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my watch has ended
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  1. Hey you sent me a Christmas card! That was super nice of you my kokoro is touchedt T_T Thank you <3

    1. Cypher•


      aww thanks! Hope you have a happy holidays! :jkiss:

  2. Thank you for the Christmas card you sweet sweet angel <3 

    1. KookieMochi


      jimin9: How couldn't I have, really <3 You're welcome! I hope it brightened up your day a little~

  3. BBase is the best, love you all <3

  4. How come I'm not on staff anymore
  5. wow i got hacked, wheres my staff banner

  6. Happy 6th month anniversary Bangtan Base! I'm really hopeful that the site will grow in size and activity this year, good times are ahead!
  7. I have to say it was your icon that convinced me to make an account

  8. Nice to officially welcome @BTSJAMS @chimchim @hannalau to the Bangtan Base staff as apart of our awards team! I know you'll all do great work
  9. you can't follow me, i can't cheat on jin

  10. When you go to edit your signature or posts do you see at the bottom where it says 'Drag files here to attach, or choose files' ? If you click on choose files you can upload from your computer
  11. Not me falling in love with this gif set hnnnnnnn