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  1. A little out of context, but hey, you're pretty cool :celebrate:

  2. BTS produce an amazing amount of content on the daily, especially for new fans, this can get confusing. But never fear, our concise three-part series is here to help. We will cover everything from BTS and BIG HIT to ARMY. Was there any BTS content you were unaware of? Are you a new ARMY? Stay tuned for the next parts, coming soon!
  3. We can finally say that we have something tangible about ‘Love Yourself: Her’! After waiting for an eternity (it felt like an eternity for us!), we have a tracklist and album design at last. Now the problem will be choosing a version! Are you planning to buy more versions now that we have the tracklist and the covers?
  4. Everyone was talking about a possible collaboration, and it’s here! It’s been confirmed that one of the tracks in ‘Love Yourself: Her’ is a collaboration with The Chainsmokers and it will be titled ‘Best of Me’. Are you excited?
  5. We finally have the date for the comeback stage! Get ready because it will happen on September 21 and it will be available to watch worldwide through several platforms!
  6. REFLECTIONS ACROSS SPACE, TIME AND WORDS 1440 minutes in a day, how many scores of thoughts cross our minds in that time? The ‘Reflections’ project is inspired by the musings shared by Namjoon himself over the years. Our introspective leader is known for his trademark deep insights and his hobby of taking time out to reflect even amidst BTS’ hectic schedules (in fact, he’s revealed his solo ‘Reflection’ was written during one such escape at Ttukseom!). Perhaps we can all benefit from a moment of solitude too. Whether you’re a student or working, rushing a deadline or finally free from exams, or simply tired and frustrated, each of us lead lives so bustling it’s easy to forget to take a breather.
  7. The weekly news recap is here! Since comeback is upon us, we are introducing a new shortened format for the weekly news. We hope you enjoy it!
  8. Our love for BTS must be serendipitous too! Jimin is the first vocalist to be in charge of the comeback trailer, and he shines from beginning to end. Here’s everything you need to know.
  9. We finally have some visuals for this era! We’ve been waiting for so long to know what kind of concept would Love Yourself: Her bring us, and what hairstyles would BTS rock. Let’s take a look!
  10. What a time to be an ARMY! BTS got more than 1 million pre-orders for their new album, ‘Love Yourself: Her’, and we are still trying to wrap our heads around it. The album has also spent 6 days at #1 on the best-selling list on Amazon! Great job, everyone! How do you feel about reaching 1 million pre-orders? Are you going to buy the new album from Amazon if you live in the US?
  11. I promise i will try and attempt to submit! but i'm really excited to help with the video, this seems like a truly amazing project!
  12. don't think someone's already posted this?
  13. It’s time to delve into theories! A few days have passed since the release of the Highlight Reels and now that things have settled, we need to put your thinking caps on. The first part of our series covered all the information we had so far, and this one will be an introduction to some of the most interesting theories about the Highlight Reels. Ready? Delving into the world of theories is definitely an experience! What is your favorite theory so far? What do you think are the consequences of the possible time travel in the story? Leave your comments below! ~ and feedback on our videos is much appreciated ~ join our team! subscribe!~