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  1. Reminisce
  2. No More Dream - 895 Danger - 859 Boy In Luv - 894 Blood Sweat & Tears - 887 Spring Day - 646 Not Today - 898 Save Me - 706
  3. Dope - 714 N.O - 799 Run - 680 I Need U - 647 Young Forever - 727 Just One Day - 798 Fire - 765
  4. game

  5. I replayed this scene so many times to admire Tae's beautiful side profile also I just keep wanting to touch his hair lol (credits)
  6. I love this soft, sweater concept :") (credits)
  7. this adorable little fluffball :') (credits)
  8. event

    Gonna go with September 11th (KST) as well o_o
  9. @Whalien got the notif and had a feeling you posted Icarus lol
  10. Music Bank in Singapore 170804 (credits) (credits) Tae and Bogum :")
  11. As expected, it's the darkest shade where I'm at I wonder how much different the data post-BBMAs would look.
  12. hello it's been a while and I've missed this thread. major Jungkook spam ahead from Music Bank in Singapore!! I'll sort it by fansite but you'll have to click the spoilers to see it all >:) HEADLINER Little Golden MADE IN 1997 I hope this wasn't too much o__o
  13. I haven't been around lately but even when I have, I've completely neglected this thread. Sorry Food Thread for not giving you any love T___T Dinner from the past two nights: @sungel LOL that meme will never get old! I should to try my hand at making jam sometime