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  1. discussion ✨ The Official SUPER STAR BTS Thread ✨

    #ApplePrivilege is real unfortunately. I get super sucked into mobile games so the joke is really on me and how much time I'll be wasting.
  2. discussion ✨ The Official SUPER STAR BTS Thread ✨

    I made a Korean Apple ID and I actually suck at this game. I barely made it through the beginning of DNA, whoops. Doesn't mean I'm not gonna play it until I run out of lives tho.
  3. Songs that remind you of BTS

    Okay, I've had time to think about this and I know a few. Beware of the incoming Drake songs. Seokjin: Genie - SNSD / 6 Foot 7 Foot - Lil Wayne I think it was the Buzzfeed interview where Jin says his eng name would be Genie and he starts singing SNSD's song, lol. I didn't realize he listened to rap as much as he does until his Spotify playlists came out. Yoongi: Forever - Drake / Power Trip - J. Cole I'll sum up my reasoning with these two videos (that are very near and dear to my heart). I love hip hop connoisseur Min Yoongi. Hoseok: Cinderella - Mac Miller / Don't Wanna Fall In Love - Kyle He introduced Cinderella to me via his spotify playlist, so I forever associate it with him. It's a really sweet song. The Kyle song is what he danced to for the Home Party vlive. Namjoon: Candy Paint - Post Malone / Passionfruit - Drake Both songs he's mentioned he listens to. I imagine that he found Candy Paint after meeting Post Malone. When Namjoon spoke to him, he mentioned White Iverson and Rockstar (which was released right before DNA) so it makes sense. Jimin: No Limit - Usher / Pillowtalk - Zayn Please watch this lmao. Jimin The Intellectual is an R&B fan and that's why he put these songs on his playlist. Taehyung: Jungle - Drake / Adorn - Miguel Tae recommended Jungle on twitter a long time ago. I also know he likes listening to magical voices e.g. Gallant/Daniel Caesar/Kehlani, so Adorn reminds me of that. Jungkook: Girl With The Tattoo/Break From Toronto - Miguel/Partynextdoor This is technically two songs, but I listen to this conjoined version all the time. I can imagine JK covering this and dancing to this, it would be so! good!
  4. bc the forum gets quiet and also every time I look at your jimin dp I get all giggly bc he cute


    stay happy and cool, you

    1. vmin


      I'm glad my dp gives off that vibe. He's powerful :jipuppy:

      & as long as you stay the coolest, pal

  5. discussion Mic Drop or Mic Drop Remix?

    The remix wasn't all that for me when it was first released, but its grown on me so much since the Ellen and Kimmel performances. I like all 3 versions, but the album version is superior. The original Mic Drop blew me away when I first heard it, and it's still a bop four months later.

    Wow, I told myself I was going to sleep but it's this whole entire angel's birthday and I need to say something. I don't think I know of anyone as ethereal as Taehyung. He is sooo talented, strong, smart, funny, and (obviously) beautiful. He's a very interesting character inside and out, tbh I don't think we know the half of it. I'm happy he got to start off his bday with bangtan serving killer performances as usual. Happy birthday Tae!
  7. merch BT21 - Product Release!

    Um, I need all of it. I'm most definitely coming for the Tata pillow once the online release happens. 👀
  8. Where does time even go, I can't believe BBase is genuinely a year old. Our toddler, honestly. There's been a lot of growth since the start of the forum- I think the best thing about it is how consistently lovely all the members have been, and of course, how great working with our staff has been. I live for all the random staff chat tangents we have. A lot of individuals have dedicated so much to the forum, this place is just really special. Our holy admin (aka Jinsus) is behind it all, @jin you've really put great things (& people) together in creating this site!
  9. game Anniversary Party

    purple just isn't my color I just scribbled on ten sticky notes trying to figure this out and I still think it's wrong.
  10. I came across Dope on YouTube and the beat + choreography + Yoongi's rapping turned my life upside down. After I watched bangtan bombs and AHL, I was practically a stan. The HYYH prologue film was released and I knew I had to ult them
  11. general tv BTS Plays Flinch On James Corden

    I knew 2seok were going to lose it as soon as I saw them together. I also didn't expect namjoon to get that scared and duck behind yoongi loool
  12. Inquiries (Read FAQ First!)

    If you go on your profile & click the 'see my activity' button, you can see all your posts and which threads they were posted in. ^^
  13. I'm ready to be thoroughly snatched by the DNA performance. Every hair on my head is coming off. I'm still very much in awe about this. The offers they're probably getting rn are insane. Can you imagine being them and making a decision like this, to go perform overseas? They must be sooo excited & nervous! Hoseok was saying he would've be super nervous if they had to perform at the BBMAs. I'll just never get over how much the media here in the states actually loves them. Literally never would've guessed any of this would happen back when I became a fan. edit: also for this to be happening after a bunch of votes get deleted kekeke