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  1. The Wings Tour just keeps giving and giving even after it ended. I think I need to get my hands on this for the Seo Taiji concert clips alone, I feel like that was such an iconic day and I haven’t seen enough of it. 545 minutes? Take my money now.
  2. I would say Go Go seems the easiest, but I've actually tried to do the backpack kid move they do during the tangjinjaem x3 part and failed miserably. My hips can't move that quickly. Also, the ending seems high energy even though it's relatively short. Easiest: Blanket Kick (I feel like this hardly counts) Just One Day Hardest: Blood Sweat & Tears (anything by Quick Crew looks exhausting tbh) Most iconic: Fire (The beginning & 3:33 dance!) or Mic Drop Favorite: Dope, because it was my first BTS experience and the chorus footwork blew me away.
  3. @Maphisto40 Having family members approach you first about bangtan is always pleasantly strange. My older brother asked me if I saw them on Ellen last week and it caught me off guard. Also not quite the same thing, but seeing the LG ads on TV is also lowkey crazy to me. If you would’ve told me in 2015 that they would eventually be in US TV commercials, I wouldn’t know what to think lol.
  4. What am I supposed to do when bangtan outdoes themselves every album??
  5. The sorter has been updated with LY: Tear's songs! It's been a week since the album came out, so I was confident in how I felt about the new songs and how they'd fit into my ranking. It's practically the same as my first ranking, except some songs were shifted around and Singularity + 134340 have made their way into my top 10. (Sorry to Lie, Outro: Love is not over, 2!3 and Pied Piper...)
  6. Hoseok in that choker... whew Well, this teaser was very short in previewing the song as usual. Even in my drowsy morning state, I picked up on the wings/highlight reels item exchange going on. Hmm. The genre description sounds really promising. I love hip hop/trap and emo bts, so combine the both of them and you’re serving some sort of XO Tour Life teas and I can definitely get behind that. I can also get behind some harmonies by 95z. Yes to it all.
  7. I’m so curious to see what Fake Love is going to sound like. Gah Love Maze, Magic Shop, and So What sound particularly interesting. I notice that there’s no skit this time around. I expected it to have 12-14 songs, but none of the 11 tracks are particularly short other than the intro, so I’m content.
  8. Oh man. I cancelled the order for my random amazon copy and just caved in to get the whole set. These photos are that gorgeous. What is self restraint when it comes to bangtan anyways? There wasn’t a bad shoot for this album at all. I had some lighting and styling complaints for the last album, but not this time around. Also, it’s crazy how similar Yoongi looks to Taehyung in his photo for Y. I’m loving the vivid colors of that version.
  9. I'm just very happy that the dangly earrings have carried their way over to another album concept. They looked great for DNA, and they look great here too. I now brace myself for the U and Y photos
  10. This thread is being merged with the original Merch thread, since the last post was fairly recent. I've been meaning to post what I have for the longest time, I'm finally getting around to doing it. Merch owned: I plan on buying: The next album kekeke Fansite goods, once I figure out how to navigate the order forms and find one I want.
  11. @Isabel_Inspired Hello! Here’s how to tackle the features you mentioned: To post a status update, go to your profile and find the box that says “Write a public message on your own feed” under the activity box. Clicking “post” here will post your status update. There is a three image max capacity with signatures, so you can only put up to three pictures/gifs that each pertain to the required size (350x250). You’ll have to check that the pictures you want to use fit within the size regulations. You can crop them yourself to fit that size as well. If it’s too much hassle, I can do it for you at the Graphics Shop! Usually, pasting an image link will have it directly embedded. If that doesn’t work, you are able to manually upload photos and insert them in your post that way (see where it says “choose files”). You can also try copying and pasting the image itself. To link a post of yours, there is a share button next to the flag button (used to report) that you can click and copy the direct link of your post. You can copy and paste it for the Icebreaker challenge in that way. As for your account timing out, when you have signed in, do you have the “remember me” box checked? This will allow you to stay signed in long term. Hope this cleared up some of the confusion! x
  12. Must be a slow day. I love them both, if they were an item, they’d be the cutest. The concept they’re insinuating here (that Suran is sneaking Yoongi’s name into her captions on purpose) is so funny to me. I doubt Suran of all people would utilize SNS in that way. She’s too grown, lol.
  13. My favorite Pisces producing cutie I enjoyed the twitter spam and the birthday photo album very much. I hope he had a great day today
  14. Hobi didn’t keep up the b&w aesthetic but yeah, I agree it wouldn’t have made sense. Most of the tracks are super energetic, like, of course the cover art is gonna be colorful. This man had paint thrown around in his short film. I would expect nothing less of him. Rap line is so diverse in style, yet they manage to sound cohesive when they rap together. They’re magic. They’re here to save hip hop. I don’t make the rules. I’m so proud of Hoseok’s growth in music, he went from being familiar with just dance and look how he’s progressed as an artist. He has a #1 mixtape a legend. The human embodiment of talent!