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  1. Amazing list Poca!! There is Nate from AHL as well he mentioned them here!
  2. Thank you!! ^^ you will be getting a version of him in our emoji box soon And thank you to everyone on the forums who voted for our channel! We really appreciate it! The team works very very hard every single week! and I'm very proud of them.
  3. Jin’s birthday project is here! FLY: 1000 KISSES FOR JIN From now till December 4th, spread the love and celebrate positivity with us in Jin’s honour! > [ SUBMIT HERE ] <
  4. okay but imagine DNA streams, sales and radioplay increase after the performance and they chart again!
  5. Oh sad for the missed moment but there will be much more! Looking forward to seeing you submit some! ^^
  6. Whether you were a part of the original reflections project or not! Join us for Phase Two: The Livejournal Start your year-long journey to Namjoon’s next Birthday! Submissions are open and posts will start going up the 1st of November! Share it with all ARMY! [submit here]
  7. I relate so much to this right now, wow I need to print this and hang it up somewhere. Amazing interview, I hope we get more like these. Joon is an inspiration.
  8. AHHHH so cute!! gif Goals T_T
  9. H E L L O F R I E N D S ! [EDIT] 11/11/2017 - Applications Closed THANK YOU TO ALL WHO APPLIED! we'll be issuing out notices very soon so please keep an eye out on your dms and e-mails.
  10. I'm just so happy spring day got a specific nomination and for best MV too!! I hope Lumpens gets what they deserve and BTS get to shout out their name if they win this award. Excited for voting and I hope we get to see another killer BTS performance!!
  11. event The Pumpkin Patch

    I've never actually seen BTS Live Trilogy Episode I: BTS Begins or BTS Live Trilogy Episode II: The Red Bullet I'm not sure about the timings but I hope I can make it to at least one stream!
  12. event Fan Work Awards 2017

    Going through my current list of 350+ fan artists..... This is going to be so hard!!!
  13. It can't possibly be an album, right? or a follow-up promotion? Just because Love Yourself was the 2nd part of the story and Joon said Love myself before Love Yourself so maybe this is the first part? Or maybe for the Drama? We still don't know how this whole Drama thing is going to unfold.
  14. HELLO EVERYONE!! The BBase Projects team has been working very hard, to bring you this Art Project for our Jimin! Contained within this project is the combined effort and love of over 100 international ARMYs as part of the JIMOTION Animation project! Of all Jimin’s countless charms, this time, we’re celebrating his expressive dance! There’s a saying that a picture says a thousand words. In that sense, this project is also a handwritten birthday letter of over 600,000 words, penned jointly across the globe with the shared hope that the coming year is even better than any he's ever had so far. We Bring you : Jimotion!