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  1. The Journal Thread

    Your journal is super cute & it's good to hear that its brought you some type of solace! I've always wanted to consistently use a journal and fill it up (other than for school) but I'm a giant procrastinator and terrible at traditional art, so I never really tried. Looking at yours makes me want to try it though. I enjoy pretty stationary things, too, but I've never had a giant use for them. I'm entirely reliant on my iPhone notes and reminders to keep me up to date with things, but this is a much better approach. I could really utilize a journal like this. Kyanna Stop Being Uncreative Challenge. Thanks for sharing this!
  2. TaeKai was like the very first kpop friendship I came to love and the fact that Jimin is close with them warms my heart. They're a literal trio of dancing angels. *sigh* not to embody my username or anything but when I first read about this I couldn't help but think of the fact Jimin was initially jealous of how openly close Tae was with his Hwarang hyungs and look at Jimin now, a part of his own clique. Jimin's recently revealed that seeing friends helps him relieves stress, too, so this just makes me really happy lol.
  3. event The Pumpkin Patch

    Post Race! Go to the Hoseok thread and post when you think his mixtape will drop! No cheating if you happen to be able to see into the future The first person to post will win pumpkins! I wish you all speedy fingers~~ Congrats 2nd post race winner @Cypher•! I hereby declare you as the person with the fastest fingers in the whole world. Hoseok would be proud. Pumpkin Coordi Kate will send you your winning pumpkins soon! 👀 Keep your eyes peeled for more post races! 👀
  4. Official Twitter Updates Thread

    🐶 #KimTaehyong And Choppa~
  5. Official Twitter Updates Thread

    Even though it’s late #HobiMillionSeries #Endofthe_MillionSeries #BT21 and #CuzYouAreMyGirl ~~ Thank you to the many people who have given love to the Million Series so far As (I) pledge the 10 Million Series 🙏🎉 Text on Photo: Production sponsor: #HobiMillionSeries Trans cr; Alli @ bts-trans
  6. I ordered her earlier today, no regrets. I want the meter long poster & the DVDs the most. I'm excited for it to be released!
  7. Official DP & Signature Shop

    @Cypher• here's your adorable yoongi dp!
  8. Official Twitter Updates Thread

    The Milky Way has come to me..! #RM Trans cr; Jisoo @ bts-trans Everyone please have a sparkly day Trans cr; Scarlett @ bts-trans #HappyJiminDay #Forever_Behind Because we’ll be forever forever forever forever with Our Jiminie 😭😭 Happy birthday my brother @-@/ #Hobie Trans cr; Denise @ bts-trans Chim Chimss Happy Birthday kyareureuk #ItsSugaHyung #DerpPicsNeverAgain #HappyJiminDay #OhHoHoot #ChillyDays #BeCarefulCarefulofFlu #HappyBirthday Trans cr; Denise & Alli @ bts-trans #HappyJiminDay Photo Translation: Jimin ah Happy birthday ♡ - RM Trans cr; Denise @ bts-trans I sincerely thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday #JIMIN Trans cr; Nara @ bts-trans
  9. Official DP & Signature Shop

    oh that's my bad, I forgot the height requirement was 250 for the sigs. Here are the gifs resized, they should work now!
  10. Official DP & Signature Shop

    @SeokSeok here you go, hope you like! btw, I know some people have issues with getting the gifs to sync, so if you run into that let me know and I can just make it 1 small gif (or 2 gifs splitting up the members) if you want. ^^
  11. Official Twitter Updates Thread

  12. Omg @ everyone having a Dark & Wild song in their top rank except for me, I'm a flop. To be fair, you could switch 2!3! for Outro: Does that make sense in my top 10 on a good day lol. Also, if your number ranking is out of whack, it's just cause you used the I like both or no opinion buttons, so that puts songs at the same ranking as others.
  13. In this song sorter, every Korean BTS song (sans: skits and remixes) is put up against another and you have to pick which song you like better! All the songs from 2 Cool 4 Skool to Love Yourself: Her are there so you can get a good ranking of all the songs. I'm curious about everyone's top and bottom 10, so if you have time, you should share your own ranking! Note: The 'I like both' and 'no opinion' buttons are there for your convenience, but if you repeatedly use them your ranking will be skewed. If you want an accurate #1 - #82 song ranking, pick a song for each round instead of using those middle buttons. >> Sort The Songs << My top 10: (It took me a while because I really had to contemplate hard on certain rounds lol)