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  1. woooooo! yes, go naley, theorising (instead of concussion/physical things, could Jin have blocked it out of his memory?)
  2. tis my mission to help big hit in the quest to torture armys
  3. Good Luck! I'm looking forward to meeting some new people
  4. thank you, although i was the editor on this video, it's thanks to the whole bbase news team ^^ (especially @Nale and @Amajay my life savers) I'm really glad you enjoyed the video!
  5. "Made with Blood, Sweat & Tears - I present a visualisation of Jin's HYYH note." - (thank you @Nale) enjoy~ any feed back is very much appreciated as well!
  6. Big Hit has been giving us heart attacks all week with the “Love Yourself” posters. If you missed anything during the chaos, here’s a recap of all the information we have so far! The "Love Yourself" series is shaping up to be amazing. How do you think it all connects with their previous eras? We will cover upcoming releases, including “화양연화 The Notes.” Subscribe for more and leave your comments below! ~ any feedback about how we could improve out videos is more than welcome ~ Subscribe~!
  7. A single word on a tweet can create a thousand theories. Ancient ARMY proverb. Jin posted a selfie with the caption “Smeraldo” and the fandom went crazy. If you are still confused with all the theories floating around, we’re here to help! Learn everything there is to know about The Smeraldo Academy, William Ashbless and the story behind this mysterious flower shop. Now you know the story of the mysterious smeraldo flower. What do you think about the florist’s mysterious and sad stories? What do you think Big Hit is planning with all these clues? Leave your comments below! ~ any feedback about how we could improve out videos is more than welcome ~ Subscribe~!
  8. event

    September 15th, just to a)put down a random date and b)to spite and give heart attacks to @Nale and @Amajay because they would be in the sky ^^
  9. WOOO! CONGRATULATIONS! looking forward to future projects!
  10. For Bangtan Base Youtube's new video 'Who are bts?' we need your help Very simply if you could show a new army anything from BangtanTV what videos would you show them? what are your favourite videos from BangtanTV? links/time codes (or gifs if you don't have links) of favourite moments are very much appreciated but if you can't add them feel free to comment still we are looking forward to hearing your suggestions~
  11. other

    i know no one has replied to this in ages but i love personality things so... Bias(es): Yoongi MBTI: INFP-T Temperament: Melancholic Zodiac Signs: Virgo (Western), Snake (Eastern) (i think, i know nothing about zodiac)
  12. This week in BTS news: BTS is coming back in September! The group has also announced ‘2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings Tour The Final’ They’re adding more dates to ‘The Wings Tour’ in Taiwan and Macau Their Twitter account has reached 7 million followers The details of their contract with VT Cosmetics were revealed. ~ any feedback about how we could improve out videos is more than welcome ~ Subscribe~!
  13. isn't bbase news prefix just for the youtube channel?