choice. Please check your email for the final artwork submission form link and reply with a CONFIRM upon receiving it! 4 - Create an art piece (according to the guidelines) that depicts or interprets your final lyric. 5 - Submit your final art to us by March 5th (if you feel you need more time let us know so we can see what we can arrange) Deadline extensions up to the 7th of March (0:00 KST) can be provided, but please let us know if you need it!
  6. I was honestly just more than happy with the nominations and was preparing myself for them to lose and maybe win next year but wow teach me to underestimate Bangtan. I am so proud of them and happy for them, LY Her was truly an impeccable album and it deserves every bit of this praise. And to think this is only the beginning who knows what new heights we will reach, not ever 5 years old and they're already iconic.
  7. UPDATE: BIG HIT confirmed https://twitter.com/BigHitEnt/status/966804302533574656
  8. According to this article + confirmed by big hit!! WE HAVE A RELEASE DATE!! http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201802230704020410 https://twitter.com/BigHitEnt/status/966804302533574656 Ready your wigs! Empty your schedule, the day we get buried 6 feet under by Jhope's long-awaited mixtape debut it coming!!
  9. I'm going to show my age here but probably Bill Nye the Science Guy Pancakes or Waffles?
  10. Red, but not little mermaid red more like carrot top Merida red. Is there a genre of music you say you don't enjoy but actually have never really listened to properly?
  11. Just to make it official can I get L37 | 다 똥줄 타 곱씹다 훅 가 [Everyone's getting impatient, brooding] L46 | 곧바로 소화시켜 [I will digest it all] Please?
  12. Pied Piper I would like to say I personally relate to Baepsae, the whole underdog who will achieve greatness concept. But I am an underdog who has achieved nothing lol. But I do love the sentiment of the song as it pertains to BTS.
  13. Seokjin's marvelous censored chest aside, I can't wait for subs to know what they were saying while watching him MC. Supportive Bangtan is the best Bangtan. edit I'm not crying nope why are they so cute like this!!
  14. That image wow, Finally added to my signature after a very long time. v