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  1. Thank you so much. I don't know what i've said where, so i'm probably just rambling and repeating but thank you for setting this up and for sticking with it (so far). From the snippets i've herd from others and from you it has been an immense challenge. But thank you for setting up a place that has supported me and been a constant of welcoming people, always there no matter how the day goes. Thank you for putting up with me calling you a mysterious evil-overlord who brings heart attacks. Thank you for allowing under 18s to apply for the youtube channel and even though i can be a bit useless allowing me to become video co-ordinator. Whether you like it or not you have created something truly special that others around the world will treasure for the rest of their life. Whatever happens, Bangtan Base will always be irreplaceable. Thank you to the staff (honorary, might as well be staff Rin included). Although i have yet to meet a lot of you thank you for being so kind, welcoming and patient to those who are new and figuring things out. I often have an irrational fear of accidentally breaking rules and your kindness has put that at ease, enabling me to participate in the forum so thank you so much, your hard work is very much appreciated. Thank you to the projects team for creating beautiful pieces of art, what feels like every time i blink (Ajay, sleep more). And finally, thank you to my fellow youtube team, a messy but hard working bundle of people, i hope in the future i will be able to offer you more of the time your deserve.
  2. discussion Just let me know you

    i would love to be in any group chat on (pretty much) any platform. I can't promise i'd be super active (as my first priority in activeness is returning to the actual forum, and i can get super shy/nervous) but y'know i'm a person who can add to the population size
  3. wow, ok i'm only just seeing this and i may or may not now be crying 1- I take Jin for granted waaay too much but, i really admire the patience he has. He is calm, and warm and idk i guess in so many ways he's the kind of adult i want to be. 2- I love my ability to be enthusiastic and throw myself into something 100% (also know as impulsivity). I know this means i often abandon projects and re-appear when something interests me, i know it often makes me selfish, leaving others to do the hard grind. However, i love that seemingly no matter how much i fail i bounce back (also know as naivety) and try again. 3- @AJay i...wow. Thank you for not giving up on me and for helping me through those slumps. I have learnt un-measurable bucket loads from you and even though i have yet to scrape the surface of graphic design what you have taught me is the main reason i am on a track record of all distinctions with special commendations from my teachers. @KookieMochi Thank you for being such a kind, resilient soul and for always looking out for those around you. Please remember to look after yourself <3 @monimoni thank you for not being as scary as i thought you were and for answering my silly hypothetical questions, i hope the UK's recently freezing weather has been ok for you! @jin a big thank you for creating a sticking with this site, i can't even come close to imagining how hard it's been. But what i can say is i joined this site on the tale end of the hardest time in my life so far, and the progress it has helped me make is immense. Hopefully i will gain just a tad more confidence...and then you won't be able to get rid of me @fuckparkjimin wow, i'm a bit useless and haven't been around and i don't even properly know where you currently are, so i don't know if you'll read this. But thank you for talking to me and being the aunt who doesn't tell me to go to sleep. I hope the battery pack is working out for you, lots of warm hugs.
  4. i just need David Attenborough to do the voice over..."and here resides a wild yoongi in his natural habit, known for sleeping...~"
  5. OMG I WOULD SCREAM ( @monimoni i will be hawk-eyed)
  6. event Lucky Grid (Revealed)

    wat?am i too late? i'm so confused username: river square: 1
  7. username: River tickets for prize #1: 5 tickets for prize #2: 0 tickets for prize #3: 0 total spent: 2500 Pumpkins i can't maths so let's hope i didn't get this wrong
  8. game Two Truths & a Lie

    and i need to sleep...it's 1:30 in the morning, i'm tired
  9. game Two Truths & a Lie

    thank you @jin for the wonderful game hopefully, if there's another game, i'll be able to play again!
  10. game Two Truths & a Lie

  11. game Two Truths & a Lie

    i'm scared, smh there's no hide crow tit
  12. game Two Truths & a Lie

  13. game Two Truths & a Lie

  14. game Two Truths & a Lie

    so are you a vixx fan?