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  1. I can't believe it's been like 3 weeks and I only just now got around to reading the lyrics! They're pretty good. I read the full translation by peachi, and I could tell when I was reading the work of RM when I saw "if you want a fish be selfish." (Is this gonna be a running thing now?) I'll have to pick it apart some more 'cause there's some interesting metaphors that might be worth unpacking.
  2. Ah I just came here to check for an update, myself. I get life happens and takes priority. I hope you find some free time soon!
  3. That is a mighty fine compilation of journalism right there. Much respect to Bang PD for the way he manages himself and BTS.
  4. Get that news coverage, boys.
  5. pann

    when will suga bring me fried chicken?
  6. pann

    I'm not holding my breath, but if it's BTS' wish to perform, I support that. If so, I pray it'll be well-received and that most people will at least respect, if not adore, them as much as I do. That might be asking a lot, though... but the potential worst case scenario shouldn't intimidate them from pursuing their dream.
  7. Very cool! Excited to see what ARMY will pull off next!
  8. Time flew by, I didn't even realize I was hearing so many songs. Thanks for this.
  9. Even as he matures, he retains this gentle childlike innocence about him, ya know? It's fascinating. I really don't encounter a lot of people quite like him.
  10. So pretty! I hope BTS can really feel ARMYs' sincerity.
  11. pann

    If I stumbled upon a BTS member while casually going about my day, I don't know what I would do haha. But just like OP, I wouldn't have people around me to brag to that would really get the magnitude of it. Anyway, very curious about what this filming is really for.
  12. Ohhhh, I really appreciate how he engaged with the lyrics on a personal level and admires BTS' artistry.
  13. pann

    Hope he had a blast!
  14. pann

    when will the sausage fingers return from war hawaii