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  1. photos

    Hobi lighting up the room lmao, was he not able to fit into the whole shot? :")
  2. other

    I don't get why people are trying to turn a positive thing into some sort of shady negative thing like? It's amazing all that's been going on, and if they insist on speculating about ulterior motives then that's all on them. In other news, I really like Kehlani and this was a pleasant surprise to come home to :")
  3. other

    Thank you so, so much for working so hard on this! This is amazing :") @leanna little boop~ One week until your schedule clears up ^^
  4. interview

    everyone's shook and then you just have min yoongi nodding along vigorously to everything :")
  5. aww, that sucks. I'm surprised MinJoon made it on there where NamJin did not though, ha. I'm looking forward to how the full survey shapes up!
  6. Why are JungHope and VMin in the same box :") That makes it easier for me though. Social Skills vs. Variety Skills through me for a loop too, so I ended up ticking lots of boxes anyway. This was fun though~
  7. game

    I honestly love you and wish you all the best, too. Thank.
  8. I'm OT7 as hell so I can swear up and down they're all basically top spot anyway, but this past year or so help me, Kim Namjoon has been coming for my heart. I want to cry half the time.
  9. Top spot? About 4 bucks odd. Positioning in general? You could live freely while spending as you please in a condo and you still wouldn't have to lift a finger to survive. --- Have you ever planted a tree?
  10. game

    lol suffer, Nene already did the Spring Day one
  11. game

    If you could find and solve SR6 and just commit, you'd be one up. Come on now.
  12. game

    I was tempted to withhold points because who's playing favourites now, huh but ya know I won't be speaking to any of you lot for a few days if something keeps up so I'll grant you a favour --- here are two points, Kate and oh look, you're ahead of Nene
  13. "heya Kate, do your worst on my own profile. I doubt you'll find this anyway."

    take some soft Joon and SUFFER




    ok now there is legit softjoon under this spoiler I swear



    see I always deliver in the end



    1. KookieMochi


      I am not okay.

    2. monimoni


      honestly, me neither tbh but you brought this on yourself :jungkook9:

  14. game

    You solve SR2 and you're still weak, what even tf. All I gave you was white flying things and graceful mochi. Give yourself some credit.