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  1. Hello and welcome 🙂 I hope you will like it here.
  2. The concept clips are interesting so far. But they have used sample music from other songs so it's not the sound of butter. I guess we have to wait a bit more for that. Army really sold out a fork just because it was in the teaser poster. 😅
  3. Are you guys as excited as I am? 😄 I seriously watched butter melt for an hour. Had to know what the counter was for. Turns out, new digital single on May 21st, the title is "Butter" and it's going to be in English. 🤩 It's available for pre-save/pre-add on spotify and apple music. I'm hoping for a real bop. I think they will be trying for another grammy with this one since it's in English, what do you guys think? You all butter be prepared.
  4. I would love an event, If I'm allowed to participate 🙂
  5. Did you pre-order the new album BE? I think I'm only going to buy it digitally. I have never been a big fan of physical albums, and I have nothing to play them with. I know that digital sales doesn't really seem to count towards any sales charts that seem to be important though. I am so undecided, should I buy a physical copy? If I do I think I'm gonna wait for the normal version. Also to get some discussion going because I really want to talk to someone XD Do you own any BTS merch? Are you one of those who have a whole room full or do you just have a few things, or maybe nothing at
  6. Hello, welcome to the forum. You have definitely come to the right place. I hope you will like it here.
  7. Hello, welcome to BBase 🙂 I hope you will like it here.
  8. Hello, Welcome to the forum 🙂 I Hope you will enjoy it here. What type of edits do you usually do? I'm also a sucker for the more hip hop style songs, they are just so good.
  9. Where did you hear that? You mentioning it now is the first time I'm hearing about it anyway. Seems unlikely.
  10. It was actually an urelated youtuber that used to title all his behind the scenes videos as BTS (short for behind the scenes) and I guess that many armys accidentally clicked his videos thinking that it was related to BTS but it actually wasn't, and then left confused comments. So in one of his videos he addressed this issue and I thought to myself "Hmm ok there is a kpop group called BTS that is popular now" and after that I kind of looked them up on youtube. I think my interest to look them up was sparked because I already knew kpop since a long time before, being a fan of 2PM back in 2
  11. I can't really recommend any based on my own opinions since I don't own any of those dvds. But I do know that usually it is more fun to watch a concert tour with places you recognize, even if you weren't there yourself. So maybe if you are American choose the New York one, if you are from Europe then buy the Europe one and so on. That is the only recommendation I can give since I don't really know which one of those dvds would be better than the other.
  12. hey

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    2. 펠릭스 Freckles

      펠릭스 Freckles

      oh nothing, i was just b o r e d

    3. Liznana


      I see, I usually watch some youtube compilations of funny army tweets. It always cures my boredom. Do you have any tickets to the online concert this weekend? I'm looking forward to it 🙂

    4. 펠릭스 Freckles

      펠릭스 Freckles

      no.. sadly, i am broke~ 😳🥺😦

  13. omg your pfp is smexyy

    1. Liznana


      Thanks, my Jin never fails with his visuals 🙂

    2. 펠릭스 Freckles
  14. Can we discuss a thing here, or two... or several. I just need to collect myself for a minute. The overall Kingsman vibe, Jin's closeup at 0:19, both of them looking dapper af, foreheads, fighting over the phone while dancing. I have many feelings.
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