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  1. Hey you sent me a Christmas card! That was super nice of you my kokoro is touchedt T_T Thank you <3

    1. Cypher•


      aww thanks! Hope you have a happy holidays! :jkiss:

  2. Thank you for the Christmas card you sweet sweet angel <3 

    1. KookieMochi


      jimin9: How couldn't I have, really <3 You're welcome! I hope it brightened up your day a little~

  3. BBase is the best, love you all <3

  4. wow i got hacked, wheres my staff banner

  5. I have to say it was your icon that convinced me to make an account

  6. you can't follow me, i can't cheat on jin

  7. When you go to edit your signature or posts do you see at the bottom where it says 'Drag files here to attach, or choose files' ? If you click on choose files you can upload from your computer
  8. Not me falling in love with this gif set hnnnnnnn
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