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  1. Yoongi officially successful fanboy now..BTS especially rapper line(Yoongi) qoute some lyric from Epik High in Wings Outro, and some of their rap..I am lazy to search for it but hey.. Talent inspire/attract talent~
  2. A+ Dp and profile..Nobody perfect but Suga

    You got a new fan!

  3. We haven't spoken in a while but last I heard life was going fairly well for you :")

    Here's hoping that good fortune follows you for the new month and for the months to come, you're a strong person and you deserve nothing less <3

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    2. DJ Syub💜Min PD

      DJ Syub💜Min PD

      Oppss..typo *live your life to the fullest

    3. KookieMochi


      Perhaps :")

      That sounds brilliant, honestly. Teaching can be tough bit it's also incredibly rewarding. High school kids are always difficult but I know you can pull through, so keep at it!

      I wish you all the best in your interview too, I hope it comes soon and that it goes well~

      Take the opportunities life gives you and have at it- it never hurts to try. Even if you fail you get life experience and that's really the best thing. Pick yourself back up and rely on the people you have.

      And take care of yourself! If you're ever sad, think of the things that make you happy even in your busy life- there's your family, your friends, Bangtan, us here. Whatever gives you strength. Remember to take a breather if you're feeling stressed, get some water and sit down or something to calm your mind for a second if you can. Being ill isn't fun, so I also hope you don't fall sick often :(

      I missed seeing you around on bbase too, it's just not the same without your purple hearts everywhere ;~;

      But hey, good luck! Have courage and have fun. We'll always be here whenever you have the time to return, so don't push yourself, okay? :JHHEART:

    4. DJ Syub💜Min PD

      DJ Syub💜Min PD

      You are still the best person in writing most comforting words, oddly it calms me during my stressful final (when BB start) and even now..

      Thank you for you for your existence, I thank god for our encounter in this forum.

      Right now many people around me got sick due to unstable weather. Right now really hot season. 

      My purple heart still beating for all of you here



      Good luck to you too!!!

      What a cute little birdie.

      Yellow heart💛=HOPE


  4. I ship Suga and Suran since So Far Away and hoping for another collab between them Since SFA, Suga still mantain contact with his Suran-noona, and even gifed her a song The news only come out a week and now the song is out, Suran get her first #1 since debut, more than 800k unique listeners #thatimpact #MinPDfirstdebut Congrats to Suran, and all people who support he including Slow rabbit, Changmo, June Someone says, Suga will be like Slow Rabbit in term of being producer, their similar style and I can see that MinPD will become successful one day, producing numerous No 1 hit songs #dreamcometrue 😍 #ShipMeringuecouple
  5. WTA Did anyone found any fancam for this? They said Jimin come close to a fan and stare at her*what a lucky girl Jimin, another international playboy
  6. appreciation

    You're welcome Is the next member also Rapper line? Haha, just guessing Wow, strong power thank you for all your effort
  7. game

  8. appreciation

    I really love that BBase users use tiny gif a lot.. But now we have Emoti-BTS. ARMY are sure creative. Already bookmarked this thread. Just asking, you will proceed to doing it for all BTS members? *Btw @Rivelta I love that Hobi DP, awards, and sig. A+++ choice I must say Okay, proceed to find Emoti-HOPE thread next.
  9. Some people are destined to be a people magnet Whatever he/she do, people will love them unconditionally Maybe because Taetae is a sweetheart.
  10. Dope -739 N.O - 799 Run - 706 I Need U - 717 Young Forever - 732 Just One Day - 799 Fire - 786 @Mongmungi Are you sick? Get plenty of rest, drink some warm lemon water. When I was sick, I boost my immune system by eating a lot of oranges and drink orange/lemon juice. It work for me *suddenly my med student syndrome come.Ignore this if you are okay. ^^
  11. This one pic make my heart say, "Damn..this boy is officially my bias wrecker" *His looks so boyfriend af I found another pic
  12. Dope -739 N.O - 799 Run - 708 I Need U - 717 Young Forever - 732 Just One Day - 799 Fire - 786
  13. Dope -739 N.O - 799 Run - 710 I Need U - 717 Young Forever - 732 Just One Day - 799 Fire - 786 Got you fam
  14. No More Dream - 898 Danger - 863 Boy In Luv - 898 Blood Sweat & Tears - 893 Spring Day - 700 Not Today - 898 Save Me - 747
  15. Dope -739 N.O - 799 Run - 712 I Need U - 717 Young Forever - 732 Just One Day - 799 Fire - 787 Go go Team Run! @Whalien, @Mongmungi *INeedU is catching up