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  1. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  2. I love your profile pictures!!!!!!!!

    1. vmin


      Thank you! :jkiss:

    2. Seokjin❤


      your welcome thank you for awards and everything you do!

  3. The BT21 plushies are Medals, so they're displayed underneath your username & icon. Take a look at my medals of Taehyung's autograph, the HYYH pt. 2 album, and the Youth album for example. They're also available to see on your profile. Hope that clears it up!
  4. Tata is familiar from Taehyung’s old fansign drawings, and they’re (we love a genderless icon) also really interesting in the fact they can morph into various things. Aside from Tata, I’m really drawn to Koya and Cooky! Koya is just my favorite color and the sleepy aspect is adorable, and Cooky is very cute in pink with the drawn cocked brow. ♡
  5. @Maphisto40 Having family members approach you first about bangtan is always pleasantly strange. My older brother asked me if I saw them on Ellen last week and it caught me off guard. Also not quite the same thing, but seeing the LG ads on TV is also lowkey crazy to me. If you would’ve told me in 2015 that they would eventually be in US TV commercials, I wouldn’t know what to think lol.
  6. What am I supposed to do when bangtan outdoes themselves every album??
  7. The sorter has been updated with LY: Tear's songs! It's been a week since the album came out, so I was confident in how I felt about the new songs and how they'd fit into my ranking. It's practically the same as my first ranking, except some songs were shifted around and Singularity + 134340 have made their way into my top 10. (Sorry to Lie, Outro: Love is not over, 2!3 and Pied Piper...)
  8. @Isabel_Inspired Hello! Here’s how to tackle the features you mentioned: To post a status update, go to your profile and find the box that says “Write a public message on your own feed” under the activity box. Clicking “post” here will post your status update. There is a three image max capacity with signatures, so you can only put up to three pictures/gifs that each pertain to the required size (350x250). You’ll have to check that the pictures you want to use fit within the size regulations. You can crop them yourself to fit that size as well. If it’s too much hassle, I can do it for you at the Graphics Shop! Usually, pasting an image link will have it directly embedded. If that doesn’t work, you are able to manually upload photos and insert them in your post that way (see where it says “choose files”). You can also try copying and pasting the image itself. To link a post of yours, there is a share button next to the flag button (used to report) that you can click and copy the direct link of your post. You can copy and paste it for the Icebreaker challenge in that way. As for your account timing out, when you have signed in, do you have the “remember me” box checked? This will allow you to stay signed in long term. Hope this cleared up some of the confusion! x
  9. I should've posted my stats last week before I got lazy and slipped from the Silver Rank back to the Bronze rank. The bigger beatmaps have been a life saver though. I was wondering why they were much smaller than the SSM ones. Also, I cleared WABPT2 on hard mode today & shocked myself because I never thought I'd clear it when I first downloaded the game lol This happened to me. I had to open the App Store, change my store to the Korean store, log out of my normal Apple ID, and sign in with my Korean one. After that I reopened SBTS and clicked on the update button it prompts you with & finally the update was available. If you're still logged in to a different countries' App Store it won't show the update. When you're still logged into your country and you click on the update button in SBTS it'll tell you to change your store.
  10. 3/7 of my HYYH pt. 2 cards are prism cards now and I cherish them. I also really want them to add Hold Me Tight or Baepsae next. During the last maintenance period, the game crashed right when I finally cleared DNA with 3 stars and I was super salty about it.
  11. @Chim Chim Star™ That's actually a very practical approach, I didn't think of that. I'll be doing that instead of blowing through my headphones trying to clear 1 hard mode song, lmao. I ranked 2nd in my Weekly League thing. I expected nothing since I'm so mediocre at this game, but it's cool if there's rewards to collect. I wish there was something else to spend RPs on besides cards. I don't know what to do with them other than buy those low grade card packs, but I can't even do that since my inventory is almost full lol.
  12. I managed to finally clear all the normal mode songs today and it's amazing that my wrists/thumbs still work. They're like all two star but it's fine I'm only human. Satoori rap was so difficult, I thought I'd never get past Yoongi's verse. N.O./We On/Attack on Bangtan were so easy in comparison lol. I'm going to spend all my emeralds on headphones so I can start practicing hard mode
  13. #ApplePrivilege is real unfortunately. I get super sucked into mobile games so the joke is really on me and how much time I'll be wasting.
  14. I made a Korean Apple ID and I actually suck at this game. I barely made it through the beginning of DNA, whoops. Doesn't mean I'm not gonna play it until I run out of lives tho.
  15. bc the forum gets quiet and also every time I look at your jimin dp I get all giggly bc he cute


    stay happy and cool, you

    1. vmin


      I'm glad my dp gives off that vibe. He's powerful :jipuppy:

      & as long as you stay the coolest, pal

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