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  1. other [Finebros] Youtubers react to BTS!

    I really loved that they where all nice towards them, and the commentary after watching the videos was super nice, also I do like some of those youtubers, so it was double the fun for me.
  2. photos BON VOYAGE SEASON 2

    I was laughing for like 5 mins at that JK and Chimchim part, it was so funny.
  3. The interviewers are helping when they get lost in translation, I love it. This is so nice, and fire as BG song
  4. I'm so happy they are being treated so well by everyone
  5. I'm glad they got to know people, and there seems to be enough fans there to scream for them if they win
  6. Rainbow Ocean!!!!!!!!!!!

    The rainbow ocean was so lovely, I really loved this fan project, I'm glad it worked as well as it did.
  7. The option that won is lovely, I will try to get more post now to get it
  8. pann [PANN] 170220 I'm the Muggle who wrote this post

    That gif, one after another, all of them beauties, I can't
  9. concert BTS Subbed 1st Muster is now in the BTS Content Index~

    The Index is such a fan saviour, really the best!
  10. Inb4 we never get the tracklist, play 'track1, track 2, track 25' forever. 'Isn't Track 04 so wonderful???' 'What are you talking about you flop, track 07 is the superior one!!!!'
  11. BTS on Spotify | TOTAL: 305M Streams

    They are doing so well, an average of 3.6m per song, nice.
  12. chart BTS albums rank at Synnara's Annual Chart for 2016

    And now they are charting again with the new album, so cool.
  13. YNWA sales/chart thread

    Yas Leo, thanks for the hard work.
  14. J-Hope Dance Practices (〜 ̄△ ̄)〜

    Bless you, this is s great compilation.