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  1. I really loved that they where all nice towards them, and the commentary after watching the videos was super nice, also I do like some of those youtubers, so it was double the fun for me.
  2. I was laughing for like 5 mins at that JK and Chimchim part, it was so funny.
  3. The interviewers are helping when they get lost in translation, I love it. This is so nice, and fire as BG song
  4. I'm glad they got to know people, and there seems to be enough fans there to scream for them if they win
  5. They are doing so well, an average of 3.6m per song, nice.
  6. Pretty colours are pretty, I'm glad we can see the numbers in a nice way.
  7. I got used to it, I like it, but I'm OK with everything he calls himself, he seems to really like the RM tagging tho.