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  1. Thank you so much for this, they've been added to my music list ^-^
  2. Mirrored version has gone back up, so hopefully this is the start of things being unblocked.
  3. appreciation

    I started watching AHL just after I got into BTS I could recognise some of the members but I couldn't with Yoongi, he just felt like he had no personality, he didn't speak much (he looked like a traditional 'f**kboy'). tbh I think my massive respect for him formed over time, from a mix of finally understanding more of his personality, to his mixtape (and how much I scarily relate to the last) and ofc his fashion, cute face and overall look. He's my bias because of that, but if I'm honest I love all of them so much and Im pretty similar to all of them. *runs away*
  4. I'm thankful I'm not the only one who thought that.
  5. What's annoying but (more) understandable (than reactions, covers etc.) is they've blocked mirrored versions (just as I was learning the dance may I add) , I'm just suprised I hasn't happened sooner (unless I'm missing something) and I really hope big hit has plans to fix it.
  6. news

    Aw, this makes me feel so proud (although I kind of feel sorry forJin at the same time since (I think) he studied acting, I hope all boys get opertunitioes in their respective mediums in the near future.)
  7. I would seriously consider framing this on my wall, there's something so appealing about it
  8. These are making me tear up...again BTS continue to amaze me with how meaningful their songs are and how even though I don't understand what their saying I can feel it. This song makes my cry every time I hear it but almost in hopeful way?
  9. INFP, and weirdly(?) have been for the past 4 years so I guess it's pretty accurate for me? although a lot of the personality descriptions fit me because I am all over the place.
  10. i don't know other peoples opinions, but i'm really glad they have no plans to release full english songs (which i've interpreted as versions of already written songs but i might be wrong)listening to their Japanese and Chinese versions, something always feel deeply wrong in some way(but then again part of it might be because i'm not used to the language). I think BTS has proved that international audiences have the brains to go and look up translations, i also feel like it connects us to k-armys because (other than international armys who know Korean) we rely on them for translations. I'm really happy it's all taking off for them and they are unafraid to waiver in their message. hopefully once they are fully rested we will see them in the UK.
  11. photos

    Wow it looks amazing I can't wait to see them film in there!
  12. game

    Unfortunately it didn't end up being BTS --- eomma jin
  13. This is adorable and reminds me of how close they are, like when yoongi said :
  14. I'm 5'3 (i really don't want to grow anymore being short is part of my identity)
  15. game