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  1. i think this is the first status update i've made but i'm so frustrated right now and am about to go softly cry in a corner. If you know maths and can help me solve this i will love you forever.  (i'm just going to tag @monimoni because ages ago you said i could ask you for help, idk ><)



    so i need to express this with a rational denominatior


    so that would equal 

     4×√12    4√12 
    ——————— = ————
    √12×√12    12

    then it has to be simplified(?)

    4√12  ÷4
     12   ÷4

    but what i get from that is




    but the answer is 



    it's the same with the next question 

    6    3√2
    —— = ——— 
    √8    2

    but i '÷2' and get


    i feel like this is the point where i understand why you shouldn't teach yourself maths, i'm so confused ;-;


    1. monimoni


      ok I've had a look down and I haven't done proper maths in a loooonnggg while so take this with a pinch of salt

      the only thing I can think of is when you're at this stage

      4√12     ÷4
      12        ÷4

      Are you not dividing the whole expression (4√12) by 4 and the whole bottom (12) by 4? then leaving 


      so then the 2√3 is maybe just the simplification of √12 after you've already simplified the whole numbers in the fraction?

      but again I haven't done hard maths in a while so this could be very wrong but that's the only thing I could think of??

    2. monimoni


      but either way, take a little break and walk away for a minute. There's nothing worse than trying to do more maths when you're already frustrated :'')) :jhheart:

    3. River


      @monimoni omg i seriously love you, i looked back over my notes as well and it clicked. i need to simplify then divide. thank you so much! :jhheart:

  2. what will happen to bbase's projects? @AJay
  3. well could it work a bit like outcast with polls? idk?
  4. damn, i'm working this weekend. i'm free from now till 12pm (about two hours). then again later in the evening. if this is something that people are interested in maybe there could be a way to formulate a longer on going game where people can come in an out and maybe takes place in real time. the game may need to be adapted a bit but it might work better with people schedules?
  5. I have a really short attention span, and this is reflected in my kpop groups. I got into BTS at the beginning of 2017, very quickly discovering this forum and getting involved (to some extent) with other armys. On the side i got into got7 (and topp dogg a tiny bit). I say on the side in got7's case, because i got to know the members and watched a bit of their stuff but wasn't like obsessed. However a little while ago i stopped keeping up with BTS, i still listen to their music, but the only things i really get of them are from here. I got really into B.A.P for a period of time, saw BTOB from their interactions a while later and said "oh no, i'll never be interested in them". five days later? i know all their names and i'm binging their videos. Then i saw VIXX through BTOB's videos, "oh no, i'll never get into them". Two days later...then i got into Knowing Bros and now i'm addicted to Super Junior and i think it's going to be SHINee soon. I guess i love learning and people interest me, it excites me to learn all these names, and personalities but i always feel guilty with the fact that i will never be able to keep up with what they're all doing, even if i love them so much. i guess i worry sometimes that i'm not fully dedicated to a group, i'll never fully know what people are talking about and will always have missed big events, does that make me a 'fake fan'? can i really say i 'stan' a group if i pick them up one second and drop them the next?
  6. i guess this would work if the traits were taken from their profile/posts, so things people could find? It would be really cool to do a ware-wolf/mafia/salem type thing, but i'm aware that could take a lot of organising on a side note maybe on top of a fanfic contest there could be an art/video etc. one. users could vote for their favourite, but also goofy awards? like 'best effort' or something along those lines. I'll try and do some more thinking ^^
  7. i'm sad this isn't being used and it's 4am so i have no filter I said i'd drop it like a bomb when you least expect it, so here it is... that was far more anticlimactic than i expected.
  8. what happens to the other when one of them gets to the exit? (side note it's now 3am and i can't sleep~)
  9. I mean i'm not great at playing games, but it's odd he's sooooo good for a game that seems to be very based on blind chance. Furthermore, if i was scared enough to feel sick (which i am right know @mewithmyrunawayimagination) i would want my friend to be with me. why does hobi actively deny yoongi's offer to come over? also what does it mean by hobi failing? he now has 0 lives, is this the point where he is taken?
  10. wow, ok apologies for a)how many and b) the mess i made by accidentally sending it twice when it wasn't done. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday~
  11. Thank you so much. I don't know what i've said where, so i'm probably just rambling and repeating but thank you for setting this up and for sticking with it (so far). From the snippets i've herd from others and from you it has been an immense challenge. But thank you for setting up a place that has supported me and been a constant of welcoming people, always there no matter how the day goes. Thank you for putting up with me calling you a mysterious evil-overlord who brings heart attacks. Thank you for allowing under 18s to apply for the youtube channel and even though i can be a bit useless allowing me to become video co-ordinator. Whether you like it or not you have created something truly special that others around the world will treasure for the rest of their life. Whatever happens, Bangtan Base will always be irreplaceable. Thank you to the staff (honorary, might as well be staff Rin included). Although i have yet to meet a lot of you thank you for being so kind, welcoming and patient to those who are new and figuring things out. I often have an irrational fear of accidentally breaking rules and your kindness has put that at ease, enabling me to participate in the forum so thank you so much, your hard work is very much appreciated. Thank you to the projects team for creating beautiful pieces of art, what feels like every time i blink (Ajay, sleep more). And finally, thank you to my fellow youtube team, a messy but hard working bundle of people, i hope in the future i will be able to offer you more of the time your deserve.