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  1. the ending though...why >< i mean i guess i'm not complaining but...
  2. 2 things: 1. Hobi and fidget spinner & 2. Hobi's face I correct this to all of their reactions when Namjoon said the rest (i think correct me if i've understood this wrong) can't speak English as well.
  3. game

    Confess love to you ? J-Hope or Suga ? Suga, i would just love to see how he would do it Have your picture drawn by Jimin or V sings your favorite song for you? picture draw by Jimin, so i can keep it Have a date with Jungkook, J-Hope or Rapmonster ? Jungkook, as if it was my kind of date (pizza and games) and we were able to relax i think we would have a lot in common Be married to Jin and Army hates you or not have any relationship with him and be loved again ? Loved by army or someone else? probably not have a relationship as if army hates jin's future s/o i think it would be difficult for both of them Oversleep and miss important concert or oversleep and miss your date w/ your bias ? concert concert 100% unless it was my concert Mad at you for a week J-hope or Jimin ? Jimin as i think i would be genuinely terrified with j-hope but jimin i would feel bad for disappointing him Take selcas w/ 6 members and ignore V or Suga ? AH NO YOU EVIL PERSON. Suga? idk V would just look like a sad lost puppy Meet your bias or meet everyone but not your bias? meet my bias and have a deep conversation pls Be poor and love BTS or be extremely rich and forget everything about them? what do you mean by poor? able to still live happily, then yes Go to one of their concerts or a fan meeting? fan meeting, although i would forever cringe at myself See your OTP get together or have BTS release a lot of mv's/ songs in one day? dont have an otp so i guess the second Have a one sided love with Jungkook or RapMonster loves you more than you love them? Jungkook? ah idk See BTS with TWICE or SNSD ? SNSD as they are the only one a kind of know Go on a vacation with Jungkook while he is wearing a seagull costume or Suga while he is wearing a Kumamon costume ? Suga, we'd just sleep Sneak into concert and get caught or their dorm and get caught ? Dorm is such an invasion so i guess concert Have RapMonster or J-Hope comfort you when you are sad? J-hope, his smile Eat big meals with Jin or ride a horse with J-Hope ? Horse horse horse, i would be able to put my horse riding lessons into good use If you were the 8th member would you have long hair , guy short, short, or mid way ? short - like shoulder length Be friends with the Maknae-line (Jimin,V and Jungkook) or the Hyung-line (Jin, RM, Suga and J-Hope) ? Maknae > they are most like my current friend group and me although i would wanna have deep convos with suga and rapmon ;-; See you naked ? RapMonster or V ? V, that flustered little duck but also god no Meet BTS and forget to brush your teeth or wear deodorant ? ;-; no why you do this to me? deodorant Kiss Jin, Suga, Jimin or Jungkook ? ahh...idk suga jungkook suga jungkook suga Dancing with J-Hope, Jin or V ? J-hope teach me pls A duet with RapMonster or Jimin ? Jimin, contemporary pls Want BTS to be single and alone for Armys or dating and happy with Armys support ? 100% dating with armys support, it's there life, i never really got the not dating for fans thing anyway Sing karaoke w/ your bias or go on a shopping spree w/ BTS but not your bias ? karaoke we can both sing badly glad i picked the right bias phew *wipes blood, sweat and tears* Break your bias heart or crush your bias lifetime dreams ? Heart, not dreams One of the BTS members swears at you in Korean, Suga or Jungkook ? maliciously? im gonna say not, so jungkook, they say he always swears with a smile so i dont have to get scared Share a bed with JiKook (Jimin x Jungkook) or TaeGi (V x Suga) ? TaeGi, just for the hugs And finally... your bias remembers your name or your face ? Never met someone with my name so probably name ahh that was hard
  4. I so hope they rest, all these super short waits and constant fan communication are still weird, i'm so used to waiting years for anything. It sometimes makes me worried but i guess they have so many thoughts and in turn songs they want to share. I just hope they get lots of rest and are eating enough *mum mode turns on*
  5. *goes on a rant about sorting quizes* no i won't they are fun ok sorry to answer your question the time i did get ravenclaw Nebelung Cat -I am basically a Cat so this fits me pretty well (although british short hair... the 9 cats i've had in my (very short) life time have all been british short hairs but i should stop being picky) -coolcoolcool (it would be interesting to do the same thing as the MBTI and compile a list of all the different people in the different houses)
  6. @DaeSan same tbh, it's terrible
  7. This is why I'm quite happy about my age (because although the idea of them dating settling down/army/doing other things terrifies me,I'm not very good with change) I know that as they move on I will be as well, with school, career etc. I wonder if it's harder for younger or older fans when an idol settles down? I also wonder if how you view them (role model vs someone you have a crush on vs you just like their singing and dancing) changes how difficult it may be to deal with?
  8. Wow, thank you for posting that, it was a really interesting read and an eye opener to just how much freedom they have
  9. Thanks for following me~ <3

    1. River


      <3 well thank you for following me back :jin1:

  10. Thank you so much for this, they've been added to my music list ^-^
  11. Mirrored version has gone back up, so hopefully this is the start of things being unblocked.
  12. appreciation

    I started watching AHL just after I got into BTS I could recognise some of the members but I couldn't with Yoongi, he just felt like he had no personality, he didn't speak much (he looked like a traditional 'f**kboy'). tbh I think my massive respect for him formed over time, from a mix of finally understanding more of his personality, to his mixtape (and how much I scarily relate to the last) and ofc his fashion, cute face and overall look. He's my bias because of that, but if I'm honest I love all of them so much and Im pretty similar to all of them. *runs away*
  13. I'm thankful I'm not the only one who thought that.
  14. What's annoying but (more) understandable (than reactions, covers etc.) is they've blocked mirrored versions (just as I was learning the dance may I add) , I'm just suprised I hasn't happened sooner (unless I'm missing something) and I really hope big hit has plans to fix it.
  15. news

    Aw, this makes me feel so proud (although I kind of feel sorry forJin at the same time since (I think) he studied acting, I hope all boys get opertunitioes in their respective mediums in the near future.)