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  1. appreciation

    It's because he's got #sweg I am ready for everything in bon voyage season 2 but those ugly ugly things on their feet.
  2. No no your theme is fine it's free from the outline bug. the other theme has it and it only shows up very randomly like it's on your Jin emoji (even the one you changed) but not on my Suga ones. very random.
  3. hmm thought so, we created that because "Strong power, Thank you" (which I'm using) is having the outline around images issue.
  4. what theme are you using? some themes are having an outline issue, I'll let the staff know mine is showing the outline thing.
  5. nice good to know...but why does yours have an outline around it?
  6. It's a color they both love and share together. They are indeed precious. I'm dying to read the trans of what Joon and Jimin said about Jin.
  7. I love my new signature
  8. @Nale I was thinking the same thing when I saw this list. How I'm happy they are continuing to all share more of the music that they enjoy and inspires them. And I'm really interested in Tae's music taste, I hope he continues and tries to explore maybe infusing some B-sides with Jazz themes.
  9. edit: Issue resolved look @satoori's post below there is a neat trick to resize all the emojis Hello everyone, now that we've gotten comfortable using the crow-tit emoticons I've put up a poll about if you think their size should be smaller now that you've been using them for a while. please vote ^^ Oh and don't forget to follow this thread so that you are updated every-time a new bird is added to the collection.
  10. @satoori Bless you and this timing!!
  11. I'm still not over all these little moments from this documentary. Like Joon and Jimin's little practice session, Joon looks at Jimin with so much fondness and love in his eyes, please tell me I'm not the only one seeing this. And I really liked that VHope moment where V was asking for someone to cover his ment so he can rest his voice a little they almost finished each other's sentances. they really function like one well oiled machine. I also love the way Jin and JK talk to each other it's like they almost have their own language. I love family love. <3
  12. I need HDs now!! They are look so beautiful and soft. I love the styling and the lighting they've used.
  13. So I had promised/planned to release a new Crow-tit for festa but the galaxy project took more time than planned. Ahem but better late than never meet the new addition to our Crow-Tit Familly. . . I call him Bang-tototit or Bang-Trolltit He'll be in your emoji box soon!!
  14. Has any trans site mentioned if they were going to try and sub this? I really want to watch but I'd rather wait till I can actually understand what they are saying.
  15. soundcloud

    Listen I already wasn't over So Far Away Suran version. How dare they drop this version on me, I will never be okay. I got chills when the first chorus came and Jin's voice, followed by Kookie and then back to Sugas... Not okay.