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  1. Thanks to bam bam and Jackson
  2. Haha! Let Jungkook's cover songs control your mind
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNvb6qP26J4 He's so AAHHHH I'm gonna die True that, it's still in my head
  4. Everyday - Ariana grande ft. Future
  5. Aww thanks my fellow ARMY Freind (I'm getting beteer of my engesh) saranghae~ 1.)confess love tu Suga 2.)V sangs my favorite song fur me 3.)have a date wit Jungkook (my bias) 4.)ME WANT TO MARRY JIN, MY PINK PRINCESS 5.)I woold miss a date with jungkoookie, then schedule it 6.)Jimin??? Idk? 7.)suga, sorry, I bet he's sleepingXD 8.)meet bias 9.)me be poor and love bts 10.)fan meet, you meet them 11.)lot of songs 12.)one sided love wit jungkook 13.)with twice, but Jungkook I smiled mine 14.)go vacation wit jungkook 15.)seen in dorm (Kekekeke) 16.)my jhope 17.)eat wit Jin, but he's paying 18.)short hair 19.)Maknae line 20.)V 21.)see BTS without deoderant, I'll use perfume 22.)kiss JUNGKOOKIE OPPA 23.)jhope 24.)jimin, that pro tho 25.)want them to be single, so I can get the, 26.)kareoke, Not like shopping 27.)Waaaahhh! Why? Break his dreams 28.)Suga, I'll cuss at him back, Fight me ###*% 29.)jikook, my kookie there 30.) my face and.....I don't have a lot of friends...
  6. He looks so Squishy! I want to hug him and never let go cr.
  7. YeongKook

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted,but then you only have one dp i wish that BTS will notice me
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