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  1. I think I agree, I've had enough for now and we haven't eve started album and comeback teasers properly yet. And there is the matter of getting the new music and digesting all that. I'm excited for the future and our autumn comeback
  2. sooo...will we get more gifts next week or are we going to be left to stew in this for a while?
  3. I didn't and it all looked the same to me? okay i lied I skipped Jin's 3rd monologue but the rest was the same
  4. TIME TRAVEL? wow, I mean we suspected but I didn't really believe.
  5. Promise for comeback, if I have time after the birthday projects I will make a "ARMYs freaking out" set
  6. I think whatever the outcome is, you've got it right that "memory" seems to be key theme here. Keep the theories coming!! loved reading them!!
  7. 20 minutes I need a freaking out crow tit Monimoni requested a keeing over one but maybe we need one breathing into a paper bag or running around like crazy all things I am considering now
  8. Are ISAC groups announced this early? Tbh I thought they'd never come back
  9. Don't be scared! if you have any specific concerns you can always send me a pm and I'll be happy to give you more details ^-^
  10. I think there is more to it that her mere accident/ death, Jin's mention of deception leads me to believe this is some sort of karma move. He did something bad by reading her diary and then using that diary to approach or befriend her and then karma comes calling and look what happens. I'm interested to see what "the conclusion brings" Also I believe Jhope rushing to the hospital could be where he meets and discovers what happened to JK, and it was JHope who calls to inform Jin about what happened.
  11. I keep watching over and over river. you did a really good job ^-^ I'm kinda proud of you
  12. Hello Fellow BBase Members!! As some of you may know we've been hard at work over the last few months starting out our YouTube News Channel Project! We've been able to in the months past amass a wonderful team of talented individuals who all worked very hard to produce the content for the channel. As the channel grows and BTS approcahes their next comeback we felt it was time to launch a new full recruitment for the BBase News Team. We have a few targeted "jobs" open at the moment. We are looking for Video Editors, Graphics Team (mostly graphic research + organizing), Channel Management (tasked to create video descriptions and help upload the videos), Writers, Researchers and Translators! *only requirement is that you have to be 13 years or older * If you want to join the team and be part of creating something new and exciting for the community then please send in your applications! We will be accepeting people on a rolling basis so there will be no deadline for submissions, but it's more a first come first serve situation. ^-^ Please spread this and share it in the Fandom if you feel you know other fans who would be good candidates! I hope to see many of you apply! And Good Luck to All the Applicants!! [scroll down for links to the application forms ^-^] V [GENERAL TEAM APPLICATION] [ VIDEO EDITOR APPLICATION ]
  13. I'm highly suspecting some of these girls aren't romantic interests. But I am excited for possible detailed love plotline as I don't think BTS have tackled something like this with the depth of HYYH or Wings yet. I too though do not trust the seemingly simple plot we are being teased. As this is Big Hit we are speaking of and this is the story that is going to be a long term project. So I'm so excited to see how this unfolds and I'm so certain we are going to get more than a few surprises along the way.
  14. at this rate, Big Hit is going to become a regular tour stop to anyone involved with music who is visiting Seoul. I'm excited to see what all these meetings will result in... edit: lmao why is yoongi hiding his face?