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  1. The rainbow ocean was so lovely, I really loved this fan project, I'm glad it worked as well as it did.
  2. The option that won is lovely, I will try to get more post now to get it
  3. All those gifs, bless
  4. pann

    That gif, one after another, all of them beauties, I can't
  5. concert

    The Index is such a fan saviour, really the best!
  6. Inb4 we never get the tracklist, play 'track1, track 2, track 25' forever. 'Isn't Track 04 so wonderful???' 'What are you talking about you flop, track 07 is the superior one!!!!'
  7. They are doing so well, an average of 3.6m per song, nice.
  8. chart

    And now they are charting again with the new album, so cool.
  9. Yas Leo, thanks for the hard work.
  10. I'm glad the album got this much love
  11. Bless you, this is s great compilation.
  12. I only stan BTS properly right now, but I'm also a big fan of TVXQ but not as active as I was in the pass. Other than that, I like a lot of bands and their music, but I can't properly call myself an stan of them.
  13. Chile and yes, there is, and yes, I'm totally going!
  14. This year was so good for them I still can't believe how good it was, and yep, I do believe that next year is going to be the same if not better for them.
  15. That is actually a really messy graphic.