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  1. award show BTS 2017 MAMA Nominations

    I'm just so happy spring day got a specific nomination and for best MV too!! I hope Lumpens gets what they deserve and BTS get to shout out their name if they win this award. Excited for voting and I hope we get to see another killer BTS performance!!
  2. So let me see if I got this straight Taemin's squad is : Jongin (Kai of Exo - friends since trainee days? ) Sungwoon of HOTSHOT/ wanna one (no clue how they are friends?) Moonkyu (Timoteo of HOTSHOT / was previously an Exo trainee? so friends since trainee days ) Kwonho who is a non celeb longtime friend of Taemin. And our Jiminie who is the youngest right? so the squad maknae and I guess they met during promotions and stuff? has it ever been mentioned how they first became friends with jimin? You can tell how cute I think this is, by the fact that I went and looked for some backstory lol.
  3. event The Pumpkin Patch

    I've never actually seen BTS Live Trilogy Episode I: BTS Begins or BTS Live Trilogy Episode II: The Red Bullet I'm not sure about the timings but I hope I can make it to at least one stream!
  4. event Fan Work Awards 2017

    Going through my current list of 350+ fan artists..... This is going to be so hard!!!
  5. It can't possibly be an album, right? or a follow-up promotion? Just because Love Yourself was the 2nd part of the story and Joon said Love myself before Love Yourself so maybe this is the first part? Or maybe for the Drama? We still don't know how this whole Drama thing is going to unfold.
  6. HELLO EVERYONE!! The BBase Projects team has been working very hard, to bring you this Art Project for our Jimin! Contained within this project is the combined effort and love of over 100 international ARMYs as part of the JIMOTION Animation project! Of all Jimin’s countless charms, this time, we’re celebrating his expressive dance! There’s a saying that a picture says a thousand words. In that sense, this project is also a handwritten birthday letter of over 600,000 words, penned jointly across the globe with the shared hope that the coming year is even better than any he's ever had so far. We Bring you : Jimotion!
  7. This has been a long time coming but I finally got around to it! Welcome to the BBase News Channel Official Main Thread! This is thread where we will post all our latest videos! This is also where you can comment on them, ask us questions, give us feedback and suggest future video topics! C H A N N E L I N F O R M A T I O N MISSION STATEMENT BBase, your only reliable fan source for BTS news and information. ------------------------------------ Bangtan Base is a news channel that puts facts and figures together to provide well-researched, precise and reliable information regarding BTS activities and events for present and future fans. The channel is administered by ARMYs, for ARMYs. We are a team with multiple cultural backgrounds and a wide range of experience. Our goal is to be a well-rounded source of information, to be objective and to address issues diligently. We aim to establish a friendly connection between the fandom and a variety of official sources. WHERE TO FIND US OUR PLAYLISTS COMEBACK NEWS INFORMATIVE CHARTS + SALES PROJECTS OUR TEAM MEMBERS HOW TO SUPPORT US! >comment on our videos this helps youtube's search algorythm< >like our videos< >spread the news about the channel on all your sns< >share our videos< WANT TO JOIN THE TEAM? Recruitment is currently OPEN FIND OUT MORE INFO HERE
  8. Updated OP: v More acceptances have been issued! Please check your email! If you didn't get one don't worry we aren't done yet, Applications are STILL OPEN! If you know any good candidates for editing please encourage them to check out the channel and join if they want!

    Hello This is a reminder that the deadline for submissions is very soon! I hope to see you all participate!
  10. REFLECTIONS ACROSS SPACE, TIME AND WORDS project page 1440 minutes in a day, how many scores of thoughts cross our minds in that time? The ‘Reflections’ project is inspired by the musings shared by Namjoon himself over the years. Our introspective leader is known for his trademark deep insights and his hobby of taking time out to reflect even amidst BTS’ hectic schedules (in fact, he’s revealed his solo ‘Reflection’ was written during one such escape at Ttukseom!). Perhaps we can all benefit from a moment of solitude too. Whether you’re a student or working, rushing a deadline or finally free from exams, or simply tired and frustrated, each of us lead lives so bustling it’s easy to forget to take a breather. “Even if our surroundings are boisterous It's necessary to seek a moment to be alone” >>>submit your reflections here<<<
  11. Hello! I'm here for a quick update! We have sent out acceptance notifications for the first wave of applicants. If you have not received an acceptance e-mail from us yet, this does not mean you won't be accepted. We are sending out emails in small batches so unless otherwise informed your application is still under consideration and you may still be accepted in the coming weeks. Applications are still open until further notice, so if you want to join please apply! Thank you everyone!! ^^
  12. So a mini with 4 versions and a hidden track by Namjoon? I'm not ready https://twitter.com/BTS_Projects/status/900487825803669505
  13. I think it's not a "snickers bar" specifically but the idea of a chocolate bar/ snack bar.
  14. I think I agree, I've had enough for now and we haven't eve started album and comeback teasers properly yet. And there is the matter of getting the new music and digesting all that. I'm excited for the future and our autumn comeback