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  1. This thread is being merged with the original Merch thread, since the last post was fairly recent. I've been meaning to post what I have for the longest time, I'm finally getting around to doing it. Merch owned: I plan on buying: The next album kekeke Fansite goods, once I figure out how to navigate the order forms and find one I want.
  2. @Isabel_Inspired Hello! Here’s how to tackle the features you mentioned: To post a status update, go to your profile and find the box that says “Write a public message on your own feed” under the activity box. Clicking “post” here will post your status update. There is a three image max capacity with signatures, so you can only put up to three pictures/gifs that each pertain to the required size (350x250). You’ll have to check that the pictures you want to use fit within the size regulations. You can crop them yourself to fit that size as well. If it’s too much hassle, I can do it for you at the Graphics Shop! Usually, pasting an image link will have it directly embedded. If that doesn’t work, you are able to manually upload photos and insert them in your post that way (see where it says “choose files”). You can also try copying and pasting the image itself. To link a post of yours, there is a share button next to the flag button (used to report) that you can click and copy the direct link of your post. You can copy and paste it for the Icebreaker challenge in that way. As for your account timing out, when you have signed in, do you have the “remember me” box checked? This will allow you to stay signed in long term. Hope this cleared up some of the confusion! x
  3. Must be a slow day. I love them both, if they were an item, they’d be the cutest. The concept they’re insinuating here (that Suran is sneaking Yoongi’s name into her captions on purpose) is so funny to me. I doubt Suran of all people would utilize SNS in that way. She’s too grown, lol.
  4. My favorite Pisces producing cutie I enjoyed the twitter spam and the birthday photo album very much. I hope he had a great day today
  5. Hobi didn’t keep up the b&w aesthetic but yeah, I agree it wouldn’t have made sense. Most of the tracks are super energetic, like, of course the cover art is gonna be colorful. This man had paint thrown around in his short film. I would expect nothing less of him. Rap line is so diverse in style, yet they manage to sound cohesive when they rap together. They’re magic. They’re here to save hip hop. I don’t make the rules. I’m so proud of Hoseok’s growth in music, he went from being familiar with just dance and look how he’s progressed as an artist. He has a #1 mixtape a legend. The human embodiment of talent!
  6. Their content is an actual void. I was away for the holidays recently and I still think there’s end of the year content I haven’t seen and it was only a span of two weeks, lol. I love being fed by my faves
  7. His expressions in this video are everything. It was impossible for me to watch this w/o a huge grin on my face. It’s so him.
  8. I should've posted my stats last week before I got lazy and slipped from the Silver Rank back to the Bronze rank. The bigger beatmaps have been a life saver though. I was wondering why they were much smaller than the SSM ones. Also, I cleared WABPT2 on hard mode today & shocked myself because I never thought I'd clear it when I first downloaded the game lol This happened to me. I had to open the App Store, change my store to the Korean store, log out of my normal Apple ID, and sign in with my Korean one. After that I reopened SBTS and clicked on the update button it prompts you with & finally the update was available. If you're still logged in to a different countries' App Store it won't show the update. When you're still logged into your country and you click on the update button in SBTS it'll tell you to change your store.
  9. I'm ready to hear the pinnacle of music!! Edit: Not to put Hoseok's artistry in a box or anything but if the cover art doesn't follow rap line tradition being in black and white, idk what I'm gonna do. Probably just put a black and white filter on it to make myself feel better.
  10. The first song I actually analyzed musically was I Need U. I received all the angsty vibes possible and just wanted to know who had hurt them so badly, lol. It was my first taste of Bangtan's passionate musicality, and I realized I could enjoy listening to their music apart from watching them dance.
  11. Arcade Tekken looks so difficult to play, what the. Their character selection is weak >_> I find solace in the fact I could probably own them @ this game lol.
  12. I caved and bought the insanely priced box set. That group poster is something I need in my life. No regrets This article is really lovely, and they all look great on the cover. The clip of Jungkook introducing the group and everyone errupting into smiles was sooo cute. Yoongi really shined during this interview shoot, too.
  13. Okay LEGENDS I was honestly a little skeptical of how the Mic Drop Remix would be received by the public when it first came out, but it's done amazing. It stayed in the Hot 100 for weeks, and now this. What did we do to deserve Mic Dropsus.
  14. 3/7 of my HYYH pt. 2 cards are prism cards now and I cherish them. I also really want them to add Hold Me Tight or Baepsae next. During the last maintenance period, the game crashed right when I finally cleared DNA with 3 stars and I was super salty about it.