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  1. OMG I think I'm mostly on stage 3 but definetly I got some of stage 4 and that kind of worries me :'DD My first stages took years between each other, but all happened really quick in time. 1. "Hmm, why are these girls so excited with this group? Let's se some MV to find out. Wait WHO IS HIM?" [the inflexion point of no return] Starts recognizing them, listens to their music. "Not bad, they have some good stuff. Let's listen to them sometimes.". 1.1. Some years later: "hey what were they doing all this time? Let's listen to their new albums. OMG they're even better, I love this. What
  2. If we can include all solo songs (not only the ones in BTS's albums, but the ones in soundcloud too...): 1) Vocally, Tonight by Jin. Thinking about BTS's albums only, it was hard to choose between Moon (Jin) and Euphoria (JK), but I think I'll choose the last one too. JK has such a versatile tone of voice, his vocals are always perfect. Not to mention that Jimin's voice always pleases me ( u ///u) 2) Lyrically, Promise by Jimin. Always. It's so heartwarming...it really resonates with me. This wonderfull message about selfcare, being honest and nice with ourselves...it's encouraging. IDK
  3. I wish I had the same skill with my hands as they have with their feet ; A; I mean, 0:50 HOW DO YOU DO THAT
  4. I forgot the honorable mention: red haired Jimin in Dope because I love red hair ( O HO)
  5. I don't know I mean...yes, yes to all > ///< I'll always love how he looked in the Wings era, but I have to admit I still didn't recover from the orange haired Jimin in a blue leather jacket in Run. And then I see him in DNA, or Spring Day and I can't x ___x aldkjañsofj I think that every era I like him more, and it's the same for all the members because I like how they've been improving, and growing ❤️ n_n And I feel like they can be more themselves now than in the first eras, for understandable reasons.
  6. No surprise, I watch it all the time xD One of my favorite title songs and MV's ❤️❤️
  7. OMG I'm relating to you SO MUCH ( TT ATT) I used to hang out around forums when I was a teenager too. And I started being interested un BTS because the Blood Sweat and Tears MV, and because Jimin (in my case) caught my eye xD So I hope we can have a good time here, so glad to meet you ( / > w<)/ ❤️
  8. I don't ship...😅 But if I have to choose, I like the relationship they have in the maknae line :3
  9. 💖💖Dynamite MV B-Side 💖💖 Soo funny ( / o Ao) / I'm dying 😂 Some scenes are pure gold. I'm glad that Jin got a little more time screen in this one, (i think?), I realized that in the first one he barely shows (neither most of the hyung line) . _.
  10. Hiii!! So glad to meet you! 😄
  11. I always go with "Jimiiiiiinnn! D:", so I voted for Jiminie. But I like mochi too º wº or "pollito"🐣 ("chick" in spanish).
  12. Leda

    Dynamite MV

    70-80's are coming back and I'm ready and waiting for it ( * A*) How can this be so funny I mean, Jungkook freezing with a donut about to be eaten, and then everybody is like wtf is that a guy dancing in the street, so cool man! xD
  13. Hi! I'm spanish and I know about BTS since 2017 (my first MV was Blood Sweat and Tears), but I wasn't really into it until this very year. So we can say that quarantine made me a fan :'D In this hard times I found that BTS made me happy and helped me, and I had de need to share this with other people. But I couldn't find any spanish forum so here I am. I'm studying really hard to become a teacher, so I won't be as active here as I would like (This could be my longest post). Thanks for the space anyways ❤️ As for BTS, my bias even since 2017 is Jimin. But H-Jope could be my bias wrecker
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