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  1. Happiest Birthday to the most beautiful and amazing person May you have a shining day and enjoy a lot, Rin!

  2. @Whalien He was so confused the entire time and I cry the poor bun Also sidenote Jungkook talking about his hyungs will always be a Big Mood because have you ever seen someone so intensely grateful and my heart
  3. It's International Pet Day! The theme's changed just for today, so everything should return back to normal tomorrow.

    There's a trivia quiz in Forum Events with in-forum prizes like bombs and stamps, so try it out if you think you know enough about Dogtan and other various tidbits on that!

    Our pets thread is also featured (though it seems the featured section has been disabled... looking into it), so come share your beloved pets with us in there!

    And of course, feel free to join in on any of the pet discussion threads!

    Some new events may pop up here and there, so just keep an eye out ^^

  4. 180411 @BTS_twt V’s Tweet It’sAwesomeIt’sAwesome #LifeBalancer Book Trans: The Person Who Makes the Best Habits that Maintain the Best Condition Life Balancer (T/N: "Life Balancer" is a self-help book by Kim Jinwoo.) Trans cr; Soren & Denise @ bts-trans
  5. Welcome to BBase btw! I saw you on the chatbox but I don't really frequent that place these days :")

  6. Welcome back :")

    1. SeokSeok



      Thank you Rin :")))) :trolltoto:

    2. KookieMochi


      you left us in discord and I was like D: but you're okay so :")

    3. SeokSeok


      Discord???? Wait the BTS one? The not-Bbase one? I left it because I felt like I can't fit in so :") yeah I'm totally fine, don't worry about me! 

      I'm happy and I'm sure you are too!

  7. I concede to the lavender, brown and honey blonde hair though. Tae- have we ever seen Tae in a comeback with proper black hair though??
  8. @sungel The first group haha, PSY's a solo artist :")
  9. Just realized I wasn't following you already ahhhhh

    Hello, though! I'm Rin, nice to officially meet you lmao ^^

    1. sungel


      Hiya! xD feel free to just call me sungel~

  10. That one WoH performance they did during the HYYH concert. Honestly speaking, the entire HYYH concert. I'll go with that lmao. Favourite BTS cover of another song?
  11. SUPPORT EVERYWHERE Listen. Orange-haired Jimin was really nice and Pink Mochi was ethereal, but black hair yo.
  12. I'm literally here just to see who I have to cancel tbh. Dealbreaker: Would you rather coconut Kook or another hairstyle for comeback?
  13. @Cypher• Honestly? I miss logs. I know vlive exists but that's a whole different thing even though arguably it's kinda similar in how candid it is? It's just, there's time constraints and the fans and the questions. Logs, they got to really sit down and just have a plan and speak a lot about what's been going on. Yoongi's reviews of their albums too. A lot of things have changed from then and it's not like it's an entirely bad thing but I just get nostalgic sometimes.
  14. @Cypher• it's so fluffy still that I'm so surprised He looks really good with black hair still even though whenever I think of him with it otherwise I can only thing of House of ARMY these days haha
  15. #913 - It's hard having a good mood going when it seems like everything is out to ruin it, honestly. @modeltae Good luck with the exam~