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  1. interview

    Jungkook just doesn't care lmao. RM still going strong with the same brands, while Hoseok's answers were sort of unexpected? This was actually pretty interesting, ha.
  2. Thank you! I'm sort of interested to see the site you got this from actually. I'd like to know what changed from my old Unicorn status to make my new patronus a little bun, and I think maybe a few other users may want to look their own up too? If that's alright with you~
  3. This was one of the lengthier and more thoughtful interviews, I think? It's nice. And a lot of points are as amusing as they are heartwarming as usual <3
  4. I'm a very staunch supporter of #BringBackTheForehead, yes. Though I worry for their hair too so it's alright even if they don't :")
  5. The entire account lmao, I'm so amused from just reading about it all :") Rock that dance, Defcon, get that food
  6. It's been a while since I last messed with you, so here. Have some oppa. 

    tumblr_on45x0HWQP1s70o1po1_1280.jpg tumblr_ob41wmi6Nt1s70o1po1_1280.jpg



    1. KookieMochi


      are you trying to attack me because it's working and I do not appreciate

  7. I was thinking 3rd quarter too, as much as I'd like for them to rest up lots :") Though if it does end up being October, I won't be surprised. They've been doing a lot of stuff under the radar so maybe that's what they'll release first, who knows?
  8. oh my god the fluff. I can't choose a bias from them you can't make me ;~;
  9. appreciation

    My life is complete, thank you :")
  10. v-app

    Gayo 13 is up! And that ending had me in stitches, puns are flying everywhere and I'm torn between wanting to cry and laughing hard as hell, what even is up with them I swear.
  11. game

    @nouneedkookiesandtae Your sig is really pretty for one, and for two- you're really open-minded and nice and honestly thank you for being anime trash with me too :") It's a pleasure to have gotten to know you a little better on chat~
  12. Slytherin the first time, Ravenclaw a year later- I'd forgotten both accounts by now so I made a new one and lo and behold: As for wand, it was something with Hawthorne the first time I did it but now it's: And Unicorn for patronus a year back, now it's a Wild Rabbit? It's like the MBTI test all over again. I'm actually going to read more about my patronus, what even does a wild rabbit represent lmao. Joke's on me, there's no explanation. Ilvermony house ahoy:
  13. I honestly can't wait- they mentioned the Shorty Awards in one of them too lmao, another congrats in order? :")
  14. Oh, I saw these floating on tumblr the other day! They're amazing, and the effects were done really nicely too. It's like at first I wanted to disagree with house placements but then when you think about it, it does make sense so :")
  15. They just started celebrating of some sort I cried, poor Jin :") Only Jikook checked up on him in the end though, bless. And yet Tae gets all the blame again. Boy has no that the puck goes flying whenever Jungkook hits it dead on, rip.