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      Have You Submitted a B-Day Message to Jungkook Yet?   08/06/2017

      If you haven't submitted a birthday message to him yet, go >HERE< and scroll down to the "Birthday Message Submission" section. Follow the guidelines listed and submit your message using the google form linked on that page! To view the details of the overall birthday project for Jungkook, or ask any questions you have, you can visit the main project thread:  Wànhuā: In Bloom - a Jungkook Charity Birthday Project

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  1. Happy belated birthday to my person in bbase!:celebrate:





    Thank for all your warm wishes for me

    Life is pretty good for me, and I hope it will be the same for you too :sjjang:

    1. DJ Syub?Min PD

      DJ Syub?Min PD

      Opsss *my favourite person



    1. KookieMochi


      Thank you so much, Yuki :")

      You have a good day, too! :jhheart:

  3. Yep, it's open to everyone. Being staff doesn't take away from your ability to create stuff Looking forward to the project~
  4. It's official now :") I'll miss the vest but it's a new era, and if all of them are excited about it then I'll hype myself up in a bit, too!
  5. B U? Something to do with the Love Yourself theme they're going with??? If it's rebranding then I'm :")
  6. event

  7. Ditto on binge-watching, I haven't had time recently >< But I actually dropped Arrow a while back for a lot of the reasons mentioned above actually. I might pick it back up again sometime since I heard it's getting better(?) (when is this eventually you speak of, please clarify), but I'll stick to The Flash for now.
  8. :jhheart:A little Hobi heart to wish you well and good luck throughout your day~

    1. DJ Syub?Min PD

      DJ Syub?Min PD

      Sorry that I appear once in a blue moon💙

      :wow:thank you!

      Hobi killing me with feels last few months

  9. game

    Submission Confirmed
  10. No More Dream - 896 Danger - 859 Boy In Luv - 894 Blood Sweat & Tears - 888 Spring Day - 649 Not Today - 898 Save Me - 708
  11. Dope - 715 N.O - 799 Run - 683 I Need U - 649 Young Forever - 727 Just One Day - 798 Fire - 765
  12. #426 - Coming back to the forum and posting properly, even if only in the game threads, feels like coming home for some reason.
  13. Jabber
  14. game

    @Cypher• A strong, independent ray of light who'll be able to achieve whatever they put their mind to. (Don't deny it.)