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  1. welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. to my secret admirers:

    Hit me up imma take you out on Vday :suga6:

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    2. pinkhyung


      @Chim Chim Star™ 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀 

      :suga6: :suga6: :suga6: :suga6: 

    3. KookieMochi


      ngl that was a heatfluttering gif ok I'm shook

    4. pinkhyung


      @KookieMochi I knew you would like it :jungkook3:

  4. I'm alone this year on Vday again so I'll take a girl friend of mine out and be all romantic and shit for fun cause we are lonely and we are independent women that care for ourselves. I sound like a feminist. At least she's getting me a rose HOW BOUT THAT I wanna send cringey cheesy romantic cards with glittery hearts and bears but Idk who to send them lmao
  5. what a cutie ;____; <3 ugh he looks so good ;-; <3
  6. I love forehead Jin I love glasses Jin In other words I love Jin
  7. I cut my hair yay It used to be really long and I finally got the bob I wanted. I feel content :rapmon4:

  8. I was listening to Tinashe's Pretend featuring A$AP Rocky and it really reminded me of J-hope's rapping. I can't imagine who good their voices would sound together like DAMN. I'm hoping Hixtape MIGHT MIIIIGHT have a collab but maybe I'm too hopeful ? :why:

    1. 1800baepsaebling


      Omg!! I'm Literally listening to it right now omw to school!!!!!!!! A TINASHE JHOPE COLLAB WOULD BE LIT! A girl can dream!!!!!! 


    2. pinkhyung



      (I saved your spotify playlist btw, even tho I have most of the songs saved I never really get to fix any playlists so you just saved my life <3)

    3. 1800baepsaebling
  9. I would suggest to use a variety of coloured paper, also you can print stickers and stick them with glue. If you have watercolours and dish soap you can create textured paper with bubble art and write your favourite lyrics on them. You can also make scented paper if you have any scents or aroma, you can edit pictures of bts and make them look like polaroids and print them on gloss paper which isn't pricey (unlike the photograph gloss paper), and stick them in. You can also make Era related pages, or Song related pages and stick any related things you can find, for example you could make a Spring day related page and stick a train ticket or could be from bus or something and dried flowers and printed picture of BTS. Things that you can easily find! You can also look for "cheap scrapbook materials" online and get some ideas of what you can use! All you have to do is be creative! Doesn't have to be super expensive
  10. I think it's a good idea. Now fansites instead of raising money to buy expensive gifts they can use it to support BTS's campaign LOVE MYSELF with UNICEF or donate elsewhere. I often saw many fans being disappointed because they wanted to sent something to BTS but didn't have enough money to buy something that expensive.
  11. That picture could be a frame from a Hollywood movie. He looks so ethereal
  12. ok but this is Yoongi



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    2. pinkhyung


      oml that's so cute thoooooo!!! You named your cat Yoongi? or Suga. Min-kitty would be a great cat name :rapmon9:

    3. 1800baepsaebling


      Named him Suga. Lmao! Min-Kitty is a great name but that doesn't suit him. He's savage and Min-kitty sounds like a smol vulnerable sweet cat. Lol

    4. pinkhyung



  13. I'm turning 20 in 5 months and I already feel like I'm 80 yro :uhno:

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    2. pinkhyung


      @Chim Chim Star™ I feel sometimes that i act older like very old. Lmao only thing I dont do yet is knitting while watching TV. I've surpassed the wine mom stage I think, or maybe I'm still in that stage idk lol

      I'm glad to see some people enjoying their youth :HAHAHA:

    3. noona


      lmao I wish I was

      but ayye at least you know you're not a kid anymore :why:

    4. pinkhyung
  14. I think that's probably because BTS' largest following is out of Korea and they live in dorms which I guess is unknown where they are. But I know a lot of people go out of the big hit building and I think one member was getting out or going in and a fan tried to pull him? I don't remember I think it was jungkook? or hoseok? yeah I'm kinda worried about that too also any kind of relationship news etc I hope the fandom doesn't get divided into people who support their relationships or not