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    Submission Confirmed
  2. No More Dream - 896 Danger - 859 Boy In Luv - 894 Blood Sweat & Tears - 888 Spring Day - 649 Not Today - 898 Save Me - 708
  3. Dope - 715 N.O - 799 Run - 683 I Need U - 649 Young Forever - 727 Just One Day - 798 Fire - 765
  4. #426 - Coming back to the forum and posting properly, even if only in the game threads, feels like coming home for some reason.
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    @Cypher• A strong, independent ray of light who'll be able to achieve whatever they put their mind to. (Don't deny it.)
  7. since when were coyotes cute istg Bunnies
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    Community - Hype
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  10. Over U - miss A
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  12. #423 - Bangtan's come such a long way that I see some people forget just how hard they've worked. Teamwork makes the dream work, after all. They didn't explode onto the scene overnight. I just wish some elitists would see past the current 'trend' canon floating by and give them a chance.
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    @leanna Go study, and then go rest- hopefully you'll still be alive at the end of the day and come back to us safe and sound <3
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    @Whalien Most Likely To Be Confused About Everything Whenever and Wherever Always