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  1. omg your pfp is smexyy

    1. Liznana


      Thanks, my Jin never fails with his visuals 🙂

    2. 아리씨
  2. Can we discuss a thing here, or two... or several. I just need to collect myself for a minute. The overall Kingsman vibe, Jin's closeup at 0:19, both of them looking dapper af, foreheads, fighting over the phone while dancing. I have many feelings.
  3. What, they actually wrote that. I'm wheezing. ✖‿✖
  4. Right, almost forgot about Moon (blasphemy). It is really beautiful and it's up there among my favorites.
  5. So I wanted to start a discussion about the solo songs and which one is your favorite? Now we are going deep into this otherwise it's no fun, because all of them are good. By solo songs I mean any song that only has 1 of the members singing. In this thread let's only discuss vocal line, I think rap line needs other criteria. First. Which is your favorite song vocally? Which song impresses you the most with the vocals? Second. Which is your favorite song lyrically? Which song has the best message and the most poetic lyrics? Third. Which is your favorite song melodically? Im
  6. Hello Ari, I'm Liz. I am also one of those who missed forums from before and found this one after looking around. It's really a shame that forums are not as popular anymore. It really is the most fun and interactive platform for fandoms. We have the same biases, Jin is my fave of course but RM is a really close second. Even though sometimes I get confused by everyone because they are all so charming. But in the end I always feel a little bit more attached to Jin. Hope you enjoy it here, I know I do 😄
  7. Welcome back 🙂 Passwords be like that sometimes, hopefully you can remember your new one.
  8. Wow, I really like the silhouette photos even though they don't show off the clothes. I think Taehyung and Jungkook have the best silhouettes but that might be because they are close ups. Ehehe. Of the black and white photos I like Hobi the most. His face is just so pretty. Out of the clothes I like Namjoons. Boyfriend vibe!
  9. Excuse me! I am without words. I need to collect myself for a minute. First of all. Those glasses on Namjoon, they are perfect on him, I wish I looked that good in glasses. But here I am looking like a nerd and he is just looking dapper af. Second, I get to see Jin's forehead again. Please let it breathe more often. And I love...LOVE the suit. Third, I might actually get this phone. I've been using Samsung since 2010 because of 2PM back then, and I didn't really want to change to LG because of BTS.... now I can keep using Samsung and be like "yeah, it's because of BTS" XD
  10. I don't know if anything went wrong but I can't seem to vote. The poll is already showing result as if I have already voted. Strange. If by chance the poll somehow registered a vote from me already I just want to make sure it is for the correct option. I use my laptop for the most part, and when I'm not at home I use my phone. But in the poll I would choose laptop.
  11. Liznana


    I'll ship jin with anyone of them, but I think Namjin wins for me.
  12. Excuse me Seokjin, how you dare, how you dare, how you dare? He is looking like the coziest boyfriend ever.
  13. Hello Welcome to the forum. I am also very new here 😃
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