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      If you haven't submitted a birthday message to him yet, go >HERE< and scroll down to the "Birthday Message Submission" section. Follow the guidelines listed and submit your message using the google form linked on that page! To view the details of the overall birthday project for Jungkook, or ask any questions you have, you can visit the main project thread:  Wànhuā: In Bloom - a Jungkook Charity Birthday Project

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  1. When you spend too much time with your close friend Hoseok.... This is hilarious
  2. Meaningful tattoos are the best! Yours look really great @cyphersatoori I don't think I'll get any tattoo even though I'm in love with this artist's work!
  3. Also, die with me.
  4. Just passing by!
  5. Amen! It's my case too Who can resistant Police Kook! -IhopehewouldarrestmeifIcallhimoppa-
  6. A bunch of pics found on Twitter earlier
  7. news

    READY, NOT READY! .... ... ... ... ... Just bring it on!
  9. I love his part in every song because his voice is really particular! He can play so many emotion with it! Also, he can make 'noises' that fit the songs so well! My really favorite parts are in: Save me Cypher part 3 and 4 ASS: YNWA Blood, Sweat and Tears Outro: Wings Fun Boys (Totally makes me think of his OsaCar meme xD) Special mention to his live part for Spring Day because WOW! It's like listening to an angel and it makes me tear up!
  10. Explanation - PeroxWhy?Gen
  11. Dope - 715 N.O - 799 Run - 684 I Need U - 654 Young Forever - 728 Just One Day - 799 Fire - 765
  12. No More Dream - 898 Danger - 859 Boy In Luv - 895 Blood Sweat & Tears - 888 Spring Day - 654 Not Today - 898 Save Me - 708
  13. game

  14. Anti