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my watch has ended
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  1. BBase is the best, love you all <3

  2. recruiting Tech Squad is Hiring~!

    How come I'm not on staff anymore
  3. wow i got hacked, wheres my staff banner

  4. Happy 6th month anniversary Bangtan Base! I'm really hopeful that the site will grow in size and activity this year, good times are ahead!
  5. I have to say it was your icon that convinced me to make an account

  6. My BgA Bias Journey

    Kpooper my one and only fandom
  7. Girl who can create an outfit with $150????
  8. event Valentan's Day Lotto!

    Sorry you're sick, hope this brightens your day a bit Get better soon!
  9. event Valentan's Day Lotto!

    Congrats boo!
  10. event Valentan's Day Lotto!

    Congratulations to the following winners! Two Permanent Custom Awards - @fuckparkjimin & @suga's baby face Two 6-Month Temporary Awards - @poca & @DJ Syub?Min PD Three 2-Month Temporary Awards - @seamless-vision & @daegvboy & @yoko When you're ready to use your custom awards please message any member of the Awards Team and they can process your request for you! If you have any questions about customs awards you can check the Guidelines thread Hope everyone enjoyed the Valentan's events, thank you so much to the wonderful users for participating and continuing to support events that we create for your enjoyment~
  11. game Guess the Video 2.0 (Game 3) - COMPLETED

    Cool just let me know when it's time
  12. event Valentan's Day Lotto!

    Going to close this and draw the winners this evening, good luck to everyone~