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  1. game Say something about the user above you~

    your sig is very cute I only just saw it now god bless so is your dp concerned pumpkin man
  2. I'm pretty sure Wanna One's going to win it since 1) it's Mnet, and 2) we all know how IOI went, but it was still pretty hard to choose :") Who did you end up voting for?
  3. game Truth Or Dare

    @River Hello. Done. --- Dare: I dare you to renounce your current bias for the day and stan only Bang PD-nim. Make a status update, go on your past bias' main thread. Make it official.
  4. event The Pumpkin Patch

  5. Imagine them performing 3 songs each- that's past half an hour at least. I wonder who else is going to perform. Probably a rookie or two as well.
  6. I come back to this thread to see Sap crossing lines and making enemies. I see nothing has changed. Have a peace offering.
  7. game King Of The Hill

    Your ruck crumbles to the ground after having been weathered away by the rain for too long. I find a tree. I vault myself onto a hill far away. MY HILL.
  8. game What Comes to Your Mind?

  9. game Where would you hide...?

    With his 3 dolla chain --- Where would you hide RapMon's hideous NMD sunglasses?
  10. game One Word Sentence

  11. Corrupt A Wish

    granted, but then bts disbands immediately after and you never see him again, even if only on your screen. --- I wish everyone got into costume on Halloween.
  12. Last Letter ( Song Title )

    nah you're fine A Day - SuJu
  13. game TWO WORDS GAME;Continue the last word..

    Person of Interest
  14. What video games are you currently playing?

    I haven't played Ace Attorney in such a long time ;; Honestly though, I don't have anything against the Apollo Justice branch, but it just didn't feel the same after that. I'd grown attached to Phoenix and his ragtag mess of a social circle, dammit. I'm already dreading catching up from the sounds of it, though one consolation is that I do, in fact, own a 3DS. I just need to find it >.>